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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague February 7th 2015

Not much travel in week 2, but made a lot of new friends. There's about 30 different co-workers in the same boat as me, from all over the world. We tend to stick together pretty well. On the weekend, I visited the dutch parliament and an art museum. It felt like there was no security, which was really surprising. This post is mostly pictures - so here you go. - Joel... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam January 30th 2015

So this past Friday, I grouped up with about a dozen co-workers to go to an event called FRANK in Rotterdam. The idea is that they close down the cruise terminal and bring in a DJ, then watch as it gets packed with about 3000 partygoers. Here's a set of photos who are interested in this sort of thing: What I wasn't expecting is the DJ was accompanied by a saxophone player - squealing away along with the electronic music. It don't think it was the original "Epic Sax Man", but it was close enough to make me giggle uncontrollably. Afterwards, a cold had me putzing around the apartment for the weekend. Nothing special, just watching Agents of Shield and complaining about the miniature appliances (half the size, none of the effectiveness). Cheers, Joel... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague January 28th 2015

Heads up: no pictures today :-/ So yesterday I got a tour of the neighbourhood from a friend, and... WOW It turns out I'm within walking distance of parliament, museums, palaces, and embassies. More importantly though, I'm within stumbling distance of about 60 bars and as many restaurants. The food and beer is local, authentic, and fresh. My next door neighbour is an Italian restaurant (run by Anna and Tatianna), so I checked it out for supper. Look away those who are on diets... Drink: the House Red Appetizer: Bruschetta and toasted bread Entree: Roasted Duck in a tangerine sauce, on a bed of eggplant and zucchini, with a side of roasted potatoes Dessert: Tiramisu and Kiwi Surprise Ending!: A shot of Limoncello :D In summary, Canada is terrible. Move to Europe :P... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague January 26th 2015

The photos tell the gruesome story of my provided apartment... - Joel... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague January 25th 2015

Hi Friends & Family, I've decided to keep a travel diary so that I can share photos and stories, as well as to keep track of everything that's going on. It's also a bit of a kick in the pants for me to go outside and explore, so that I don't bore you to death. So without further delay... I arrived safely at Schiphol airportafter many hours of watching movies on the plane (X-men: Days of Futures Past, Good Will Hunting, and RED). The hotel was very nice, with a breakfast trays of smoked salmon and cheeses... Holland is going to make me fat :D After breakfast, I wandered the Hague for a few hours to get a feel for the place. It feels eerily similar to old neighbourhoods in Victoria, where the buildings are small, ... read more
The greeting party
View outside the CB&I office 1
View outside the CB&I office 2

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland October 13th 2014

Mon 13th Arrive Numansdorp – 8nm Had a great, long hot shower and then decided to tootle off to Willemstad where D-Jay is. Had another large bridge to pass underneath and it was here that you could stay overnight if you wanted to. Not the previous bridge like we thought. Would’ve been a perfect stop...and free!! Right after the bridge was Willemstad. I had been chatting to Jerry about a mooring berth and we had one sorted, but on approach, there was no room in the marina for us to move about at all. And the berth was right at the end. Our transmittion has been playing up recently and we never know if she’s actually going to go into gear. Therefore at this stage, tight, squeezing marinas are not suited for us. As Numansdorp was ... read more
At Numansdorp
2014-10-13 13.27.45
Arrival beer

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 8th 2014

Hello again! Yet again things have changed significantly from my last blog. After sailing around the med for a couple weeks we sailed up to Rotterdam. At this point we’ve been in drydock for 8 days. It’s weird being in the same place every day, but I’m learning lots and seeing new things every day. Our trip up to Rotterdam brought us back through the straight up Gibraltar and had a stop in Vigo, Spain. I was in Vigo 4 years ago on the Independence and It’s still one of my favourite ports I’ve been to. A 5 minute walk brings you to a street lined in outdoor restaurants serving some of the freshest seafood around. I also went up the hill which is topped by the remains of an old castle. The weather was amazing ... read more
Old Castle Wall
View from the top, Vigo
Vigo, Spain

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland July 20th 2014

July 17 and we drive to Den Hague - better known in the west as The Hague. After a nightmare of trying to park and finding out - too late, that the chip card we have is not the same as the one everyone else in the Netherlands has - it doesn't seem to work in simple machines like a parking meter. So, off to a parking house to pay vast amounts of money to park in the city. We walked around a very nice district where we ran into various embassy houses and finally the Queens palace. All the flags are flying half mast to honor the many many Dutch who were killed in the Malaysia flight that was shot down. People here are sad, angry, and demanding something be done - a shrine has ... read more
Synogogue in Delft
Don't park too close!
Queen's Palace

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft July 16th 2014

What kind of sign is it when my bag weighs 49 pounds before we ever leave San Diego? I'm sure I'll use 25 pounds of hair products before I leave - right? Other than the impending doom of too much weight for the way home, the flight to Atlanta and then Amsterdam go without a hitch. The train to Delft was clean and on time and the country side was green and pastoral. Everything in sight is well kept and clean, cows, sheep and goats are grazing everywhere, and boats float on the zillions of canals. We pass lot after parking lot filled with bikes - I can't wait to get on one myself! Or eat all that delicious cow, sheep, and goat cheese. Once we are in Delft, we find the Hotel Leeuwensbrug to be ... read more
Rooftops Delft
Main Square, Delft
Canal, Delft Netherlands

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland July 4th 2014

Went to the Peace Palace then for a bicycle ride around the windmills also the beach at the Black Sea.... read more

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