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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland May 21st 2015

Geo: 52.0767, 4.29861After enjoying the traditional European breakfast of meats, cheeses, boiled eggs, dry cereal, yogurt, breads, jellies and spreads along with hot tea and coffee, this morning found us on the bike path from Gouda to Den Haag. It was still windy but the sun was shining. Our early morning start found us in the midst of people going to work and kids going to school, all by bike. It's amazing how young some of the kids appear to be and they are riding bikes to school. No one around here rides slowly either. Bikes are crisscrossing between different paths across streets and around corners mixing in with car traffic and trams and everyone knows where to go and how to maneuver. Another interesting fact about the bike paths here is that motor cycles and ... read more
Bike Path to Den Haag
Housing along Bike Path
More Housing

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Gouda May 20th 2015

Geo: 52.0167, 4.70833It was a much better day for cycling today. Although still windy, it did not rain and at times the sun appeared. Our destination was Gouda. The ride was very picturesque, through the countryside and along the canals. We saw several farms raising cattle, sheep, and even alpacas. Most of the land is covered with grass for the animals to feed on since not much else will grow in the clay type soil which contains a lot of salt from the sea. Many of the homes along the way were beautifully landscaped with very unique styles. We arrived in Gouda a little after noon which gave us plenty of time to explore the city. After checking in at our home for the night we went out for a snack. We chose a bakery with ... read more
Cattle Grazing land
Bicycle Traffic Signals
Canal Home

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam May 12th 2015

We didn't know what to expect, but Bowen and I both agree that after 24hours on our first river cruise we love it. The ship is beautiful, cruising on a river is very smooth, the people are great, the hassle factor is almost zero, and we love the way the days are laid out. Viking plans an excursion for each day. Today, it was a trip to the UNESCO windmill site in Kinderdijk in the morning. It was a very interesting tour to an out-of-the-way place that we probably would never have visited except on a cruise like this. Then after lunch, we were cruising on the Upper Rhine. This isn't the "beautiful" part of the river, but it sure was pretty to us. It's mostly flat farm land, but it was green and lush. And ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Lisse May 10th 2015

We set our alarms for 8 AM. We packed up, showered, ate breakfast with our hosts and headed out. We ended up paying only 5 Euros for parking which was a small victory. We asked for directions to Amsterdam since we no longer trusted Tomtom. We finally started listening to Tomtom after we got on the highway and drove for 45 min to Keukenhof, the famous tulip garden park of the Netherlands. This park is only open for a month and a half throughout the whole year, when the tulips are in full bloom from April to mid May. Tomtom tried to thwart our plans again when we got to the town of Lisse but we were able to navigate with the road signs and follow the rest of the tourists to successfully locate Keukenhof. We ... read more
Import 5-9-15 816
Import 5-9-15 850
Import 5-9-15 888

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague May 8th 2015

And so it begins. We left Lise's parents house at 9:15 AM. We drove to Antwerpen, where we got lost and never found what we were looking for. Driving in European cities is not an easy task. After spending about an hour being lost in Antwerpen, we finally found our way out and continued our journey to The Hague, Netherlands. We stopped in Breda, Netherlands for lunch on our way there. Breda is the first city on the border of The Netherlands when coming from the south. This makes it a popular city to visit for people that want to buy things that are only legal in the Netherlands (if you know what I mean). A good analogy would be driving to South Carolina from North Carolina to buy fireworks. We stopped at a service station ... read more
Escher-esque selfie
Liberation Day Festival
Madurodam Castle

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam April 23rd 2015

Day 9 - April 23 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Today we we had breakfast and were ready to head out for a big day of adventures. We boarded a tour bus with our guide today, Miriam and driver Petro and we took a tour around the old town of Rotterdam. This is a huge city and a bigger port. This port is actually the largest port in Europe. The second largest port in the world only to Singapore. The city were bombed a lot during WWIl and what was rebuilt was modern structures. Next we drove to the town of Delft where we were toured the famous porcelain factory. We learned how they identify their completely hand painted items from the fakes. This was very interesting tour and the building itself was just beautiful with ceramic stair ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague April 20th 2015

Greetings Everyone, This past week, my parents came to visit. They started off about 2.5 weeks ago by heading to Morocco, then came to the Netherlands this past Tuesday. We were all pretty tired from travelling so much in the past while, so this weekend was pretty relaxed (though my apartment is completely clean for once :D). Saturday we went for a stroll around Spui and Chinatown, followed by visiting a carnival that was set up in Plein (outside Parliament and the American Embassy). Sunday we went to the Louwman Museum - one of the greatest collections of cars in the world. Here's a link to browse through it: Many pictures as always. Cheers, Joel Tannas... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden April 10th 2015

Me? Oh no, nothing special, you know, I'm just pulling an all-nighter in the hopes of actually sleeping on my flight to Tokyo... It's the night before I travel half way around the globe fore the first time in my life. In fact, I have never travelled outside of Europe and of course I decided the first country to try out my far-away-traveling-skills had to be Japan. Because hey, why would you want to start with a country where you can easily understand the locals because all of them speak English fluently, right? Right? Yeah, I'm not so sure either at this point. The past few days have been an emotional roller-coaster ride with heights of 'oh my gosh, oh my gosh I am actually going to Japan I am so excited' and lows of 'who's ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Keukenhof April 1st 2015

Geo: 52.2681, 4.54507 To begin the month of April we went to Annemieke's Pluktuin, a tulip farm. Everyone was invited to pick 10 tulips from their fields, to take back with us to brighten up our cabins in the ship. So much beauty in our arms! I picked ones that were either still closed, or barely opened, thinking that in ten days' time they would all blossom (which they did). I tried to pick pink tulips and purple ones, but also got a yellow, an orange, and a red tulip to take back with me. Finding vases to hold these gorgeous, hopeful flowers was a trick; I used our ice bucket, which served quite well. And after visiting the tulip farm we went to Keukenhof, the 79 acre flower park that was once the kitchen garden ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 27th 2015

In this area used to be the old abattoir. The monumental buildings, the cow field with the bull statue, the giant photo, stone cows next to the traffic light and even street names still remind you of that. In this little triangle my home is situated. And I'm vegan. Does that fit? Ofcourse. The abattoir is gone And the art work are all living cows. Like the neighbourhood is saying: No to slaughter, be vegan!!! ;)... read more

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