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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg June 17th 2019

Vienna to Bamberg - as Raewyn daw it......Leaving Vienna we continued up the Danube River that was flowing swiftly because of recent rain in the Swiss Alps, cruising overnight to Dürnstein where we explored a beautiful village alongside the river, best known for its apricots and associated products ie liqueur! Some climbed the narrow streets up to castle ruins, but we chose not to - another 34 deg day was our excuse! In the afternoon we continued onto Melk where we visited the Abbey. The history of the abbey was displayed with ultra modern displays in direct contrast to the opulence of the massive building (no photos allowed!) In the evening we teamed up with our dinner companions for a music trivia quiz - much hilarity ensued while trawling our ageing databases for the relevant answers! ... read more
Downtown Dürnstein
Melk Abbey
A bit tight with two in the dock.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg June 12th 2018

We arrive in Bamberg around breakfast time. In contrast to Nuremberg, Bamberg managed to largely escape bombardment during WWII and thus has retained a variety of original historical architectural styles. The Old City area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It turns out to be an incredibly charming city. We're bused to the city and meet our guide. Buses are not allowed in the Old City, so a 15-minute walk bring us to the old city to start our guided walking tour. We first climb to the highest point of the city. Bamberg does not have a castle on the hill like many of the cities we have seen. Instead we reach a square that is actually on a slant. On one side is the renaissance-style 15th-century Old Court and on the other side is the ... read more
New Residence
Rose garden in courtyard of New Residence
Bamberg from the hill top

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg June 5th 2018

Bamberg is a picturesque German hamlet that is off the beaten tourist path. About 50 minutes from Nuremberg as Jack flies on the Autobahn, Bamburg was very much worth leaving the plushness of our modern hotel in Nuremberg to see this lovely city that has a spot called, "Little Venice". I loved it. Germans so friendly and welcoming. Beautiful, painted buildings. Short leg out of a wall, I don't have an explanation! Delightful! Stop and smell the roses!... read more
Bamberg, Off the Beaten Path
Girl on bridge in Bamberg
Look for leg

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg May 11th 2018

Bamberg is yet another historic town near the confluence of two rivers, in this case the Main and the Reglitz. Bamberg's old town, with over 1000 years history, escaped bombing by the Allies in WWII and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993. Bamberg is built on an early medieval plan and has many half-timber houses and very old churches. Bamberg was made a bishopric in 1007 and bishops were later made princes of the Holy Roman Empire in the mid 12th century, so they were leaders of both the church and the state. According to our guide, having heard how other places were moving toward self-government, the people of Bamberg wanted the same. They wanted a town hall, but their ruler said no, not on my land you don't. So the clever townspeople, ... read more
Town hall entrance
Another view of the entrance of the town hall, showing the arched entryway
Town hall exterior is decorated with frescoes

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg April 29th 2018

Een real-last-minute kans die we ten volle benutten! Recht na mijn werk (nachtjes) kwam Erik me ophalen en samen reden we terug naar Kleinziegenfeld in Frankenjura, Duitsland. Maar voor 5 dagen! Maar een zeer leuke 5 dagen vol zon, vogeltjes, weiden, uitgestrekte bossen, zeer vriendelijke mensen, lekker eten en tuurlijk rotsen, overal kleine verborgen schatten. We genoten en vooral Erik klom de toppen van zijn vingers. De ene harde overhangende route na de andere op kleine vingergaatjes. Mijn eerste dag half wakker bleek mijn piekdag. Maar alles was goed, want we deelden deze leuke ervaringen. De ene na de andere verborgen kleine overhangende blokmassiefjes waren welkom. De gladdere massiefjes werden korter bezocht na enkele freaky routes. Lang leven de clipstick!! Wel een goede waarschuwing: de teken zijn zeer actief en hongerig! We genoten allebei en maakten ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg April 15th 2018

Ons klimseizoen is terug van start. Ons eerste tripje van het jaar trokken we naar Frankenjura, Duitsland. Voor ons was deze regio een leuke verrrassende ervaring. Zonder topo reden we recht naar een sportwinkel in Bamberg waar we veel vriendelijk advies kregen. We reden daarna recht door naar het kleine gezellige dorpje Kleinziegenfeld. Met open armen werden we ontvangen op de camping. De twee nabijgelegen restaurantjes zijn een dikke winner om goedkoop, lekker en ook zeer gezellig te eten. Deze verlof was op dat vlak een beetje anders dan meestal. We kozen vooral voor ontspanning! Elke dag bezochten we verschillende kleine lokaties, sommige iets interessanter dan anderen. De hele vallei vanaf Kleinziegelfeld naar het Noorden, zijn leuke lokaties. In de weekend misschien wel druk te noemen. In de week was het rustiger. Erik klom er verschilllende ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 21st 2016

Cruising towards Bamberg through the Main - Danube canal and temperatures have dropped. Looking out the window there is a thick covering of frost and that has stayed around for most of the day. Usually we can get out to the front of the ship but they have kept the doors locked I presume because of the drop in temp. Once we arrived in Bamberg we did a walking tour of the city past their version of Venice, through the towns cathedral, council buildings etc. The guide was telling us that one of the Mayor's wanted to honour those killed by the Nazi's in WWII and pointed out a number of plaques that were embedded into the cobble stone payments. They are about 4 inches square and engraved with name of the person who died. There ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg November 18th 2016

Geo: 49.8942, 10.8855Our last day on the cruise. Visited Bamberg. Had a city tour as usual. Had some free time and it was raining a little again.And today is Sharon's birthday. We celebrated with some new friends at dinner. Three bottles of champagne and lots of fun. The staff and crew helped too. The concierge bought flowers, the hotel director sent a nice gift (Bavarian mug Salt & pepper shakers) plus lots of decorations by Dorina in the cabin. They really did a great job. Unfortunately the day and cruise had to end. It was a fun day.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 1st 2016

It’s Sunday morning, I rollover and think am I dreaming. Don’t ask Kirsten she’ll pinch you. Nope I’m still on vacation. Woo Hoo! We’re still in Bamberg and after breakfast we go on a walking tour of Bamberg. Stephan our guide is a student working on his masters’ degree at the university of Bamberg. We walk through the old town, seeing and hearing about all the attractions. The Slaughterhouse, Cathedral and the famous Raucher Beer. It’s a type of beer with a distinctive smoke flavor imparted by using malted barley dried over an open flame. The Rauchbiers of Bamberg in Germany, Schlenkerla in particular, are the best-known of the smoked beers. We make it back to the boat and have lunch. The ship begins sailing, as we take off, everyone is watching out the windows as ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg June 13th 2015

This morning we took buses into Bamberg and hiked up to ABC...Another Bloody Church! It is the Bamberger Dom of St. Peter and St. George which combines the Romanesque style with the gothic style. Pope Clement II (the only pope buried in Germany) is buried there along with King Henry II and his wife Cunigunde. It was beautiful along with another fairy tale looking city. We climbed down a quite steep staircase and made it into town. We had a smoky beer (Rauchbier) that tastes a bit like drinking a ham, but it was really quite delish! Bamberg was the second city to introduce book-printing and the town's history goes back to 902 A.D. Later in the evening, on the ship, we had drinks and games and dancing. Afterwards we went up to the sundeck for ... read more

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