David R. Miller


David R. Miller

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 2nd 2015

Homeward bound today! We repack everything this morning. Amazingly, we can get everything required into our two main suitcases, and each one is 49.x lbs., so we are ok. That's really cutting it close. A cold, rainy day, but we are pleased because the latest weather forecast indicates the rain will abate by evening, and so should not affect our flight. There could be a hurricane coming Newfoundland's way next week, but we will be long gone. Breakfast at the hotel. We have a half-day to kill, so we decide to visit the St. John's Railway Museum, which we have driven past several times. It turns out to be a great decision. This is an excellent museum with a lot more it offer about Newfoundland than simply information on railroads. The Newfoundland Railway also ran the ... read more

We enjoy a luxurious sleep-in this morning. We don't even leave the hotel until 11:00. We cruise down Water St. We elect to have brunch at Yellow Belly, where we have eaten before. Fantastic burgers. Vi has the one with beef and pulled pork that I enjoyed previously, and I have a lamb and pork burger Greek-style. Next is a revisit to Nonia, a store that features hand-knitted goods. Vi makes some purchases that she is very pleased with. Given that we have a free day in St. John's, we have decided to spend the afternoon at the Memorial University Botanical Gardens near Pippy Park. I haven't talked yet about driving in St. John's. A map of the city's roads looks like you took a piece of glass and let it drop flat to the floor. ... read more
Three insects share a sedum bloom. Butterfly is a Red Admiral.
An innovative way to grow your herbs. A piece of rebar is threaded through the drainage holes.

North America » Canada » Newfoundland & Labrador » St John's September 30th 2015

Overcast day in Arnold's Cove. We pack up and have a hearty breakfast in the motel restaurant. We have plotted out a route that will take us up the east side of Trinity Bay, through the middle of the peninsula, and then down the west side of Conception Bay. We can either find a place to stay at day's end or push on to St. John's. We start by driving into Arnold's Cove proper to have a look around. It's a pretty place, pretty similar to many other outports we have seen. I should mention that the town actually faces south onto Placentia Bay. There are many ducks in the harbour and several "Duck Crossing" signs on the main road. We retrace our route back to the TCH. The reverse meteorological phenomenon occurs as we ascend: ... read more
Heart's Content Cable Station
Vintage electronic equipment at Cable Station
Statue of Amelia Earhart

North America » Canada » Newfoundland & Labrador September 29th 2015

An absolutely beautiful morning here in Deer Lake. Warm and sunny, and the strong winds of yesterday have moderated into a pleasant breeze. Forecast high is 20°. Holiday Inn breakfast. I'm sure most people have had at least one of these in their lives. It fills the void, anyway. And we're off on the eastward trek back to St. John's along the TCH. The aim is to go as far as we can/want and then see whether we will have time for other excursions. The fact we have already made it to Deer Lake is a plus. A ways out of Deer Lake, we pass the town of Howley. Our friend Andrea has roots here and so we give it a salute as we drive past. Andrea tells us that this was where moose were introduced ... read more

The weather has turned. It's considerably warmer this morning. Blue sky with high clouds, and very windy. We eat a home-cooked breakfast, individually prepared by Cassie, in the B&B dining room in the company of our new friends from last night. After breakfast, we check out. We head over to the L'Anse aux Meadows Visitors Centre. We have a few minutes to review and complete our perusal of the exhibits before the first tour of the day starts. One theme that pervades the exhibits is "completing the circle." The idea is that modern humans spread out from Africa some 100,000 years ago and gradually spread all over the planet. When the Vikings met the aboriginals at L'Anse aux Meadows, as we know they did, this marked the closing of the circle of migration. An intriguing idea. ... read more
Entrance to Viking village
Main building of Viking village
There are real Vikings inside!

We wake up to a wet, dreary, cold day. Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. And we are en route north. The goal is to reach the extreme northern tip of the Newfoundland "finger": L'Anse aux Meadows. As you may know, L'Anse aux Meadows is the site of the only confirmed Viking settlement in North America. It was discovered by Norwegian researchers and is believed to be where Leif Erikson and other Vikings stayed intermittently for about ten years. It dates to 1000 AD, 500 years before Columbus' voyages. We stop at Arches Provincial Park near Parson's Creek. The attraction here is a series of magnificent sea arches. They were actually carved out underwater thousands of years ago, then pushed up to their present elevation and location at the ocean's edge. And they are wonderful! We have ... read more
Looking north from L'Anse aux Meadows

A cold, blustery morning. As I later hear someone say, "B'Jesus, she's some cold today, b'y." Wayne serves us continental breakfast in his dining room. As we chow down, we learn a little about him. Originally from the area, ex-military and retired, he bought the B&B several years ago. Same old story: working harder in retirement than ever. I noticed last night that there's a piano in the living room. Would Wayne mind if I played for a while? Of course not, says Wayne, but the dog may sing along. Shilo is a golden lab mixed with something whom we met last night. As soon as I strike the keys, she raises her head into the air and joins in–loud! She clearly thinks she is singing along. We I stop, she stops. When I start up ... read more
View of Trout River Bay
Southeast Brook Falls
Lobster Head Cove Lighthouse

We awake to a sunny but windy day in Twillingate, with many clouds in the sky, some threatening. It's rained at some point in the night and the temperature is noticeably cooler. We check out of the hotel, then tour Twillingate. The original name of the town, by the way, is Toulinguet. It was so named by the French because the rugged coastline reminded them of this area in Brest. But Toulinguet did not trip lightly over the English tongue and Twillingate is the result. We visit the Twillingate Museum, lovingly put together and maintained by community volunteers in the former Anglican rector's house. It's well worth the visit, with many interesting stories to piece together from the displays. One of these is the life of Georgina Stirling, born in Twillingate, who became a world-renown operatic ... read more
Auk Island Winery
Scene of Durrell. Twillingate in background
Countryside around Twillingate

North America » Canada » Newfoundland & Labrador » Twillingate September 24th 2015

Yet another beautiful morning here in Trinity, although somewhat cooler and windier. We have breakfast at the hotel. The boat tour is a bust, unfortunately, as we two are the only sign-ups and a minimum of four people is needed. Our goal today is to get to Twillingate, which is on the tip of another pennisula to the west of Bonavista. We drive south to meet the TCH, then head west. We make good time to Gander, where we stop to gas up and visit a tourist information centre. Gander has a Wal-Mart, so we try unsuccessfully for a styrofoam cooler. From Gander we head more or less due north up the penninsula. The road takes us through Terra Nova Park, and we stop for a pit stop at the interpretation centre. Some excellent exhibits on ... read more
Statue of Beothuk woman
Sansomme Seafood Restaurant
Sunset, Hillside NFLD

North America » Canada » Newfoundland & Labrador » Bonavista September 23rd 2015

Another beautiful day here in Trinity. A brilliant blue sky, though slightly cooler than yesterday. We enjoy a complimentary "continental" breakfast at the hotel, which has a lot of lovely choices. We fall into a conversation with a couple from Calgary, who have been here for a few days and are willing to share their experiences. We try to get on a whale-watching tour but it's all booked up. Apparently, orcas are in the vicinity. We put ourselves on the waiting list for tomorrow. That means we can devote the day to circumnavigating the Bonavista Pennisula and return back to the Artisan Inn in Trinity for another night. Our destination, Bonavista, lies at the very top of the pennisula. Heading north, we opt for the long, scenic route along the east shore. We pass through many ... read more
Seascape, Maberly NFLD
Seascape, Dungeon Park NFLD
Statue of John Cabot

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