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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland July 12th 2013

Geo: 51.8442, 4.63889Up at 5.15am. Out of the Clarion hotel by 5.30. At the train station by 5.45. On an express rocket train to Oslo airport at 6. At the airport by 6.25. Checked in, and aboard an SAS 737 bound for Amsterdam by 7.50am. Everything went according to plan. Being too early for breakfast, our hotel even presented us with a packed breakfast bag at our checkout. A lovely gesture. If only the food had been edible. The bread was so dry, I feel dehydrated just thinking about it.We touched down in Schiphol around 9.30am. We collected our bags, eventually, and came through customs to a warm welcome from Jan and Marielle who were kind enough to collect us. Before the drive home, we made a tourist detour for a stop off at the Zaanse ... read more
Zaanse Schans Museum
Homes on the River Zaan

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden June 20th 2013

It’s been almost five years since I stepped out of North America and moved to China. With every destination I attempt to recruit visitors from home, partially for the company and familiarly of friends and family, and partially in my selfish attempt to pull people out of their comfort zone and experience something unknown. I say it’s a selfish attempt because for me personally travel has taught me an intangible amount about myself, others and the ways of this world. More than anything I thrive on learning – in any form that may take. I love having visitors because it’s a way to give them a tangible example of why I love experiencing life as an expat, and an opportunity to see how travel can be an amazing teacher and to learn from it. On a ... read more
Keukenhof - the Disneyland of flowers!
The Queen's Day crew
So proud of my smart friends

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Nederlek May 30th 2013

Netherlands May 3rd to May 14th 2013 Friday May 3, 2013 Was met at Schiphol @ 7 AM by Petra and Wim van Vliet, my cousins, these persons have such generousity of spirit, since I could not get into my apartment in Kijkduin, until 3 pm they were willing to entertain each other for a few hours.this was no problem to them at all and they suggested things to do for the day, We decided to start off by having a coffee at the airport,while taking my suitcase and putting it in their car. Since I needed to look into the travelling system of the OV chipcard etc, with which Petra was familiar and explained it we purchased an "anoniem" card for myself, which allows travel on most OV (openbaar vervoer) (public transportation) on most vehicles ... read more
Tulip fields
Jan and Neil

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft April 24th 2013

A bit of a late start after our cosy night in Bertha the six man tent with Lilo Lil. I spent ages in the shower as it was so hot and then Ian headed to the showers as well…. we made it off the site by 11am! Finally setting off our first stop was to find Fort Rammekins, near Vlissingen. Surprise…we couldn’t find it! We have maps that show points of interest but the sign posting seems to be non-existent in the Netherlands, but Woolly did find his first windmill…. Woolly says – I was dead chuffed to find it and then another seven came along, I’m getting windmilled out! We decided to follow the N57 which proved to be full of brilliant scenery, although flat the views are spectacular and the houses and towns were ... read more
ANOTHER windmill!!!
Castle at Burgh Haamstede
Docks at Vlissinggen

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Keukenhof April 22nd 2013

My wedding sucked. Not my marriage. I’m referring to my wedding party. I think mine is one of the worst ever. My dress wasn’t pretty. I didn’t even know what my hand bouquet looks like until the morning of the wedding. The décor was very plain. The venue management didn’t allow any music to be played (it’s complicated – but basically, no music at all). The 500 guests are mostly our parent’s colleagues (including my husband’s creepy uncle who for some reason gave me this sexy black see through lingerie with feathers – which I never wore). I didn’t even get to choose the menu or party favors (my mum overruled those). And the worst part is – I didn’t have any great wedding pictures. If you follow this blog; you would notice how I love ... read more
Beautiful Spring Day
Bigger than My Palm!
The Red Couple!

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden February 15th 2013

Our school has campuses all over the world. After spending two semesters at the Bangkok campus we decided it was a good opportunity to visit another campus. So over Christmas and New Year’s, while in Seattle, we packed away our Bangkok clothes and repacked our bags with wool socks, sweaters and down jackets and set off for Europe - my first time in Europe. Iceland far exceeded our expectations. Everything about it was wonderful, beautiful and enjoyable. Then it was time to settle in for school in the Netherlands. That process was less wonderful, beautiful and enjoyable. Home until May is now Leiden, a town 40 km from Amsterdam in South Holland, or Zuid Holland if you want to learn some Dutch. It’s also the birthplace of Rembrandt and home to the pilgrims who came to ... read more
Canal dining...maybe in a few months
Leiden streets
The Dutch like boats

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 2nd 2013

Итак, подготовку к дню влюбленных считаю открытой. Пока что только забронировала дорогущий отель на день и думаю что надо брать на два, но дешевле. А вот и немного советов по теме: ... read more

Предпоследнее занятие по математике. Яснее ничего не стало. Странно, что они дают так мало материала и народ коментит как мега супер пупер курс подготовки к экзамену. Я бы никому не советовала, с таким же успехом можно и самому подготовится. Геометрия, на удивление, особых вопросов не вызвала. Я была уверенна что ничего не знаю, а все оказалось так легко. Как бы это собрать мысли в кучку и перестать делать ошибки? И еще столько всего прорешать по простой математике.... Проценты, статистика, ве... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam January 6th 2013

I was in the cinema, watching So undercovr with Miley and when the movie was over, TOnny picked me up and took to the biking event. Unfortunetelly, I do not remember the name of the place but it was a big stadium, that I found impressive. Competition was still in action and I unexpectadly got a lot of pleasure watching. Noticed that i was also curious about rules and even picked team I liked the best.... read more

Силка как то странно себя ведет. Орет по ночем и такая ласковая. Никак секса ей захотелось. Выросла котенка. Весь день туплю за компом. Обещала себе занятся спортом, но очень тоскливо смотреть в сторону хула хупа, максимально на что я способна сегодня - это прочитать как правильно тренироваться во время праздников. Ни зарядки не сделала, ни обруч не крутила. И намеченный план на сегодня, так и остался планом. Сделать упражнение по голландскому и почитать психологию. Всего ничего. Лентяй... read more

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