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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam May 29th 2018

"I do not stink, I swear, I do not stink, Do not say I stink, because I. Do. Not. Stink." The language is Moroccan Dutch. Ethnic dialects of Dutch are being added to the purely regional varieties. The young, very overweight woman is sitting right behind Mr Henry in tram line 23, which goes into the poorest part of Rotterdam, Rotterdam South. No one has said that she stinks, as far as Mr Henry is aware, but maybe her boyfriend, also very overweight, who is standing beside her, has sniffed. Maybe it's a thing between them. Whatever it is, she's very stuck on the subject of stinking. "I swear, if I even think I stink, I shower. I would shower five times a day if I had to. I do not stink." They do manage to ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam April 13th 2018

The ship arrived in Rotterdam this morning (not a mediaeval city - it was bombed in the second world war so mostly quite modern!) and we headed in different directions. Maurice went to Gouda, for a city tour, to make a stroopwafel, and to taste cheese (including marijuana cheese!!). After a bus tour around Rotterdam, I went to Delft, yep, you guessed it, a walking tour!! After the guide showed us around, managed to find a cheese shop that was offering tastings, (coconut one was not so good) and an ice cream shop that was pretty good. We then went to the Royal Delft Blue pottery factory for a tour - interesting to see how it is made. The most expensive items are hand made and hand painted, then there are items that are painted using ... read more
Town Hall - Delft
Cheese shop - Delft

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 4th 2017

This morning we pack for our overnight journey to Belgium. As time is limited before our early train, we choose a Starbucks in the beautiful train station in which to break our fast. It's muffins and mochas beneath high gothic ceilings, heavy wooden beamed architecture, and droopy, amber-colored chandeliers. A tile mosaic above the doorway reads Europa. It's the most stunning, ornate building for an otherwise familiar trip to a coffee shop. ROTTERDAM Our train whisks us to Rotterdam where we hop on a tram to the Erasmus bridge to await our water bus. The chill of the wind bites through our zippers and drawstrings. And yet, there's no rain, so we are pleased. We board the water bus (thankfully with indoor seating!) for a 30 minute ride from urban, modern Rotterdam to rural polder countryside. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden August 28th 2017

27-08-2017----17-09-2017 We hebben heerlijk 3 weken vrij, maar deze keer geen ver weg vakantie. Zaterdag: Wel gaan we eerst ons pas aangeschafte bootje inwijden. Na een ritje naar het tankstation, wat boodschappen doen en een ritje op de fiets naar de markt is het zover. De boot oppompen, bodem erin en dan kan hij te water, het kost de nodige moeite om de buitenboordmotor aan de praat te krijgen, maar met wat aanmoedigingen van wat buren lukt het uiteindelijk. Het eerste tochtje is over de vaart voor het huis en via de Meerburgerwatering naar de Rijn. Erg lang varen ging niet: We hebben een buurt barbecue. Lekker en gezellig! Op zondag moet er eerst een ritje naar Katwijk gemaakt worden even een auto omruilen, daarna gaan we weer varen. We leggen wat kussens in de boot ... read more
Varen over de Meerburgerwatering
Lekkere happen op de buurt BBQ
Onder de A4 door de Vrouwevaart op

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 5th 2017

We hopped on the tram today to visit the beach and resort area of Scheveningen On the Zider Zee (North Sea). It was a very windy day and the waves were just wild. We immediately pulled off the shoes and headed for the sand and sea. We saw many adventurous kite 🏄 surfers out on the water. The wind was so powerful we marvelled at how they could hang on to those kites and were not airborne! After our paddle in the sea we wandered up to the promenade and wandered along the oceanside. 🏖 Lots of open air cafes and there was also a casino. 🎡 A Ferris wheel on a pier over the ocean. Such a windy day, we didn't want to chance it. Many people were out strolling in the sunshine and enjoying ... read more
Deb loving the ocean waves!
Palace on the beach

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 3rd 2017

A rainy day (we've had very few on this trip). We donned our rain coats and decided to go for a walk in the neighbourhood to find a cache called "Emma's Hof". We knew we would find a garden but were we in for a surprise! It's hard to imagine such a beautiful place among city apartments and town houses but this community came together to create a beautiful large garden right among these buildings. It is clearly a labour of love for all involved and in the garden we found a small building where people gather to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine together. There is a small creek where kids can play and a beautiful mosaic wall. We were surprised to find a "WC" in this lovely place and how ... read more
Emma's Hof
Emma's Hof
Emma's Hof

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2017

I am starting this blog the day before we set off on our family holiday to Delft. We are an extended family, travelling together, to a city in South Holland, which we all know and love, having been there two years ago. We are a retired couple with a motor home and will will travel to Harwich tomorrow, to sail at night, waking up in The Hook of Holland on Thursday morning. Other family members joining us are Marcus, our eldest son, with his wife Sara and our grandchildren Jacob and Becky, they are traveling in their own car and look forward to sleeping in their new tent. Danny, our younger son will join us too with wife Claire and daughter Phoebe, they are also "tenting". We had tropical weather two years ago and would like ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2017

A new day and we are off. Another adventure in the tram, this time a little further to the town of Delft, famous for its blue and white hand painted pottery. It took a little time and a good walk to find the Delft Pottery factory but it was a pleasant walk along the side of a canal where boats and ducks and geese were gliding along. We came across an Indian bicycle rickshaw and of course had to stop for a photo op! We finally found the factory and were taken on a short tour where they explained how the pottery was made and how the designs were placed on the pottery. Very interesting and expensive! We did get some very small items wanting to keep our luggage light. Following our tour we shared a ... read more
A Fun Day in Delft
Delft Pottery Factory
Delft Factory Tour

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rijswijk July 11th 2017

The fever is gone, so no more excuses; to the gym. Because the personal training session is booked for Tuesday, today is a bit of free-wheeling around the machines and weights. After a 20km cycle adventure through the French countryside (you've got to love these modern stationary bikes), a couple of chest, shoulder and biceps/triceps exercises. Tuesday the first day of 'real training'. The intake was a blast to reality. Fat percentage, BMI, weight, how many insults can a man take in 20 minutes :). We agreed on a schedule alternating upper and lower body and 4 times a week. This gives me time to play some golf as well. The goal set is to lose 2,5 kg in 4 weeks; an easy target knowing the Singapore regime of 4+ pints/day is history. Wednesday my first ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft July 2nd 2017

After a cold sausage roll and cheese croissant, we headed off to Delft where we were meeting Mara for the day. There was track work so a bus took us to Duivendrecht and then the train to Delft. On the train, we found out that there are more than one train company and that we were on the yellow line but had swiped through a blue line turnstile. This meant we would be charged €20 each at the end Apparently, you can claim this back but it takes time. The conductor suggested we buzz at the end and ask them to let us through which we did. Mara met us at the station and drove us to Rotterdam Harbour to Maasvlakle 2 which is the name of the new port. The visitors centre is called FutureLand. ... read more
Mara and Toni
Delft town square
One of the many canals Delft

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