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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede December 27th 2010

After a long trip (15h) we finally got some sleep. The trip via car was long, cold, snowy but interesting. We made about 20 stops just to clean our windshield because the screen water from our car froze imediately after the temperature went down to -7 celsius. Stil don't know why, maybe cause of the extra windblow the temperature was even lower. But everything is OK now after a long 8 hour sleep, the Nederlands await me and my brother. Hope to get the best out of it with my cousins and to have an excelent time. Oh yea, here is our morning picture, just to show our well sleepy-hot faces :) ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel July 8th 2010

Oh wow, can’t believe how far behind we are. Oh well, only one way to catch up. Saturday the third of July - this was the day the four of us hired bikes. We left it until about 1100hrs, not doing much before then. It is definitely the way to go when getting around the Netherlands. We rode around town, out of town, and across town to Dan’s Great-Aunt & Uncle; Marie & Paul. As always when navigating such old towns, the questions of direction and the correct winding road were constantly on our minds. Once we arrived at Paul & Marie’s we had a little difficulty contacting them on the intercom. Just as we were about to leave another couple from the building let us in. We rode the elevator with them and proceeded to ... read more
What Country is it??
Cheese Wheel city time

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel July 2nd 2010

Our flights were uneventful. We flew from Calgary to Halifax where we had a lobster dinner; market price in the airport was higher than we wanted to pay, but how often do we get lobster?? We also bought a wrap to eat along the way. Food was a must since you don’t get any when you take 3 four hour flights. We boarded the Iceland Air flight to Reykavik. Both Dan and Ashley wrote in their journals but Dan also found time to take a nap (What a slacker). We were really hoping to see more of Iceland from the sky but there were too many clouds. Once we got below the cloud line we could see some of the terrain. It’s so different from Canada where all you see is squares and straight lines. Iceland ... read more
Arch van Noach
"Most Romantic" canal in Amsterdam
At the park

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede February 14th 2010

Hello Again :) Just got back from a bit of a europien valentines week drive with the missis. We caught the euro tunnell to france then camped up in belgium for the night. Next day we drove across belgium and holland to Enscede ware vince lives and the gogbot festival was held in september. Much fun was had but due to Rowan not having been to amsterdam and vince being a little busy with school we scooted across to amsterdam on a really v fast train and stayed there in a v nice (& cheep) hotel called the delta hotel. It is rite in the middle of everything and only about 400m from Centraal station so :D Hotell is 3 star, 25euros a night per person and includes a continental breakfast. Iv stayed there a few ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede September 13th 2009

Hello, This is my first entery then. I want to start this blog pretty much form the date i joined. Gogbot however was to good to miss out, also, its relevent to what will be the 3rd entry so here it is :) For many Years i have been talking my online friend Vince. He lives in Enschede Holland rite by the German boarder. After much talk of visits it was noted that there was a v interesting festival there each year and its dates coincided with my birthday. Vince put us up for 4 days and was the perfect host. I cant thank him enough and look forward to his uk visit! So, i grabbed my mate Plumber Paul loaded the van, booked the euro tunnell and off we went. Briefly Stopped in Belgium for ... read more
Euro tunnell uk

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 7th 2009

Friday 7th August A bike ride and a couple of beers After a long day yesterday and a fairly late night getting to bed we were obviously ready for a sleep in because we didn’t wake until nearly 8am. After breakfast Wim got the bikes out for us to ride with them to the towns Friday market where they purchased their fresh produce. Following our first experience of riding a bike for years this morning’s effort was even more assured and neither of us got the wobbles like we did last night when starting off.Leaving Diny to show us the way we followed on behind as she virtually stopped what little vehicle traffic there was in the town as we negotiated the suburban streets and made the necessary turns to get to the central market. Everything ... read more
Lunch in the sun before the afternoon ride
On the river ferry with the bikes
Beer #2 at the market square

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 6th 2009

Thursday 6th August Three countries in one day We have a long drive ahead of us today as we head north to Holland to stay with Cormac’s parents Wim and Diny for 3 nights.In doing so we shall leave France,pass through Belgium and traverse a good percentage of Holland before getting to Zwolle.The weather prospects look good for driving and the morning temperature is already in the mid 20’s!!One of the noticeable things about the weather in the couple of days we have been in Europe is the lack of wind which has been keeping the temperature very steady. Google maps gave us two options of highways with tolls and highways without tolls.The BBA tour committe(of two)decided on the second option naturally enough!!The toll road option would have had us travelling on at least 7 separate ... read more
Country #2 for the day,Belgium
Fire on the highway!!

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede May 28th 2009

One of the promises that we made when we returned home was to go and visit Maarten and Lyke in Holland! Since we met this lovely couple they have had a beautiful baby girl called Sophie who is 4 months old now......... So on one day in May we arrived into Dusseldorf Weeze airport to be greated by Maarten! It was a bit unreal at first to see him there as the last time we saw him was back in Hanoi in Vietnam around 18 months ago. We hadn't realised that he had driven for 2hrs to come and collect us across the border in Germany........we thought that the airport was alot closer damn google maps!!!!! Anyway we drove a lovely drive through the Dutch countryside to there home town of Oldenzaal just north of Enschede! ... read more
The Garden

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel May 16th 2009

The Nightmare in Rotterdam parties were the first Dutch parties I'd ever heard about when I started listening to hardcore music. The first DVD I purchased was "Nightmare In Rotterdam - Welcome to Wonderland" in 2005 when I was 16 hehe. After this I quickly got my hands on the Nightmate Outdoor for 2005 as well because I couldn't believe that they actually held parties outdoors. It seemed way too good to be true so I decided that I would have to see it for myself. That was the start of what eventually brought me to The Netherlands sitting at Amsterdam station wondering why on earth someone would leave an almost full bottle of Jack Daniels under one of the seats. Smic and me were waiting for the train that would begin our journey taking over ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 29th 2008

It was a very nice weekend in some lovely weather. We had sort of miscalculated which day it was on so we had to rush the day we got back to Amsterdam but it was worth it - a great way to meet up and catch up with lots of friends and to enjoy a very well organised day. Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to leave it at that....... read more
The Sluis pub1
Mich and friends
Marie and JB

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