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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg August 25th 2019

It is a gorgeous morning just as my weather app promised. I am very much looking forward to the day as I have lots of plans of things to see in Nürnberg. Firstly, I enjoy a fabulous breakfast in the third-floor breakfast room of the Hotel Central. They have a terrace up here with amazing views over the old city. I am meeting our local guide, Claudia, at 10.30 for a coffee in the Hauptmarkt - whilst she has a break with the group that she is guiding today. This is extremely kind of her and really helpful for me. I have plenty of time before our meeting and want to use this time to walk the city walls. The weather is just lovely - not too hot, but warm, sunny and great for walking. It ... read more
One of the lovely bridges over the river Pegnitz
Schöner Brunnen
Arriving at the Documentation Centre

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg August 24th 2019

Tuesday morning I go down early for breakfast so I can get out again for another walk before I have to leave Prague. I want to take a look at the location of the hotels that we will use next year and also wish to see the astronomical clock in action. This means being there at 09.00 as this happens every hour on the hour during daylight. I enjoy an excellent breakfast in this small and delightful hotel. It has so many nice touches. I would definitely recommend this hotel (Jungmann) for any independent traveller to Prague. The location is fabulous. It is relatively inexpensive and it completely exceeded my expectations. Ask for Room 101. I see lots of the Old Town, retrace my steps over Charles Bridge and manage to catch the 09.00 performance at ... read more
View from Charles Bridge
Astronomical clock - ready for the action!
Walking over Charles Bridge

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg July 28th 2019

Leaving Antwerp (after possibly defrauding the Belgian tram system but we'll never know) we headed through the rain to Heerlen and the best zoo in the world. Having managed to manhandle Seth past the gift shop (just) and awau from the people in front doing much weed, we took a tour through all the animals at record speed, Seth determined to see everything quicker than quick and get back to the promised land of the gift shop! At this zoo is a lovely central restsurant, eating area and play park. We've been twice before and both times Ash has been 100% fazed by the restaurant and how to order /buy food there. We will keep coming back until, on one glorious visit, we will all get what we wanted, Ash won't come out looking like he's ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg October 8th 2018

Early breakfast. Pack bags for ship swap today. Departed 8.45am for Nuremberg about 4.5 hr drive. Comfort stop after 2.5 hrs then lunch stop in Nuremberg, good pizzas at Italian restaurant. Bit of walk around but not enough time. Bus city tour, stopping where the Nazi party rallies were held. Bus to TM Diamond then sailed for Bamberg at 5pm ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg July 28th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd’hui j’ai fait un grand bond vers le sud, me voici donc en Bavière. Pratiquement 500 km tout droit. La première partie, la moitié environ totalement plate, plaine céréalière, sans grand intérêt. Je roule tranquille 130-160 dans le flot de la circulation qui est assez dense, c’est le week-end, et sans doute les départs en vacances. Tous des allemands, polonais, et autres qui dans quelques heures feront la queue dans le sud de la France. La seconde partie on arrive dans les petites montagnes de Bavière. Je commence à en avoir marre c’est long, ici aussi il y a beaucoup des zones de travaux, où ça a tendance à bouchonner. Le code tacite de conduite est assez bien respecté, file de droite 130kmh, centre 130 -160 et à gauche à partir de 170 ... read more
C’est beau!!!
Cathédrale St Lorenz

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg June 11th 2018

This morning is spent on the Main-Danube Canal. This constructed waterway will take us over the continental divide and back down to the Main River on the other side. Consequently, there are serious locks to traverse as the ship is lifted higher and higher. We arrive in Nuremberg around 1:30 pm. We have selected yet another walking tour of the city. The alternative is a tour focused on World War II, including a visit to the city's WWII documentation centre, but that will be for another time. Nuremberg has been an important cultural and political centre in Germany for centuries. It is the birthplace of Albrecht Dürer and the setting of Wagner's Die Meistersinger. German kings from the 14th century onward traditionally held their diets here, and for over 300 years it was the keeper of ... read more
View of Nurember from Imperial Castle
All along the watchtower
Bavarian-style homes

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg June 5th 2018

Yesterday we drove from Vienna to Nuremberg, a total travel time of 4 hours. One of the thrills for me was to drive on the Autobahn and now that my new car has over 1200 km, I was able to let it to speak. This particular autobahn was a little curvy and the truck traffic along the Chez border was significant, so there I really did not experience a top end. But, I was easily able to reach 130 mph (210 kmph) with room to spare. The BMW design is so wind tested that the car simply hugs the ground at this speed. Not sure what the top end is, but the speedometer goes to 160. Upon arriving in Nuremberg, we checked into our hotel, Adina, which is a wonderful apartment type hotel with great ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg June 4th 2018

Jack's car will go up to 130 mph and maybe more. I know this from the short time my eyes were open during our drive from Vienna to Nuremberg on the Autobahn. Nuremberg is a quaint German city that has been rebuilt after World War II. I noticed a building with the verse Amos 9:11 painted as mural...a remembrance of what we can only hope as "never again". We shared a table with a wonderful couple from Argentina by way of Canada at Bratwurst Roslein. They met as architecture students in Buenos Aires who travelled to Germany to study a particular church. They'd visited this church today as a romantic reminder of their courtship and were just as smitten with the architecture and each other as they were as studnets. She was 80, he was 87. ... read more
Lovely Nuremberg platz
After Autobahn

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg May 13th 2018

The first stop our bus made in Nuremberg was at the site of the never-completed massive Nazi Congress building. Then we went to the Nazi Rally Grounds. We have found that Germans will speak about WWII and agree that it was Germany that started the war. I heard that since the 1960s, German children have been taught the history of the Nazi era. Leaving the buildings of one form of authoritarianism and warmongering for another, we went on to the Nuremberg Castle, a heavily fortified residence and stopping place for German kings and Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Finally we found the pillars erected in tribute to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I remembered lines from a song our primary school music teacher taught us: "Remember night is darkest just before the dawn, Have ... read more
The Nazi Congress building is so huge it must be photographed from a distance.
Exterior walls of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Inside the rally grounds

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg April 28th 2018

Today the new X1 would get a breather. So far we had put on almost 500 miles in three days. Nürnberg is the ideal walking city. As usual the day started off with a big breakfast. I've already waxed poetic too often over the German Frühstück, but it truly is a highlight of each day for me. I don't usually bother with breakfast at home. Here I go crazy. The Smile hotels offerings were not a disappointment. All the goodies I love: soft-boiled eggs, hard rolls, fresh butter, tomato, cheese and plenty of meats for a nice sandwich. There is always some sort of fresh juice. And unlike Italy, in Germany you get real orange juice. Not Tang. This day would be another where our Fitbits got a nice workout. There would be no set route ... read more
The walled city of Nürnberg
Part of the green park outside the city walls

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