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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel September 29th 2018

In dieser 16. Woche in Bern gab es mehrere Entscheidungen. Die Fußball-Europameisterschaft wurde nach Deutschland vergeben. Die Altstadt meines ehemaligen Wohnortes Frankfurt/M. wurde eröffnet. Eine Entscheidung über den Siemens Innovationscampus in meiner Universitätsstadt Berlin steht noch aus. Ich hingegen habe ein neues Projekt in Niedersachsen ab dem 9. Oktober akzeptiert. Bei den anderen Angeboten aus Wien und Zürich gab es noch keine Entscheidung und ich dachte, dass ich nicht mehr länger warten kann. Aber für Zürich gibt es nächste Woche ein Gespräch vor Ort zu einem Start im Januar. Es ist also noch vieles offen. Aber wenn ich in Niedersachsen bin, wird es dort wahrscheinlich nicht so viele interessante Ausflugsziele, wie in der Schweiz geben. In dieser Situation habe ich Basel besucht. Dort ging vor etwa 20 Jahren mein Auslandspraktikum zu Ende. Und vor etwa 10 ... read more
Das Spalentor.
Der Tinguely Brunnen.
Das Rathaus.

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel April 16th 2018

Notre promenade en vieux tram dans la ville de Bâle ! Nuestro paseo con el viejo tramvia en Basilea (y cuando puedan vuelvan al blog anterior que les puse la traduccion... - para hacerlo arriba a la izquiera esta "Next - hagan el clic ahi y entraran en la pagina"...... read more
notre tram du dimanche...
tram avec visitre guidée de la ville

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel April 15th 2018

Revenons à nos moutons et à ce voyage... Nous sommes donc partis en direction de Bussang, aux portes de l'Alsace tout en longeant la Moselle presque tout le voyage... Tout doucement elle devenait plus étroite et lorsque nous avons quitté le Camping pour nous rendre en Suisse nous sommes passés à sa source. Vous pouvez observer les photos à son sujet. Arrivés à Bâle, nous avons trouvé notre camping avec un propriétaire bien sympa et plus que serviable.... Il a fait des démarches pour nous car il nous a appris que tous les cols pour nous rendre en Italie étaient fermés.... Nous avons tout de suite imaginé un autre voyage... mais quand j'ai une idée dans la tête, ceux qui me connaissent, savent que je l'ai aussi dans les pieds... et que Verbania au bord du ... read more
02 remarquez le circuit dessiné sur le mur
03 Une des trois portes de Bâle

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel May 11th 2017

GÜN 08 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE Acaip telaşlı bir sabah… Bir kere bizleri erken terk edecekler var . Onların Valizleri ayrı işaretleniyor . Daha geç gidecekler var onların valizleri işaretlenmiyor . Bu arada valizleri iskelede bizi bekleyen otobüslere taşıyan personel var . Bir taraftan da iskeleyi tıkayan arkadaşlara ardı ardına gelen uyarılar var.. Oğlum bunlar Türk ..başlarına daha önce olmaz denilen ne haller geldi sen biliyor musun ? Güvensizlik esas olunca ,valizler karıştı mı ? doğru yerde mi ? diye kollamak esastır. Her neyse birinci gurubu otobüsle yolladık . Geri kalan sağlar bizimdir. Son sabah mavraları yaşandı . Örneğin Savaş bey, CHP başkan yardımcısı sayın Bakanımız İstemihan’ı, neyin nasıl olması gerektiğine dair halk dili... read more
ucuz beslenme
nesiller buluşması

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel September 7th 2016

Geo: 47.5667, 7.6 We woke up on the river and had our next stop. We were met by our buses and went on an excursion to the black forest of Germany. We drove thru a few beautiful little villages. We finally stopped at a place where they demonstrate the making of cuckoo clocks. Also, there was a glass blowing demonstration and the worlds largest cuckoo clock. It covered the entire side of the house where it was mounted. Stacy watched the cuckoo clock making demonstration while I went for a hike into the black forest. We then met up for the glass blowing demo. Stacy says that they had a replica of the first cuckoo clock ever made. It had a rock as the counterweight! We returned to the ship in time for lunch. Then we ... read more
Flower box
Worlds largest cuckoo clock
Little hiker

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel June 25th 2016

Lead up to my summer trip: The planning of this trip has been in progress for about six months, as I found there was so much to learn about and plan, and yet I feel totally unprepared. When I got back from spring break, I had to send my passport away three times for visas, and got another visa online. Uzbekistan presented a problem, because the cost for Americans to get a visa is quite high, and should not require a letter of invitation (LOI). And yet several of the nearby embassies/consulates in Germany and the surrounding area did require one. This would add almost another $100 to a visa that already cost about $200 in the end, all told. At the last minute, I realized that two colleagues were on their way to London that ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel June 1st 2016

We haven't left yet, but getting ready is part of the fun. (No, I don't want to take those shoes, and I will take those shirts). We will start at the top of the Rhine, and go down to Amsterdam for 9 days, riding the Avalong Waterways Luminary ship.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel December 13th 2015

2015 has been a year of many changes and some truly excellent adventures! Among the year’s recent highlights was a meeting with dear Winnie, who still lives in Paris. Early in the fall, we decided to pick a Christmas market in some European city to spend a weekend in December catching up. There are no words for the feeling of giving her a hug after the attacks in Paris last month. We could not have been more fortunate with our chosen destination, as the backdrop for our wandering and conversations was sun-soaked Basel, Switzerland. The fun of Basel starts right from the airport. When exiting, one has to be careful to walk out into the right country, because different exits lead to Switzerland and France! I took the Swiss exit and made my way into the ... read more
Local bakery breakfast
Christmas Markets in Basel
Happy to be together!

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel June 22nd 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! What a day this first day in Switzerland has been! With me on this trip I have Andreas whom you might remember from my trip to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg last year. He's brave to dare my hectic tempo once again, and this time with a planned five nations rather than three! On this trip our travels will take us through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Monaco and Germany. As on our last trip we will couch-surf along the way, meeting new and wonderful people! So far we have hosts lined up everywhere except for our last two days in France but I'm confident that we'll find that along the way. The first stop on this trip is Basel which our place of both landing and leaving in Switzerland. However, our hostess for ... read more
Basel Minster
Town Hall

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel December 13th 2014

Geo: 47.5667, 7.6Up today around 8. We have to be out of here by noon which is fine since we'll go directly to the boat from here. Mom packs her "trunks" for the last time. I finish writing on the blog and help organize for our departure. Karen makes us coffee in the room using the hot water boiler supplied on each floor and the coffee bags we bought back in Erfert when we had an apartment. A couple of crescents taken from last nights offerings from the hotel and we just saved $50. It turns out that 12 noon comes pretty fast and we just get out of there about 10 minutes late. I check us out and the desk calls us a cab. There is no public transportation to the dock and I gave ... read more
Finally, Karen can Relax. No Luggage for 8 Days.
She Found the Ship Store & My $200 Ship Credit.
Our Itinerary for Tomorrow.

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