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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden May 14th 2014

Tuesday If you ever have the opportunity to travel in Holland, make sure your trip includes going to the dunes. It is a national park along the coast of the North Sea where you can cycle, walk, hike on trails, or just enjoy the sites. We rode about 25 kilometers through the park before turning back inland to Leiden. It was the only time this week we have been able to spread out and really ride at our own pace without fear of getting lost. We rode through rolling hills with sand dunes that reminded me of the dunes along Lake Michigan. At the end of our ride we stopped at Benny's Beach Inn for refreshments and to dip toes in the sea. Before heading to the dunes we visited the last Royal Delft factory and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft May 12th 2014

Monday What a difference a day makes! We started off this morning with a much smaller group; only ten of us continued on after yesterday's ride. The rest said they would ride again on Tuesday. While it was still mostly cloudy and windy, there were only two occasions of very short showers, one we were able to take shelter under the canopy of trees and the other didn't last long at all. We also had periods of sunshine; honestly without Sunday's ride we would not have appreciated today. The countryside was so beautiful; I had not thought about seeing so many geese, ducks and swans and their offspring, but they were everywhere. All the canals were full of new life and we really enjoyed stopping to take pictures or just watching the swans protecting their young. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Gouda May 11th 2014

Saturday So as I write this it's still raining, or rather it's raining again. It stopped for a while last night but has rained steadily all day. We dropped our bags off on the barge, which really is nicely outfitted and then ventured out for one more walk through the city center where we promptly got soaked again. Perhaps we will get all the rain out of the way before we begin riding tomorrow. I realized I left out a few important reflections last night; most likely because I was nearly exhausted while I was writing. Here is a glimpse that defines the difference between the two of us: while we were eating in the Van Gogh Cafe I was talking about the paintings and the connections between some of what we had seen in the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland April 30th 2014

We are one week away from our next great adventure--a bike & barge trip in the Netherlands. This time there is bike riding without camping and only 24 people instead of 250! It should be lots of fun. Watch your email beginning next Wednesday for updates on our trip, unless of course you are not interested, in which case you are welcome to ask me to remove you from the list. Happy Travels, Margaret... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland »  Lisse April 30th 2014

Keukenhof is the most beautiful garden i've seen on earth. I am lucky because i live now in The Netherlands so that i can be able to visit every year. Every year they have a theme which is each year they make unique garden. The first time i've been in Keukenhof was 2012 with the group of friends and the second time is recently.... read more
Keukenhof 2014
Keukenhof 2014
Keukenhof 2014

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam March 15th 2014

So landed back from my trip to Korea and finished at 3pm. Then had to run to another terminal to meet my friend for our little holiday to Rotterdam at 3.30pm. What a rush, don't know why I do this to myself! I was off to Rotterdam for 2 nights to stay with one of my Dutch friends, called Michelle, that I had lived with in a hostel in Sydney when I was travelling Australia 3 years ago. Was meant to be a sort of big reunion with more people but only me and one of my friends from London could make it. We have had a few reunions in London, and Amsterdam couple of years ago. Just so nice that most of us still keep in touch. So anyways, we had a fun girls weekend. ... read more
Tastiest kebab ever
Graffiti in Perron nightclub

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Noordwijk aan Zee February 16th 2014

A walk in the sand dunes of North-western Europe before we head of to the sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula. Weather is sunny, cool and windy.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague November 7th 2013

Rotterdam in the Netherlands 6 November 2013 After leaving Belgium, we travelled north, back into The Netherlands (Holland) and drove through Rotterdam. We didn’t stop but we could see that the city revolved around the old Oudehaven Harbour. There were many large bridges and a tunnel that went under the Rhine River. This is where the Rhine meets the North Sea. This is also where many of the goods being transported from European countries, leave for around the world. We wanted to go up the elevator of the highest building in Rotterdam, the Euromast, which is 185m high and built in 1960, but as we arrived in the city, the rain really set in and visibility would have been minimal. We decide that it wasn’t worth stopping so we drove onto The Hague (Haag in Dutch). ... read more
Very wet Rotterdam in The Netherlands 6 Nov 2013 (8)
Very wet Rotterdam in The Netherlands 6 Nov 2013 (11)
Very wet Rotterdam in The Netherlands 6 Nov 2013 (12)

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 4th 2013

Our last day in Holland and I am feeling quite sad. Might very well be a rough day for Clive tomorrow when we actually step on that train and leave this magnificent country. Am I biased? Absolutely! We spent the day in the city walking around . . . and around . . . and around . . . Do you think we could find that pancake place where we had lunch on our first day in The Hague? We did a little more shopping. Okay, a lot more shopping. Treated myself to an ice cream (comfort food) and stopped and ate it at a monument just outside the Palace. I was hoping King Willem Alexander might come out and beg me to stay. He didn't . . .... read more
The Hague
The Hague

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 3rd 2013

Fairly relaxed day today. Have been having a few 'issues' with my hair so decided to try out a Dutch hairdressing salon. Colour and cut in a trendy, upmarket salon $120.00! Ridiculously cheap compared to back home. Everything is cheaper here . . . but then the average wage is considerably less too. Nel had arranged for my cousin Jon to visit in the afternoon so on the tram we went once more to Nel's place. (We have become tram catching experts.) It was wonderful to see Jon. At 75 he is the eldest relative on my Dad's side in Holland. He had with him the album he had put together of his visit to Australia in 1997. Some of the photos were hilarious! People change a lot in 16 years . . . thank goodness! ... read more

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