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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn May 16th 2013

Another day with a great buffet breakfast and we were off to the nearest little town to finish shopping because our time here in The Netherlands is coming to an end. Checked out some bookstores and got some magazines in Dutch, found a great little bracelet for my little granddaughter Solara, i would add a picture but the salesman wrapped it up already. Steve took a great photo of an elderly Lady riding a bike, which is a common sight everywhere you go. In the afternoon we went for a long long walk around Giethoorn and made some more pictures of this amazingly beautiful area. So peaceful here and the birds are Jubilant. There is a stork nest just outside. (photo to follow later).... read more
A piece of paradise

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn May 15th 2013

It rained again off and on so we decided today would be the day that we visit the places where I was born and lived. I had previously contacted my old friend Jet (Henriette) and she agreed she would meet up with us. We drove to De Krim in Overijssel and tried to find my old school and the place where one of my uncles and aunts had lived, couldn't find either although some of the neighbourhoods were still familiar. In front of my old home Jet was already was great to see her again after 45!!!! ..years, as we talked it felt as though the years fell away slowly and we both remarked on how great it was to have grown up here (photos), it was wonderful to see her again! Our old house ... read more
.....and now

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Giethoorn May 14th 2013

Today we got of the boat Prinses Christina (photo) and returned to The Netherlands. Since our tourbus trip took six hours on the way to Germany - we were the first ones picked up by the bus -we would also be the last ones dropped off. We also had to be in Zwolle in the afternoon to pick up our rental car and the drive/navigate to our next destination of Giethoorn. So, planning ahead last Friday when we were first in Cologne, we went to the Hauptbahnhof (cental train station) and bought train tickets back to The Netherlands. This way we did not have to sit and wait/wonder when the bus would come to take us back, nor would it take six hours. We had breakfast on the boat with Niko and Yvonne, our tablemates and ... read more
Traveling light
...keeping clean
Peugot, and those are my white knuckles on the steering wheel

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel August 24th 2012

Fri I forgot how very far it is ..... After 26 hours of traveling we were picked up By A very flash new Mercedes arriving at our hotel at 7 in the morning. As our room was not ready we dumped our bags and headed out to look for a coffee. Seems Amsterdam doesn,t wake up till 9.30. then very quickley gets verybusyand by midday you are very likely to get knocked off by a fast movi g bycicle or a very quiet tram. (same result in both cases only one more messy) We exhaunted ourselves walking around getting our bearings until we colapsed and decided to rest our feet on a canal boat ride. Ve... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Oldenzaal August 15th 2012

The first things we noticed were a pair of wooden shoes standing in our room. Was this for sale or did we had to do something with it. Yes, if we did not want any cleaning done the wooden shoes stay outside the room, cleaning the room you put them inside. Very clever. Today after having a good breakfast we set of to enjoy the beautifull area of Twente. Forrests, fields of corn or granes, a feast for your eyes. The GPR sent us again over the little lanes that runs between the farms and gives you those excellent views on the meadows where the cows are grazing in the warm summer sun. Farmers are everywhere busy and obstruct you on the road by the giant tractors pulling all sorts of machinery. We made a visit ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Oldenzaal August 13th 2012

We spent one more day in Ahrweiler and Bad Neuenahr. We visited a foodfair in Bad Neuenahr but only mastered a piece of plum cake, not feeling for any fatty food.Next day we took leave from the nice people in Ahrweiler. We had a glorious stay there. After a good breakfast we left Ahrweiler and went further north direction Holland We landed in a little place called Tubbergen. It is in Twente, close to Hengelo, where I spent the first twelve of so years of my live. Up to a certain point the GPR worked well and we enjoyed the route it had set out for us. We had a mixture of Autobahn and country roads that gave us a good variety of scenery and traffic. Roadworks sent us twice to dead ends but it will ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede August 10th 2011

On our last day in Twente. We had a nice breakfast, where Liz surprised me. She had arranged a present for my Birthday. A real surprise, I had no idea. A few phone calls congratulating me started a promising day. Medieval games were held in Diepenheim a small place close by. It has a small castle called Warmelo. We had to look it up on the map, we never heard of it before. The distances in Holland are small, it did not take long to arrive there. Close to the place you just followed the cars. There were that many visitors. Lots to see. People were showing their different professions that were done during those times. There was even a make out funeral that made their way through the public. The main attraction was the Knights ... read more
our room in Bloemenbeek
Kight hitting a shield
Knight with lance

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel July 14th 2011

Berend and Islemary were my hosts for two days in this tiny village near the Friesland border. The weather was nice when I took the train from Zutphen to Steenwijk and remained OK for the afternoon, but by evening rain and wind had set in. In the afternoon we went to the canal town of Giethoorn where there are many water related activities such as canooeing and canal trips as well as a lake to sail on. This is a popular tourist spot with walkways and paths, bikes to hire and cafes to sit in. In the winter the canals freeze and are used for long distance skating. It's an extremely popular holiday spot, really pretty. Another town nearby is Blokzijl which was once a harbour. Now its an inland water town as a new dyke ... read more
Canal crossing

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede December 30th 2010

After a very nice long sleep we got up at 10 o'clock had breakfast and went to the center of Enschede. We just went through the shops, got some nice deals in the Action store and also bought a Singstar karaoke game for PS3. We didn't go anywhere cause the temperature was -7 celsius and a bit windy too. And maybe the trip to Amsterdam just knocked as out for a day or two as we were so tired. So we stayed warm at Adis&Jasmin's place and sang some pop music Singstar karaoke had a drink or two and that's about it. Let me see if we have some pictures XD ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede December 28th 2010

Well i aplogize we skipped some posting of the real day two as now is the day three, but you could blame it on some dirty little things called vod(k)a and ps3,wii and a brand new LCD TV Adis bought. So yea it was totally worth it. Oh, some quick description where we were before we came to Adis's & Jasmin's place. In the morning we went to the city center of Enschede where Adis found a brand new flashlight lying in the snow (he is allways the lucky one :) ). Went to some shops and then rested in the Burger King rest place ;) Later that day we visited IKEA which was also very nice but not for our legs which were quite tired but OK we gave it a go. Later that day ... read more

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