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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn June 10th 2018

Sunday the motor home sale places are closed so it gave us the chance to have a day out and explore this part of Holland. I did some research of things to see and do in the area and one place that was worth seeing is Giethoorn a popular picturesque car-free village with its boat-filled waterways, footpaths, bike trails and centuries old thatched roof houses. The fact its built on waterways earned its nickname "Venice of Holland". The village borders a section of Weerrbben-Wieden National Park, a marshy areas once known for its peat and read harvesting. Tourists travel 1.5 hours from Amsterdam to visit Giethoorn, fortunately for us its only about half and hour down the road! It was a lovely sunny day so perfect for an outing to a chocolate box village. We parked ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn July 31st 2017

Après l'Allemagne, voilà la frontière hollandaise... Nous comptions bien lors de ce voyage passer par Giethoorn car l'autre fois, impossible de se trouver un petit bâteau pour faire la promenade sur les canaux et impossible tout court de se trouver facilement un endroit de parking et même un camping... Aujourdh'ui c'est lundi ! tout baigne, la foule n'est plus au rendez-vous... Mais avant Giethoorn, passage obligé par Zoutkamp que nous portons dans nos coeurs... Zoutkamp est le village par excellence de la crevette... Heiploeg, que vous connaissez par les crevettes que vous achetez chez vous, est une énorme usine où sont pelées une partie des crevettes alors que d'autres crevettes sont envoyées au Maroc pour se faire éplucher... Nous avons osé passer la porte de la société pour demander si il serait possible de visiter mais ... read more
bye le camping...
passage de la frontière
il y aura des patates pour le petit-déjeuner, le déjeuner et le dîner, peut-être même pour le goûter...

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn July 31st 2017

Et nous y voilà... j'ai préféré ne pas vous mettre ces photos dans le blog précédent car il y a pas mal à voir dans cette aventure... Giethoorn est un village lacustre, souvent surnommé la « Venise du Nord » à l'instar d'Amsterdam, de Stockholm ou encore de Bruges. Il se dresse au cœur d'un parc naturel — vaste région de tourbières marécageuses— appelé « De Wieden ». Giethoorn est parcouru de longs canaux creusés lors des derniers siècles pour l'extraction de la url= read more
la barque électrique nous allons utiliser pendant une heure...
le capitaine !

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 27th 2016

It was another delayed breakfast this morning and we let Wim and Diny get through their bathroom routines before we got ourselves up. We didn’t have to get our own breakfast this morning as they had coffee and croissant with ham, cheese and apricot jam ready for us. We were certainly in relax mode here and before we knew it the time was approaching midday and we had an electric fondue to buy and post back to NZ. Diny knew the best place to buy one and they got the bikes out as the shop, Media Market, was located in the shopping area downtown just a couple of kilometres away. Gretchen was a bit unsteady at first as it has been 3 years (the last time we were here) since we had last ridden a bicycle. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 26th 2016

Morning arrived far too early as usual but we have survived last night’s dinner of Filet Americain and ready to have an early breakfast of food we have become used to, muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt. We have another good three hours driving ahead of us to get to Zwolle and we had told Wim and Diny we would be there as close to midday as possible. After more research on the Battle of the Bulge late last night, before learning how raw meat that had not been prepared to the highest standard might affect a human being and then going to sleep, I discovered enough information about the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Hotton to convince Gretchen we should give it a visit to at least say we had found one commemorative site. It was ... read more
The proud Kiwi silver fern
Two of the eight Kiwi airmen we found at Hotton
2km road tunnel in Holland. Why!

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Oldenzaal August 29th 2015

This will be one of the last blogs we do. We now are nearly at the end of our stay in Europe. We had a wonderful time and seen again that much, it is hard to remember but lucky we have our blogs, photos and videos. We had such a nice time at Boppard, so much to see and so much traffic on the Rhine that keeps you looking. We were sorry to leave and went to Garderen in Holland, also a wonderful place. We never stayed on the Veluwe so this time we made an effort to see some of the things, like Lelystad and the Open Air museum in Arnhem. We visited both of them. Again the weather was very friendly that made the visits so much better. Long time ago as kids we ... read more
in the workshop
inside the farm

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel June 30th 2015

So here we are on the first day of an adventure which was planned some time ago. Thijs and I will hitchhike from Netherlands to Istanbul, Turkey. We had no intention to make a blog and I still feel like a stranger to the blogging world so its to check if everything works fine. Today we left Hengelo after Thijs had his last exam. What a relief. But before the start of the trip we wanted to see the parents of Thijs, who are now on their own adventure with their boat Stapper. So we came to Deventer by train and went to the harbor to spend the night here. Just when we were sitting at the deck almost at 11 pm, Thijs realized that his passport was still in Hengelo, in the pocket of his ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn July 23rd 2013

Today is predicted to be hotter than yesterday (although our daughter Leigh will never believe it can be hot in Holland after experiencing cold weather here at Christmas several years ago) and the way the day had dawned with another clear blue sky we will need to be prepared with sunhats and plenty of water to drink as we walk along the canal paths at Giethoorn. Wim, had wisely decided that riding bicycles for some sightseeing was not a good idea in temperatures that were set to rise to 35C and so had suggested that a short run in the car to the small rural village with a historical past and a combined cycle and walking path beside canals just wide enough for small electric motored boats to cruise along at a walking pace was the ... read more
A canal and path
Two lovely ladies
A bit of Dutch sunbathing

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle July 22nd 2013

Since my Polish haircut experience Gretchen has been hanging out waiting until we get to Holland for Diny (Cormac’s mother) to find a hairdresser and to go along and translate for the style Gretchen likes. Today or tomorrow could be the day as our journey this morning will take us south to Zwolle in Holland. I don’t recall seeing Gretchen with a shaggier looking style, the result of the Kotor, Montenegro haircut. The high pressure that has been around for a few days is still here this morning and we have another cloudless, blue sky for the drive. However, before getting on the road we waited for a while in anticipation of the new royal baby being born to Kate and William as we have been able to get the BBC news channel on the TV ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn May 16th 2013

Another day with a great buffet breakfast and we were off to the nearest little town to finish shopping because our time here in The Netherlands is coming to an end. Checked out some bookstores and got some magazines in Dutch, found a great little bracelet for my little granddaughter Solara, i would add a picture but the salesman wrapped it up already. Steve took a great photo of an elderly Lady riding a bike, which is a common sight everywhere you go. In the afternoon we went for a long long walk around Giethoorn and made some more pictures of this amazingly beautiful area. So peaceful here and the birds are Jubilant. There is a stork nest just outside. (photo to follow later).... read more
A piece of paradise

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