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Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste September 13th 2019

We took a bus up to the Victoria Faro (lighthouse) this morning, having packed our swim suits for a trip to the "beach" afterwards. We got off at the Faro, realized that we couldn't walk around it because it was a military zone, and decided to wait for the next bus, and see where it took us. We ended up Prosecco, of wine fame, riding a bus packed with high school kids going home for lunch. Once in Prosecco, we realized we would have to take a bus back down the mountain to get to the coast. This was fine, since we only got glimpses of the spectacular views on the way up. We changed buses on the coast, and got off at Barcola (if you have been paying attention you will remember that this was ... read more
Faro della Vittoria
Small church Prosecco
Views from the bus

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste September 10th 2019

We said goodbye to the Dolomites and our lovely apartment and hosts yesterday morning, and drove south, visiting two pretty towns on the way to to the airport to return our car. The first was Serravalle, an unplanned stop. The town had a canal running through it, and beautiful buildings, along with a market, where I bought a fanny pack to replace the one I left home. The next was Oderzo, another town with canals, and not quite as pretty, but still nice. We said goodbye to our little car at the airport, caught a bus into Mestre, outside of Venice, and then took a train to Trieste, our home for the next five days. I had expanded my suitcase so I could fit my backpack and its contents inside. It therefore did not fit in ... read more
Our apartment in Trieste
85 steps down to the main street
Our toilet...partially under the sink

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste April 17th 2019

Our guide in Trieste, Suzi, was a serious person and a wonderful teacher. She brought a binder full of maps. Showing us the local geography and national boundaries was helpful in our gaining a bit more understanding of the complex history of the Adriatic area. Trieste changed nationalities seven time in relatively modern times. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which the government invited in as a defence against Venetian hegemony. For thirty years it was occupied by Napoleon, who in this area was defeated by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After WWI Mussolini was granted the city for the Italians and changed its character for twenty years, persecuting Slavs and Croatians. Endemic fascist tendencies resulted in the city being on the wrong side of WWII. For some years it was almost part of Slovenia, but a ... read more
Roman amphitheatre 1 century
Mussolini era building 1938
Octopus salad at Bartellomo’s

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste April 15th 2019

We had a late start at 10:00, which allowed me to write notes and others to go for a walk on the sea front. We drove through the 5 km tunnel again. Coming out, Tomas pointed out the top of Mount Ucka shining in clear sun. After some highway travel, we turned onto a local road and then onto a single-lane, recently-asphalted road that wound in an intricate pattern through villages and local houses. That led to a narrow dirt road, bouncing the bus, and winding steeply to the tiny hill town of Hum. The current population is 23 people, although in the 12 century it was 1100. Apparently, Guinness has recognized it as the world’s smallest town. Inside the high stone walls was the 18 century basilica and tower. Hum is where Glagolitic script was ... read more
detail of main gate
Pheasant with polenta and spinach
Dance of Death

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste July 12th 2018

Firstly to all those who regularly watch for our bloggs , sorry for the delay, we have had a fully packed 10 days and the bloggs have not been done. So I have set aside a day to catch them up., After landing back in Bologne from Berlin, we started the drive to Trieste which we decided required a stop over in Padua (Padova) for the night. In Padua we found a lovely town (hot at 33) with a small central marketplace and lots of restaurants. After Lunch we left Padua to Trieste and our home for the 5 nights. Trieste has always been a desire for me to see as 20 years ago I was involved in setting up Perfect Espresso who were or are the Illycaffe agents for New Zealand and I have always ... read more

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste May 26th 2017

Heute habe ich mir die Besichtigung von Triest vorgenommen und auch gemacht. Man muss sagen, dass ich Triest schon relativ kurz nach meinem Zuzug nach München als Reiseziel auserkoren und immer wieder verschoben habe. Jetzt hat es aber dann doch endlich geklappt. Das Frühstück gab es bis etwa 10:00 und Italiener sehen das etwas lockerer als wir. Ich frühstücke gerne möglichst spät und bekam meinen dritten Cappuccino auch noch nach 10:00. Danach bin ich zum Colle di San Giusto, was wohl so eine Art Burgberg ist. Dort befindet sich das Castello di San Giusto, die Basilica di San Giusto, ein Denkmal und Reste eines römischen Tempels. All das habe ich mir angesehen. Danach bin ich den Weg hinunter Richtung neuem Stadtzentrum und am Arco die Riccardo vorbei - er ist römisch aber benannt nach Richard Löwenherz, ... read more
Die Basilica die San Giusto.
Blick vom Colle die San Giusto.
Canal Grande.

