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Europe » Netherlands June 7th 2018

Our flight with WebJet was better than I expected, they brought us safely to Amsterdam in the evening. Our final destination for this weeks planned trip was Emmen in Hollands east but given its a good 2.5 hours drive we would spend the first night closer to the airport and drive there tomorrow. I had booked the cheapest car possible which was a Fiat Panda, it turned out not to be a bad choice it had more grunt than the Citroen C3 we had in the UK. Our B&B was half an hour way in a village north of Utrecht, our host was away for the evening so we had the place to ourselves. She had left us some wonderful provisions for breakfast and even had the table set for us. Our B&B was in an ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 31st 2018

We had just spent the last 5 months escaping the cold drineary European winter by exploring Cuba, Mexico and Central America with some short stops in the US to visit friends. Now the weather was warming up in Europe it was time to be like a Canadian Goose and fly north again. Our last stop in the America's was Boston where we spent a few days staying with a friends and meeting up with an old University chum that I hadn't seen since graduation so that was a spin out!. Saying goodbye to Boston we take the 7 hour flight with Norwegian to land in Gatwick the next morning. I didn't sleep at all, its not the best airline for a good nights sleep so arrived very tired and grumpy. We picked up our hire car ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 31st 2017

We had set the alarm early to make sure we didn't waste the day. We enjoyed the nice hostel breakfast then set out at 10 am to the metro station as today we would be visiting Recoleta Cemetery which is famous for Evita's tomb. The day was much cooler than Monday and it was overcast and spitting with rain. From the station it wasn't that far to walk and the cemetery is easy to spot as it is surrounded by a large wall. The cemetery is one of the top attractions in BA the line of tour buses parked certainly confirmed that, the cemetery is extensive so it didn't feel at all crowded. It was certainly the most impressive cemetery we had ever seen with many elaborate mausoleums and graves, some even resembling mini churches. We ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 30th 2017

I had woken around 1am in the morning and stayed awake for a few hours before finally drifting off again, it was obvious I wasn't going to escape jet-lag. When we woke the next day it was midday, suffice to say we had missed the free breakfast! We headed out to find ourselves some lunch of tasty empanadas. San Telmo had a reputation of being a bit on the dodgy side, especially at night but what we saw we really liked, a neighborhood of character, rather hip with lots of cafe's, nice restaurants, it reminded us of Fitzroy back in Melbourne. Here the architecture was old Spanish Colonial and the streets cobbled, its also the place to come to see street Tango and this was something I definitely wanted to see. We stumbled across the indoor ... read more
Statue in the Pink Palace
Inside the Cathedral

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 29th 2017

This was our second trip to South America, in 2014 we spent a year travelling and 3 months of that was in the northern part of this continent where we visited Ecuador, Peru, northern Chile and Bolivia. We didn't have time to get down to the south on that trip, also at the time it was getting towards winter in the south so we said we would return in the summer months and give it some time, little did we know back then did we ever think we would be going to Antarctica! Our flight with Air New Zealand was smooth going, we left just before midday on the Sunday and arrived just before 4pm on the same day, if only the flight was really that short! Basically with crossing the dateline meant we gained an ... read more
Dinner with friends

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