Currently travelling the world with my husband Vaughan since January 2017. I was a former Travbuddy member but they closed down so have moved across to here.

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 4th 2019

Little did we know that our timing sucked, it was a public holiday (Constitution Day) which meant not much was open including all the museums! We had three whole days in Mexico City so we didn't really want to waste a day. We started off by walking around the neighborhood we were staying Roma Norte and into La Condesa. Lonely Planet talked up the architecture in the area and named a couple of streets in particular as having nice old buildings but we failed to see it. The best part about the neighborhood is that it is safe and has plenty of nice eateries of which we took advantage of for lunch. We next ventured to the park but found that was locked too, who the hell locks a major park on a public holiday! So ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 3rd 2019

Last year we spent 5 weeks in Mexico covering nearly all the Yucatan Peninsula and loved it, so we said we would like to return and see more and we have! This time we wanted to come to Mexico City and visit the last of the pyramids on my bucket list - Teotihuacan We originally planned to spend at least a couple of weeks of more here visiting both Mexico City and the Oaxaca province but last minute we decided to take on a house sitting job on the Sunshine Coast in Australia so it left us little short on time. We had 9 days so it was enough to see Mexico City, the pyramids and the UNESCO San Miguel de Allende. We had booked a hostel in Roma Norte a safe and hip neighbourhood next ... read more

North America » United States » California January 29th 2019

Having spent 7 weeks back in Australia to visit family, friends, sort out a few things and house sit for a couple of friends on the Sunshine Coast for 2 weeks we were ready to embark on our last year of a very long adventure. We had been travelling now for 2 years and ironically the day we were flying to San Francisco was also the same day we flew to Buenos Aires exactly two years before! Except this time when we got to Auckland we would be heading north instead of east. We were stopping off in San Francisco to spend 5 days with our friend Myshel before heading to Mexico City on the 3rd February. It was winter in California, the temperatures were the same as a Melbourne winter but after a few weeks ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Lyme Regis June 27th 2018

Leaving behind the beauty of Lulworth Cove we keep heading west towards Cornwall and stop in the seaside town of Lyme Regis. The town is your typical seaside town, it even has the buntings zig zagging the high street! We first strolled down to the seafront which was mostly a rock plateau. We followed the foot path along the waters edge until we reached the start of the high street and the pebbled beach. The town is pleasant and has many bakeries, ice cream parlours, pubs and gift shops, its what you expect from a British seaside resort town. We looped our away around the quaint back streets, one of which was very pretty with a little stream running parallel to the lane we walked up. Eventually our wanderings brought us back to our motor home ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset June 26th 2018

My memories of Durdle Door and Lulworth cove were vivid and for some reason I had it fixed in my head that both had sandy beaches, how wrong was I. We took the steep path down to Durdle Door enjoying the impressive scenery as we went. Eventually when we reached the beach we found the entire beach to be pebbles. It was quite a painful walk across the pebbles, had we known we would have brought our water shoes. We found a spot to park ourselves and gingerly walked across the stones down to the water, it was cold but crystal clear, certainly not for swimming although it didn't stop some hard core punters taking a dip. We sat for a while on the beach, surprisingly for mid week and June it was quite busy. Around ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Swanage June 25th 2018

I had fond memories as a child of coming on holiday with my parents with the caravan to Durdle Door,Lulworth Cove and Swanage. The memories are vivid as I would only have been about six or so but the happy feelings are still there, I felt it was time to relive the favourite childhood holiday spot and revisit both areas. Today we planned to visit Corfe Castle then make our way down to Swanage visiting Harry's rocks and Swanage town, before spending a couple of nights in Durdle Door. Corfe Castle is both a village and a ruined castle and has been the site of a castle since the 10th century. The castle is where the young King Edward was murdered by his stepmother so her own son Ethelred could become King. The later part of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Poole June 24th 2018

We thought it would be a good idea to join English Heritage and not National Trust as we enjoyed visiting old Castles and Abbey's as opposed to stately homes. We knew we would probably see a fair few heritage sites so by becoming a member the savings would be quite significant. Close to Semley was Wardour Castle and by all accounts worth visiting. The castle was built in the late 14th century as a lightly fortified luxury residence. The castle was badly damaged during the civil war and is now a romantic ruin and incorporated into the landscaped grounds of New Wardour House which has no public access. The castle was just as they described it, a romantic ruin and we really enjoyed exploring it especially as there was hardly anyone else here. Our next destination ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Shaftesbury June 23rd 2018

If you grew up in England during the 70's and 80's like I did then you would remember Britain's favourite advert.. Hovis. Ridley's Scotts famous advert set around the 1930's with the young boy pushing his bike up a cobbled steep street with a basket of bread, the street lined with quaint old homes then having dropped off his bread riding back down again with his legs splayed, was filmed in Gold Hill Shaftesbury. All the years I lived in England I had never been and the Hovis advert was part of my childhood so I just had to visit. We first stopped in Reading to visit Go Outdoors and Decathlon to buy some things before heading over to Shaftesbury in Dorset. Go Outdoors cost us a 100 pounds more than we planned as we had ... read more
Gold Hill
Gold Hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Wallingford June 22nd 2018

Today was a rest day, well at least from any walking! Vaughan was foot sore from yesterday's long walk. I had some printing to do so we went to Lisa's late morning and borrowed her printer, she was in the garden mowing the lawn. She said she would finish her chores then she would pop over in the early afternoon. We headed back to Matilda and found we had new neighbours to our right hand side, the crazy guy with the tent who was next to us had shifted to the end site. I was a little mifft when I saw the neighbours as their car was parked too close leaving us hardly any gap for our table and chairs, I had to say something. I asked them if they could move their car to the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Wallingford June 21st 2018

Vaughan fancied doing a long walk and the Thames path was right on our doorstep. He chose a loop walk which would take in a few of the surrounding villages along the Thames, a total of around 15 miles! That was way too long for me, I had a strained calf muscle from running so would only walk as far as I could as it was sore. We set off along the path towards Shillingford, the path along the river was very picturesque, Shillingford was only about 2 kilometres up the the river. We continued to walk along the river until we we approached Dorchester and then our path took us inland where a heard of cows was crowded around the gate we needed to get through. A lady came towards us walking her dog and ... read more
Thames path at Shillingford
Shillingford Bridge

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