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30th August 2019

Wonderful, as usual
Oh Dave. You really should write a book! You absolutely have the talent to draw people in! I am right there with you! Love, love, love your blogs.
30th August 2019
Exhibit in D'Arcy McGee Museum

Thanks once again David for allowing me to tag along on your trip. Hi Violet... Who from the pool did you see?
30th August 2019

Sawmill Mermaids/Creekies
Isn’t it wonderful running into a friend when holidaying abroad? Who was it, Violet? ?
29th August 2019

The Jeannie Johnston
Hi Dave and Vi, I would love to hear that you were able to visit this ship. I like to think of it as my boat. It's the only ship to have transported poor, starving Irish people to the Americas without losing a single soul. I think it would be worth visiting if your schedule isn't too full.
29th August 2019

Virtual Traveller
Methinks this is the year of travel to Ireland....looking forward to your blogs. HVe a great time!
7th June 2018

day 3 of river cruise
hi guys. enjoying yet another blog by david. Budapest looks wonderful - so old and brimming with history. looking forward to instalment 4.
6th June 2018

Your blogs
It didn’t want my comments yesterday... I will say like Andrea: “Dave is a captivating writer”. That’s a fact. Your blogs read like a good book. I am lost in them, travelling with you!! Look forward to the next chapter. Hugs from me xoxo
4th June 2017

Thank you
Nice record of your adventure. We went twice and would gladly go again. There is still so much we missed even though we repeated nothing on the second trip and I am sure you feel the same. Next tune, give us a shout and I shall give you some tips about time to go and places we went. Or come for a visit to Qualicum Beach :)
22nd May 2017

Sorry you're sick David
Has everyone had a turn at being ill? That really is unfortunate! I do hope you're feeling better although you haven't posted in a few days. I'll say it is because of wifi Meanwhile, I am still enjoying travelling with you. Take care. Big, big hugs!
16th May 2017

A great read..
Your narration and photos seem to place me right there beside you!
14th May 2017

Wine and cheese
Oh how I would have loved to spend the day with you! Wine tastings and a picnic back at the room! Sounds divine ? Keep on enjoying!
12th May 2017

Your South African Adventure
Hi David. Loved your first blog, as usual, and am eagerly anticipating each new one. Hello to your lovely travelling companions, please. Cheers, Gail
11th May 2017

My South Africa trip
I am delighted to have joined your group this morning! I truly do travel with you through your posts David. I briefly leave the cold, cloudy Ottawa weather as I become totally absorbed in your blog. Keep them coming please.
11th May 2017

Those "shanty towns" are the townships.
We toured those when we were in Capetown and were invited into some of the homes. You would be amazed at how they manage to live in those dwellings. We also toured a day care and a women's centre. Enjoy your trip. Hope you have a sunny day when you go up to Table Mountain. There is also an amazing trail when you go down to the Cape of Good Hope (which I am certain is on your itinerary).
24th October 2016
Descending the Amalfi Coast

What a great photo
14th October 2016

What an extraordinary trip! Thanks for the interesting and informative blog!
It certainly looks like a trip I would love to take. I have been to Italy including Venice, the Amalphi Coast, Capri, etc. but have never been to Greece. So much history!
8th October 2016

Fascinating David... educational! God of running shoes! Karen
29th September 2016

I am looking forward to another great blog adventure David and Violet!!!!
11th October 2015
Sunset at Holyrood NFLD

From Blog: NFLD Day 4
4th October 2015

Fun to read
Thank you David for the wonderfully descriptive details of your trip to Newfounfland. This is the only province that I've not seen and your travel blog makes me regret it very much.
From Blog: NFLD Day 15
2nd October 2015

Enjoyed the Blog
Especially your last day! We lived just up from Pippy Park (on Johnson Crescent) -- only then Pippy Park was much smaller and the kids played there and we called it "Boat Park" and I will bet you can guess why -- yup, there was an old boat the kids used to play on. We ate at Bacalao the last time were in St. John's for the Storyteller's Conference and it was, as you say, a great meal. Glad you had such a great trip on an east coast island -- next time try a west coast island :)
From Blog: NFLD Day 14
23rd September 2015

Mornin' folks. Looks like your trip is going really well. Along with a niece and her family who live in Bonnavista, (she's a school teacher and he, a fisherman) I also deal with a lady in Clarenville re Sjogren's.
From Blog: NFLD Day 5
22nd September 2015

Last blog
Well, all I can say is you guys possess a great deal of intestinal fortitude - the highway can be so eerie when you're alone....and to have to be looking for lodgings at that hour...whew! Looking forward to next dispatch. Gail
From Blog: NFLD Day 4
20th September 2015

Here I am again...
Enjoyed Days One and two and looking forward to upcoming reports. Having been in Nfld before all will be a wonderful reminiscent experience.. Have fun!!!
From Blog: NFLD Day 2
20th September 2015

Enjoy our former home
Open up the phone book and check out the number of Blackmores in the phonebook -- pages and pages of them. They immigrated from Devon to Bonavista Bay, then from around the bay to the town -- and a prolific lot they were. The museum in St. John's is well worth seeing. But I am sure you have an excellent guidebook with you. Unfortunately the St. John's Ghost Walk is done for the season and I don't think the stories at the Newman Wine Vaults are happening.
From Blog: NFLD Day 1

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