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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios August 10th 2007

Ios Friday 10th - Saturday 18th August Ios is a party island so armed with out Santorini Tans we hit the beach and the clubs for some fun. We spent the first 5 nights at some accommodation near the Port, then 2 nights at Far Out Village which is the main beach followed by 2 nights at Francesco´s in the village where the bars & clubs are. It took us a while to get used to Ios time as you don´t have dinner until 11pm-1am, you don´t hit the bars until 1am-2am, everything gets going at about 3am-4am and you party till dawn. We all became experts at sleeping twice a day. ... read more
Sarah & Shel
Ios Port

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios August 9th 2007

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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos August 9th 2007

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Europe » Greece » South Aegean August 9th 2007

Yahsu Greece It was time to escape London once more, and on the cards this time was a 15 day journey in the Greek Islands. Stacy for about the last 10 years has always wanted to go to Santorini - this trip took us there, along with another 3 islands. The trip started smoothly. A midday flight out of Heathrow meant there was no mega 3am rush out the door - this holiday was going to be relaxing. After a delayed flight we arrived in Athens, were collected by the driver, and taken to our hotel for that night. We were asked by the hotel attendant if we had our vouchers. “Vouchers?” we replied. “Yes, the driver should have given them to you.” “No, the driver didn’t give us any vouchers”. She checked us in ... read more
Paros - Chroma Hotel
Paros - The view across Parikia
Paros - the big red beast!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 9th 2007

Day 20 *Arrive in Greece *See Olympia, where the first Olympics took place Day 21 *Ferry to Santorini Day 22 *Service project- clear path for 97-year-old man *Boat ride to Thirasia *Swim in the Aegean Sea *Lunch *Boat ride back to Santorini *Take a cable car up to Oia *Donkey ride Day 23 *Greek dance lessons *Museum Tour *Greek Dance performance Day 24 *Ferry to Athens Day 25 *Cook Greek food at a restaurant *See and tour the Acropolis Day 26 *Out of the hotel rooms and down in the lobby by 3:30am for an emotional good-bye to the Michigan students before loading the bus to go to the airport for the two-hour flight to Frankfurt, nine-and-a-half hour flight to Chicago and one-hour flight to Minneapolis. With layovers, delays and the drive home, it took... read more
Pictures from the Overnight ferry from Italy to Greece
Pictures from the Overnight ferry from Italy to Greece

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 4th 2007

Saturday 4th August 2007 We arrived at Manchester Airport courtesy of our very own personal chauffeur (one Mr G Thomas), unfortunately we had to be dropped off in a carpark 5 mins walk away from departures, due to the new security arragements after the recent attacks at Glasgow airport. After a short time spent queuing, we checked in with and got rid of the cases. George and Eleanor chose our restuarant for this evening - a certain burger fast food outlet (which cannot be named for legal reasons but more of that later!). For some reason there seemed to be strange lack of flight info screens in T2 at Manchester Airport and as I had my eyes tested just last week, it can't be my specs! We walked about a mile just to find the ... read more
Refuelling in progress
George & Eleanor on Flight XLA2114
It's all Greek to Me!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 3rd 2007

Santorini Friday 3rd - Friday 10th August Nat, Shel, Sarah and I met up with Nat´s friend Yael. The 5 of us stayed at Anny Studios at Perissa Beach for a week and spent our time sunbaking, eating and making a dubious decision to hire a car.. We did do some sightseeing though! We went around the island for a day and watched the sunset at Oia. We had a great time and it was sad to say goodbye to Yael as she headed back to Israel.... read more
Yael´s feet
Cocktails on the beach
Shel & Sarah

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 1st 2007

Yasas, We are on the last leg of our journey and spending it visiting a few of the Greek Isles. Sorry that we have not blogged for a bit, the Travelblog website has been down and we weren't able to get onto it. After another overnight ferry from Italy to Greece we arrived here and then took a bus to Athens and another ferry to the island of Mykonos. Fortunately the ferry from Italy to Greece was a little shorter than the one from Rome to Barcelona so it was better. We decided since we didn't sleep well on the seats that we would try our hand at sleeping out on the deck. It was quite the experience. We spent most the night being windblown across the deck, but we lived. We took turns blocking the ... read more
Black sand beaches of Santorini
Red sand beaches of Santorini
Brandon and the ATV

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 27th 2007

oh my gosh santorinin is the prettiest place ive ever been to. we walked the 500 houndred steps or so to the top where we walked around and found a beautiful restaurant at the very peak whcih overlooked the whole island. we had a couple of cocktails a light salad and we were on our way again. the heat was soaring down it got up to 40'c!!! so we found a hotel which were willing to let us use their pool for an hour which was really nice of them there we swam and lounged by the pool for an hour. we then met up with a few more from the ship and we all went for dinner. we had pizza yummy!!!!!! then we all got donkeys down teh 500 steps we walked up which i ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Milos July 25th 2007

The ride over to Milos was an interesting experience to say the least. We bought our tickets late, so there was only a slow speed boat available and “seats” on the cabin deck, really meant outside with no seats. There were a few plastic seats stacked in the corner, so Caitlin grabbed one and we tried to get a spot in the shade. I blew up the pillow part of the floatie I bought in Mykonos and laid down on the ground on it and tried to sleep. The boat was dirty and all the bathroom toilets had poop in them because the plumbing was so weak. It was just a gross ride. Regardless of the trip there, we were nicely welcomed with another “Erin Jones” sign at the port town of Milos. The taxi driver ... read more
Tsigrado beach - View from the top
Papafragas beach
Tsigrado beach island

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