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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Milos July 22nd 2019

Back to the rocky ferry trip that I was supposed to write my Santorini blog on. I had to endure two hours on this ferry feeling as crook as a dog! Is that Australian enough for you? I shut my eyes the other way and talked my way through the nausea and prayed to God to get me to Milos without losing my lunch and setting the other passengers off like a row of dominos purging into the paper vomit bags. As He normally does, He gave me the strength to arrive on land in Milos without throwing up. It took about an hour to feel normal again just in time for hotel check in. I arrived in the port of Adamas- Milos and took a taxi to the town Pollonia. I noticed immediately, well felt ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 19th 2019

Sorry for the delayed travel blog. I planned on writing about Santorini when I departed the island and was on the ferry to Milos, however, a great lesson learnt from travelling is, you can’t plan everything, you have to go with the flow. With the flow I did go! The winds were very strong the day I left and the ferry company I went with was called Seajets. That was exactly was it was a simple jet on the sea, nothing like the cruise liner I caught to Mykonos or to Santorini from Naxos with Blue Star. Side note for a moment, now the cat is out of the bag my two friends I met up with in Mykonos got engaged the day before I met them. When they told me, I cried with happiness! How ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 11th 2019

I need to rewind back a few days, I wrote a blog two nights ago and it didn’t save! I left you last with the question as to go back to Spiros for dinner or try the hyped-up restaurant ‘Giannoulis’ that always had a line of hungry tourists awaiting its dishes. I walk into Prokopios and ‘Giannoulis’ didn’t have a line around it yet. I was a little early for dinner, it was only 7pm. Dinner buzz starts closer to 8pm in Greece as sunset isn’t until 9:30. I took this as a sign that I should try ‘. ‘Giannoulis’. I should have gone with my gut-literally. Spiros was a better restaurant! Don’t get me wrong ‘Giannoulis’ was nice but definitely not worth the long wait that I could observe half way through my meal. I ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 6th 2019

I was born to travel and as a result I work to travel. I never thought about writing a travel blog until I was encouraged by a dear friend who is also a fellow wonder-luster and travel blogger. So here I go!!!! My trip will entail 11 nights exploring some of the Greece’s most beautiful Cycladic Islands. I flew from Sydney to Singapore where I had a seven hour stopover before flying to Athens then one last flight to the Island of Naxos. I would recommend doing a city tour of Singapore as your allowed to leave the airport but I arrived at 7 pm and the last tour leaves at 6:30p, damn! I have spent the day in Singapore before so I wasn’t that upset, but it would have been a great way to kill ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean May 31st 2019

Greece: a few Islands We had started out booking accommodation on two islands in the Dodecanese (group), but finished visiting seven; Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Nisyros, Kos, Kalymnos and Astypalia. After the hectic pace that was our journey through the Middle East and Turkey, this was our ‘wind down’ period. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - Sunday May 26; arrival Rhodes We’d scheduled two accommodation destinations in Rhodes, the ‘capital’ Rhodes Town and Lindos. Having an (international) airport that allowed us to arrive from Turkey, we weren’t quite prepared for what we discovered. After where we’d been, the airport was very low key and laid back. The (public) bus to Rhodes Town took abou... read more
Moat - Rhodes Old Town Bastion
Rhodes Old Town Parapet
Rhodes Old Town - Pretty Lane

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos October 24th 2018

In 2000 during my first trip to Greece, I was far from the maniacal peak bagger that I am at present. I visited both Naxos and Rhodes back then without any interest in summitting the high points of either of those islands but I did get to the overall high point of Greece on that trip, Mt. Olympus. Greek Island high points Parts I & II were both on Crete in 2014 as it was necessary to summit 2 peaks to be assured of hitting the highest one. After 3 weeks blowing through the Balkans and finishing my overland stretch in Thessaloniki, I visited 3 islands on this trip, returning to both Naxos and Rhodes with a stop in Santorini which was far and away the easiest way to bridge the other 2 islands out of ... read more
On the Ascent of Mt Zeus
Temple of Apollo, Naxos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Amorgos August 31st 2018

We’ve flown to Greece to spend a few days sailing with our friends from Melbourne who live on a yacht here. They have spent most of this summer in Turkey but we join them just as they start their sail back across the Aegean to Greece. We fly into Kos and meet them there. We have some good days sailing, first north to Leros and then a long day sail across to Amorgos. Although we originally planned to sail further, either to Naxos or Paros, but the weather forecast isn’t great so we decide to sail north from Amorgos anchor for the night and then sail back to Amorgos from where there is a regular ferry we can take to Pireaus. Amorgos isn’t one of the better known Cyclades islands but is a lovely spot. The ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 15th 2018

A long Eid break and I was certainly not going to spend a single day in hot Kuwait. I packed my bags and planned a trip to two places in Turkey and 2 places in Greece which became a delightful three. Here is a story of my Mediterranean summer trip. The pre booked taxi was late and it was my good fortune because I hailed a taxi at half the cost! I took Pegasus flight to Istanbul. I got out and took a visa on arrival; an air-conditioned Havas bus to Taksim and voila! I was in the trendy European side of Istanbul. The free walking tour started at Hippodrome, covering Hagia Sofia (church turned mosque turned museum), an Egyptian oblique transported by Constantine from Egypt, a fountain donated by German king, Topkapi Sarayi (the palace ... read more
Fountain donated by the Germans
Underground cistern
Map of Meditarranean region

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios August 6th 2018

Une petite journée à Ios, ou nous louons une voiture pour rejoindre une plage quasi déserte et passer par château en ruines et tombe d’Homere On domine partout la mer, avec vue plongeante sur Iraklia et Shinoussa ou nous étions la veille Depuis le côté ville et hôtel, c’est Sikinos où nous serons demain que l’on voit Le soir, poisson de luxe en bord de mer après coucher de soleil d’antologie Petit hôtel fort sympathique, où nous ne faisons que passer...... read more
En chemin vers le château en ruine
Vue du château ( et Iraklia)
La plage du jour

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Iraklia August 5th 2018

Nous avons passe la journée de dimanche sur Lady K, le voilier de Kostas Nous avons. commence par traverser jusqu’à Iraklia, avec pause baignade dans une crique où s’est écrasé un avion pendant le seconde guerre mondiale Puis nous avons longé la falaise et traversée jusqu’à une crique de l’ile voisine (Skinoussa ?) pour une nouvelle baignade et le déjeuner, aux côtés de véritables bateaux de luxe Puis nous remontons le long de Naxos avant une dernière baignade et la traversée du retour, en mode penché : une excellente journée, qui nous a plutôt rassurés quant au fait d’avoir renoncé à une semaine complète de voile... read more

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