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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 1st 2019

The first stop of our five week trip through the Balkans was supposed to be Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. However, due to the financial challenges of Adria airlines we found ourselves stranded in Munich after two flights. We had booked the three flights directly through Etihad, and on the phone before we left they assured us that if anything went wrong they'd be responsible for sorting it out. Their tune changed when the flight was ultimately cancelled and Etihad were useless. Fortunately a very friendly and helpful man at the Lufthansa desk in Munich helped us out, first by trying to get Etihad / Adria to assist, but then by recommending alternative ways of traveling to Ljubljana. Flights were far too expensive / booked out, car hire was too expensive and hotels in Munich were ... read more
Austria from the train
Tivoli City Park
Tivoli City Park

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 21st 2019

We used Saturday morning to plan the final weeks of our trip. We've decided to base ourselves in Split for ten days and take day trips or perhaps an overnight to an island. We will take a bus to Dubrovnik on the 8th and fly to Venice, where we overnight and fly to Boston very early the next morning. When we got tired of looking at airbnb possibilities in Split, we headed out to get bikes again, and ride to the Botanical garden. "Established in 1810, the Ljubljana Botanical Garden is Slovenia's oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution operating uninterruptedly since its foundation. The Garden contains more than 4,500 different species and subspecies. One third of them are endemic to Slovenia, while the rest originate from other parts of Europe and other continents." My favorite parts ... read more
Bill at the car show
Botanical Garden
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 20th 2019

On Friday, we planned to bike to the site of one of the pile dweller villages, in the marshes south of Ljubljana. We weren't sure about taking the the clunky and very heavy city bikes that far, but it is a flat route, and at 2 euros an hour after the first free hour, a bargain! We had a bike trail map, without street names, and google maps on our phones. With that combo, we made it out of the city and into the marshes on a gravel path. We only took one wrong turn, and didn't go too far before realizing our mistake and turning around. The bikes are so heavy that you can't lift them to turn them around! We rode on gravel paths for seven miles or so to the site. We stopped ... read more
Marshes or Barje
On one of the gravel trails we took today
Our only wrong turn!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 17th 2019

The blog title comes from a statement on museums from one of the many we visited on Wednesday. I love the idea! On Tuesday, we decided to use the city bike program to get around. We found the nearest location (only a block away) and successfully entered our codes, took our bikes and headed off into the heart of Ljubljana on two wheels! We dodged other cyclists, pedestrians, the occasional dog, and construction work, arriving safely at the triple bridges, where we returned our bikes, and headed to the funicular that would take us up to the castle. The Chinese have discovered Ljubljana, and there was a large tour group waiting for the funicular, so it took awhile. Slovenia and Croatia have been targeting China recently with travel promotions, and it is apparently working really well! ... read more
From the day before when it was above 80!
The oldest wheel in the world!
Neanderthal Bone Flute

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 16th 2019

Slovenia is a new and old place: It only gained independence in 1991. Slovenia has historically been the crossroads of Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages and cultures, and there are sizable Hungarian and Italian populations here. Nearly all of the population between the ages of 25 and 64 speak at least one foreign language and almost three quarters of them speak two!! This is the highest percentage in the European Union. Present-day Slovenia has been inhabited since prehistoric times. There is evidence of human habitation from around 250,000 years ago. A url= read more
The castle and flags tonight
Bill on the Triple Bridge
Our living room

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana August 13th 2019

How lovely to wake up to glorious sunshine and a fantastic view of Ljubljana Castle! Breakfast is great again, and I find a lovely spot in the restaurant all to myself. (Mrs Anti-social!) I am reading my Kindle and still feel a bit guilty about reading for pleasure instead of MBA and business books! Soon after breakfast I head into the Old Town. It is only a few minutes walk from the Hotel Lev. On the way I notice a large department store with a Spar in the basement. If anyone reading this decides to visit Ljubljana, I can recommend this Spar shop for all your bits and bobs. It is spacious, quiet, well laid-out and air-conditioned. And inexpensive - for example, cold bottles of water cost 40 cents. You can stock up on wine, beer, ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana August 12th 2019

Today I shall be travelling once more - this time from Zagreb to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I have a train at 12.36 so I want to make the most of the time this morning and explore more of lovely Zagreb. I do breakfast early so I can get out as soon as possible. After a great breakfast (with a bewildering amount of choice), I head back to the main square through the lovely park with the bandstand and fountains. It is very peaceful and quiet here on a Sunday morning. I decide to walk the route that Vlatka will do with our guests next summer. So, from the main square I make my first stop at the large model of the city. Vlatka will stop here with the group and use the model to ... read more
View from Upper Town
Happy Child

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 10th 2019

And so to Slovenia and meeting up with Pete and Elfi (Elfi the wonderful cake maker from Olney). First stop Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia and one which we knew very little about. On our first night we wandered into the old town to get a feel for the place, a lovely city with plenty of history. As per usual the next day we attended a walking tour of Ljubljana (definitely worth doing). It’s astounding the history of the country, a part of the former Yugoslavia. For a few months after the end of the First World War it was the centre of European politics, as the Vienna convention to redraw the political lines of Europe was held in Ljubljana. Our tour guide talked about the changes that her grandfather had seen and how he lived ... read more
the story of Slovenia on a church door
the library
map of Barbed wire surrounding Ljubljana

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 10th 2019

My flight out on Sunday was at lunchtime so thankfully not an early start this time & plenty of time to get the pets all sorted before heading to Standstead for 10:30am to meet up with Chavaunne. We got our bags checked in early & went through security, got a tasty early lunch at Giraffe - aubergine tagine & burger. Once at the gate the notice said "boarding", then "final call" & finally "gate closed" with all passengers still standing in the queue at the gate! We finally got on & up in the air slightly behind schedule. It was very cloudy for most of the flight but it cleared as we flew over the alps. We made up some time and landed only 20min late and met up with Vicky in the tiny arrival area! ... read more
View from Velika Planina
Dragon at Ljubljana castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 26th 2018

Today, another country, we are going to Ljubljana in Slovenia. Things I know about Ljubljana; it’s the capital of Slovenia. First, I go for a run along the service road from the village to the National Park. It’s very pretty running through the forest as the sun rises behind the mountains, but it’s minus 1 degrees and I didn’t pack a hat or gloves. Once I’ve showered/defrosted we set off for Ljubljana. As we head north, we pass dozens upon dozens of coaches taking tour groups to Plitvice to play sardines on a boardwalk. When we reach the Slovenian border, we have to queue for 20 minutes. This is a surprise, as both countries are in the EU and a disappointment, as it was my last chance to exercise my freedom of movement as a EU ... read more
Morning run in Plitvice
Congress Square
Congress Square

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