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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht July 1st 2017

Ook dit jaar gaan we met de fiets op vakantie. Na de koudste en natste vakantie ooit, vorig jaar in Denemarken, kiezen we dit jaar voor Frankrijk. Omdat we het leuk vinden om van huis naar huis te fietsen vertrekken we maandagochtend, 3 juli, richting Zeeuwse kust. Vandaar uit is het plan via Zeeuwsvlaanderen langs de Belgische en Franse kust naar Boulogne sur Mer te fietsen. Via de Normandie Bretagne route gaan we naar Nantes. Als het goed is kunnen we daar de Loire-route volgen naar Nevers. Het plan is om vanuit Nevers weer naar huis te fietsen. De route weten we nog niet. We zullen regelmatig verslag doen van onze ervaringen. We zijn zelf erg benieuwd hoe het zal gaan. Ter voorbereiding hebben we dit jaar nog geen 200 km gefietst. Maar de fietsen ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague September 8th 2016

Roger was up by 6:00am and went down for breakfast. I'd ordered coffee to be delivered to the room at 7:00am. There was no rush this morning. Our main objective was to do our laundry. We headed out about 8:30, after I bought two 24 hour tram passes. With everything in a backpack, we set out to the nearest tram stop. The hotel is located so that no matter where you want to go in the city you have to turn left, then backtrack right. To ride the tram you scan your pass when you get on and when you get off. Our stop was the first for us and last for everyone else: Central Station. From there we walked to blocks into town, then turned left for two blocks to the laundromat. Roger figured out ... read more
Happy Inn Laundromat
Delft Apprentice
$7k Vase

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Ridderkerk September 5th 2016

(Typed at British Airways Lounge - Edinburgh, Scotland 9/16/16) We cast off from Cologne about 11:30am, continuing our northward journey. Small towns, churches, fortresses and castles were scattered along the river. About 3:00pm we docked at Kinderdijk, South Holland, The Netherlands. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where 19 windmills, built between 1738 and 1742, still line the waterways. They were the original pumps to remove water from the boggy ground and create usable land. This job for this region is now done by giant lifts that look like screws. This was another walking tour. This one included going inside an operational windmill that once housed a family of 14. All the parts/gears are made of wood and when something wears out replacements are made the same way as in the 18th century. The Dutch ... read more
Windmill Family
Water Removal Now

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland September 1st 2016

Day 15 20160831 Hoek van Holland to Harwich to home On the ferry, lying in a comfy cabin bound for ‘Engeland’ (well I was then, but now I’m upstairs at home). I hadn’t intended paying for a cabin on the return trip; but when the public areas started turning into festival camp-sites the thought of a comfortable bed and a private shower were too much. It’s also a real boon to have somewhere to leave your stuff. £30 well spent I thought, and I even slept for a couple of hours! I didn’t sleep well last night. My room was next to the hotel plumbings central nervous system. I could hear whooshing pipes, and gurgling plug holes all night. It was like being in a drain. Breakfast was ok, and I even managed to make myself ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 30th 2016

Day 14 20160830 Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland Oh dear, the dive I’ve pitched up to this evening could be even worse than the hotel in Breda. In fact much worse. should do some kind of comparison checking on what you get for your money. This B&B is costing almost as much as the ultra modern Ibis in central Rotterdam, but has about 15% of the utility, and that’s being generous. If I wasn’t sticking to the mantra of ‘putting up with anything for one night’, and I hadn’t had the misfortune of paying in advance, I’d be offski. For a start, it stinks of cigarettes, and the staff are sitting just outside the backdoor, smoking and playing cards. Now, call me old fashioned but that wasn’t advertised as part of the hotels facilities; at ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 29th 2016

Day 13 20160829 Rotterdam A rest from the bike day today, although not from spending the best part of five hours on my feet wandering around Dordrecht and Rotterdam! I’m on the 6th floor of the Ibis Hotel, and it’s decent. The hotel is brand new so everything is sparkly clean, everything works and it’s ultra modern in it’s technology. The key cards are contactless, (a first for me). You hold your card in front of a scanner inside the lift to make it go up, but not to go down: I guess it assumes what goes up must come down. You hold the card by the scanner adjacent to the room door to gain access, no messing about with have I got it the right way round, do I have to leave it there for ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 28th 2016

Day 12 20160828 Breda to Rotterdam An almost uneventful train journey from Breda to Rotterdam, other than the incredible coughing, throat clearing, hacking, phlegm making machine that was sitting behind me. What a disgusting racket! Didn’t get a proper look but wouldn’t rate the chances of them pulling very highly, but then people can have strange tastes. The train service here is excellent. If you have a foreign credit card then you have to go to the counter and pay cash, not a problem for me, I found that out before I came; but I did see some compatriots having tantrums of the ‘stupid country’ kind when the machine refused to take their cards, and they then had the further intense irritation of having to find a cash machine. Couldn’t help a wee snigger. The big ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 27th 2016

Day 11 20160827 Den Bosch to Breda In yesterdays blog I forgot to mention the ‘incident with the dogs’. I was leaving Nijmegen and just about to cross the River Maas. I saw a couple ahead of me walking two huge dogs. Seeing that the track narrowed to cross the bridge I slowed down so that I could give them a very wide berth. (I got attacked by an Alsatian twice when I was young, and have had a bit of thing about big dogs with big teeth ever since!). Anyway I passed the bloke with big dog one with no concerns at all, but as I passed his partner with big dog two, big dog two lunged at me dragging the poor woman with him. It looked determined to take a chunk out of my ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 26th 2016

Days 9 & 10 20160826 Arnhem to Nijmegen to Den Bosch The Arnhem accommodation ‘disaster' wasn’t really so bad. I was given a single room, and offered the sitting room, t.v. and tea and coffee rights in the twin room next door, since no one was using it. I was just settling down to watch Ajax play in a Champions League qualifier when I heard the downstairs doorbell ring. I could hear conversation in broken English, and immediately sensed the game was up. I moved my laptop and half bottle of red wine back to my allotted quarters and was subsequently introduced to two Danish bikers who had turned up out of the blue, without a booking! To usurp my pleasure! Alors! It was already 9.30pm, so making the best of a bad lot I toddled ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland August 17th 2016

Day 1 20160817 Hoek van Holland to Leiden Breakfasted on platefuls of Stena full english and endless coffee as the sun rose over Hoek van Holland, a beautiful morning awaits. Claude is trussed up on the car deck, roped to a metal barrier that looks like a refugee from a major public disturbance. It’s 7 a.m and I’ve already been up for two hours. Patchy sleep after spending a fine evening chatting with the two Andy’s about lorries, cycling and the joys of travelling alone. Being alone hopefully makes you meet people, being together moves you in a different way; more comforting perhaps but maybe more limiting. I’m travelling with Claud (my 20 year old touring bike; still as taught as the day it was made), with the ever reliable Swalbe Marathon’s, a couple of tiny ... read more
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