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste May 25th 2017

Vor einigen Jahren habe ich im BMW-Magazin eine Werbegeschichte gelesen, die von ein paar Leuten handelt, die (natürlich) mit einem BMW eine Nachtfahrt nach Triest machen und dort am Morgen angekommen an der Hafenpromenade einen Espresso trinken. Heute habe ich fast das gleiche gemacht. Allerdings habe ich den neuen VW Golf, den mir mein Arbeitgeber als Firmenwagen seit Anfang des Monats zur Verfügung stellt, und nicht meinen BMW benutzt. Dabei muss man schon sagen, dass es schon fast eine Beleidigung ist, einem BMW-.Fahrer seit 16 Jahren einen VW Golf vorzusetzen, aber das ignoriere ich mal. Ich bin auch tagsüber gefahren, nachdem ich mir beim Klingeln des Wetters schon überlegt habe, ob das ganze wirklich eine gute Idee ist. Gestern bin ich ja erst die knapp 400 Km von Heidelberg nach München gefahren. Ich bin also um ... read more
Die Hafenpromenade von Triest..
Piazza dell' Unita d' Italia.
Die leckeren Fischbrötchen miit Weißwein.

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste September 23rd 2016

We (Kathy and Kit) arrived in Venice Wednesday evening after delayed and rerouted flight, lugging 50 lb bike cases on and off of two trains, a vaporetto ride up the Grand Canal in the twilight, and a short walk through the cobblestone streets of the Mercato Rialto to our small pension. The whole trip from home to our fourth floor (calculated the American way) walkup room consumed over 24 hours, only one or two of which involved any sleep. The plan was to relax for a day, start to get over jet lag, and enjoy the Venice show without any exertion. And so we skipped the Guggenheim and Leonardo museums, strolled aimlessly in our San Polo neighborhood near the Rialto Bridge, and rode the vaporettos (vaporetti?) to San Marco Plaza and out to the Lido, which ... read more
Musical items in mask shop
Animal masks
Zucchini with blossoms in Rialto market

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste August 13th 2016

I have visited, and written about Venice before. I will only say that sitting in the Piazza San Marco and drinking limoncello and perhaps having an ice cream sundae while the orchestras play is one of the favorite activities in my life. I have visited, and written about, Trieste before, so I will say little here. But I have always thought of Trieste as an exotic destination. Perhaps it came from the 1956 National Geographic story. Or perhaps conflation with the deep-diving bathysphere of the same name. But it has seemed a far-flung outpost. I like visiting there. It has monumental buildings right on the sea, and our hotel this time was on the square (Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia) that has been called the most lovely square facing the sea in Europe, and certainly the largest. Our ... read more
Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia
Roman Theater
Night street

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste April 27th 2016

My knee seems fine Hallelujah . It hurts but not enough to put me out of business. So it’s a saying that comes to mind again. Ripping todays thought of the day off the calendar Thich Nhat Hahn said “Waking up this morning I smile. Twenty four brand new hours before me. I vow to live it fully in each moment . Bad knee and bruising or not – it’s Miramare or bust. Glenn has always wanted to see this castle but never quite made it. It is not the easiest in a motorhome to get to so we knew we needed the bus/buses. We managed to purchase a ticket from Sistiana Camping Mare Pinea to the nearest stop to the castle . This still meant a 20 minute walk for Hopalong Cassidy. I had to ... read more
the entrance to the castle
one of the oppulent rooms

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