Richard Ostrowski


Richard Ostrowski

My job experience involved work in the construction and design area for highway transportation, working 32 years with MDOT and the past 13 years as Senior project Engineer with SME. After 45 years of work in various capacities providing geotechnical evaluation, road construction, and construction materials quality assurance testing I recently started a new phase of my life in retirement.

My interests now revolve around more family activities, my six grand children,traveling and cycling.I have completed two cross country biking tours from Pacific to Atlantic and bicycle touring through 40 states in North America. My travels have provided some interesting adventures in 17 countries in Europe and Asia with plans on continuing travel explorations.

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Joined: January 23rd, 2011
From: Detroit, Michigan lives in Detroit,Michigan,United States,United States
Favorite Book: Mystery Novels
Favorite Movie: Sound of Music
Favorite Music: 1960-1980, Pop and Country
Hobbies: Bicycle Touring,Golfing, Carpentry,Family, and Making Money
Languages: English
Bucket List: I am doing it
Profession: Engineer
Amazing Event: Playing and watching the grand kids grow.
Description: A Detailed Perfectionist

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine March 2nd 2019

This journey is planned to escape the cold Michigan winter. I will be cycling along the east coast of Florida from St St Augustine to Key West. It will be an opportunity to not only enjoy warmer weather but get an early start for my 2019 biking adventures. My goal for my first biking trip will be to pace myself and enjoy the scenery. We'll see how it goes. Looking forward to this adventure.... read more
Flowers - Copy

Europe » Greece May 26th 2018

Our day today was mostly spent in travel. We left our hotel at 7 this morning for a nine o'clock flight back to Athens. The flight only lasted 35 minutes. We could have taken a boat but that option would have been 8 hours. We then took a train and a bus into the city to locate our hotel which we did without a problem. After checking in we walked around Syntagma Square and located a dinner spot. It was that late already. We chose grilled beef burgers with grilled vegetables and potatoes. They were all good. We then decided to call it an early night and watch a movie on Netflix. TV here has little to no programming in English. Occasionally you can catch something in English and then the next show switches back to ... read more
Housing on a Cliff

Europe » Greece May 25th 2018

Another beautiful morning in Chania allowed us to thoroughly enjoy an outdoor breakfast. Upon the recommendation of our hotel owner we went to a bakery a few doors away where we chose fried eggs and bacon,an omelet with ham, tomato, onion, green pepper and mushrooms, both served with toast, tea and coffee. It was tasty and enjoyable as we watched people stroll by and other sitting above us enjoying the sun on their balconies. The remainder of the morning and well into the afternoon we walked the streets in and around the Port. As you continue to walk you always come upon walkways you have not been down before offering new things to look at. We did visit the indoor market again since markets are always interesting. We also stopped in the Catholic Church of the ... read more
Another Harbor view
Old city wall

Europe » Greece May 24th 2018

What a beautiful city! We are spending our time in Chania in Old Town. Our hotel is right along the Mediterranean with a nice view of it from our terrace. We are staying in a studio apartment in a beautiful old building in Old Town. There are only nine units in the building with marble stairways. We are on the third floor which is the top floor and I know about the marble stairways because it's a climb of 56 steps to get up here! The streets here are less congested with no motor scooters or ATV's to dodge as you walk around. The boardwalk area is pedestrian only so it's stress free strolling. It was explained to us that there is an aircraft carrier docked here today so there are many military personnel along the ... read more
Our terrace view
Fountain on the waterfront in Chania
Cheese for sale

Europe » Greece » South Aegean May 22nd 2018

It was another fabulous day in Santorini! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the temperature was in the mid 70's again. What more could you ask for. Of course our day began with a breakfast of waffle, crepe with fresh strawberries, coffee and hot tea. You need your nourishment here since going anywhere involves walking up hills and lots of them. Other than buses, the primary modes of transportation are ATV's and motorcycles. Pedestrians have limited sidewalks so often are sharing the road with these vehicles so you need to always be aware. Our destination this morning was Perissa Beach. We walked to the central bus station from which all the buses depart for different areas of Santorini, It's amazing no one gets run over there. There are numerous buses there coming and ... read more
Beach snack
Enjoying the sunshine
Catching a bus to go up the mountain

Europe » Greece May 21st 2018

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was in the mid 70's. We began the day with a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes with milk chocolate syrup,strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream Along with coffee and tea. They were delicious! After breakfast we caught a bus to Oia, Santorini. The bus ride was thrilling again taking us to the top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. The actual village is quite small with only one walkway running through it. All along the sides of the path were shops, restaurants, taverns, and hotels. The shops were selling art, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and various other souvineers. There were many access points with lookouts over the Mediterranean providing spectacular views. In the early afternoon, needing a break, we stopped for lunch which consisted of a ... read more
Delicious breakfast
Oia walkway along shops
Tea garden

Europe » Greece May 20th 2018

Our travels have taken us to a new location today. In the early morning we took a sea bus from the Old Port in Mykonos to the New Port where we connected to a fast boat which would take us to Santorini. This ride lasted 21/2 hours. Upon our arrival in Santorini we boarded a bus to take us to Fira, the area we are staying in. It was a winding road up from the port to the area of Fira up the side of a mountain. I'm glad someone experienced was handling the driving. Just watching out the window was nerve wracking. The roads here are narrow and congested with motorcycles, four wheelers, buses, taxis and private cars. At times it's difficult to walk because of the close proximity to vehicles. We handled all that ... read more
Downtown Fira
View from our balcony
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Europe » Greece May 19th 2018

Today was a sunny, hot one. Our mornings here are at a casual pace since it's different from some of the other vacations we've been on. It's not so much only about sights we want to see but also relaxing at some of their famous beaches. Like always we began with a walk on the waterfront. This morning we saw their farmers market set up there. It was not as extensive as others we have seen but it's a much smaller community. The population of Mykonos is 5,500. It had flowers and fruits and vegetables to meet the needs of the shoppers. We were also able to watch the fishermen cleaning their catch of the morning. Of course the morning walk is topped off with breakfast on the waterfront making it a perfect morning. We paid ... read more
Our hotel garden with our terrace in the background
Our dinner
Mykonos Saturday market

Europe » Greece May 18th 2018

Today was a very casual relaxing day for us. We had a leisurely breadfast of bacon omelets, toast, coffee and more fresh squeezed orange juice. We are getting spoiled with the fresh squeezed juice. The coffee though tends to be a little stronger than what we are accustomed to. After finishing breakfast we walked many of the pathways that meander all through the town. Everyone is filled with shops and lots to look at. When walking around here in the morning hours you need to be cautious because all of the shops and restaurants are getting their deliveries and there is often not enough space for a vehicle and a pedestrian in the path at the same time. The pedestrians need to step into doorways or squeeze to the side to let vehicles past. During our ... read more
Oh Boy Bakalava
Retail Clothing-Where to Began?
Entrance to Paradise

Europe » Greece May 17th 2018

Our morning began very early today. In order to catch the 7 o'clock fast boat to Mykonos we were up at 4:30 a.m. We checked out and caught a subway train to the port. It was a nice relaxing ride being able to drink coffee and read. The boat ride lasted three hours and twenty minutes. upon reaching the island we got a taxi which brought us to our hotel Which is lovely with a well kept garden to relax in. I was especially attracted to a gardenia plant which was my mother's favorite flower. I was surprised when the hotel owner later picked one of those flowers and gave it to me. Fond memories! Our afternoon was spent investigating the island. Most everything here is within a walkable distance. There are buses which run to ... read more
Many retail shops to discover
Waterfront in downtown Mykonos
Mykonos Harbor

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