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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg May 20th 2015

Waking to a blue, sunny sky we went downstairs in our hotel to enjoy yet another wonderful European breakfast. Eating our fill, we then set off to explore the beautiful medieval town of Bamberg, a timeless place of timber frame houses, cobblestone streets, Gasthauses, and Biergartens! Bamberg is located over 7 hills, each topped with a church and it is one of the few towns in German that survived the war with little damage. Walking along the Regnitz River, we got our first glimpse of "Little Venice" as it is known, where the houses are built in the water. The beautiful houses seem to lean against one another for support and actually many WERE leaning! Next we headed up the stairs to the great cathedral which was built in 1015, destroyed by an earthquake, re-built and ... read more
Bamberg Cathedral
Rose Garten
Kloster St. Michael

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg May 17th 2015

At the end of every day, Bowen and I are amazed that we can be this relaxed and thoroughly happy. Today, I realized that for the first time in a LONG time I wasn't planning for, worrying about or even thinking about tomorrow. I am so grateful to God that our families are doing well right now and that we have been blessed with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We're also amazed that every day brings new surprises, regardless of where we dock. Today, we were in Bamberg, a city of 75,000 which is another German city not bombed during WWII. Each of the cities we've visited have unique beauty and characteristics. One of Bamberg's claim to fame is their "rauchbier" which literally means "smoked beer." Several hundred years ago, all Brewers' malt was dried over open fires, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 19th 2014

What a day! What was planned didn't happen. A real TTATs day of the unexpected. We had planned to go to Rothenberg which was to be two and a half hours with 3 train changes to get there. We were speeding along on the first train when it pulled into a station and everyone had to get off. We have no idea why. We were loaded onto two buses and proceeded through some pretty ordinary countryside pulling into little towns along the way. We then had to wait for a commuter train to Nuremberg which stopped at every little station along the way. Once there, an hour later than expected, it was a bit pointless going to Rothenberg so we settled on Bamberg as an alternative. Another hour later we arrived in Bamberg after leaving Regensberg ... read more
Friends you make at lunch

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 5th 2014

Geo: 49.8942, 10.8855We wake early in the morning, like 6. I slept ok this night and I'm ready to get going. Mom starts her packing routine, trying to put a 10 lb. pig in a 5 lb. sack. The bags are bulging with the same stuff we had yesterday. A real phenomenon. We have a nice breakfast that Karen makes while I work on the blog about Dresden. We do have what you might call a "sitiation". We need a cab but there's no one call it for us. I investigate and find a taxi stand in front of the Christmas Market. Karen says, "There's too many cobblestones. It's too hard!". We lock up the apartment, drop the keys in the mail slot and slowly work our way to the taxi stand. Within 5 minutes, one ... read more
Leaving our Apartment in Erfurt
Mom at the Erfurt Train Station
Here Again with the Growing Luggage.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg July 27th 2014

Geo: 49.8942, 10.8855Bamburg is a UNESCO heritage site as it was fortunate to avoid the bombings during the war so still contains a lot of original medieval buildings. It is situated on 7 hills just like Rome each with a church on top and is on the Main River near its confluence with the Regnitz River. Its town hall is actually built in the middle of the river and is painted with a huge fresco on the side, part of which is built out to give a 3D effect. We started in the main square containing a large statue of Neptune and then crossed over the river by the town hall. An original slaughter house still exists on the river as well as some very pretty fisherman's houses. Emperor Henry II made Bamburg the centre of ... read more
Neptune in the main square
pretty house on the river
painted town hall

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 11th 2012

From August 11th to 12th.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg May 2nd 2012

21 April 2012 - Bamberg, Bavaria... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg September 1st 2011

I could tell I was in Germany when I saw people with distinct German faces… like my mom’s nose and cheeks. I giggled to myself… remembering that my dad calls my mom a little hummel. Bahaha. I started to get a little nervous because I couldn’t get a hold of Mo. I just crossed my fingers that he was at the train station at Bamberg and I could find him! But it was so easy, he was just right at the platform! We went out for tapas and I had my first beer in Germany. I felt so much safer in Germany than in Rome… I am not sure if it was because I was with Mo or because Bamberg is a smaller town. I loved it within the first three hours. Mo set me up ... read more
so happy to ride the Vespa!
Mo and Franz

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 21st 2011

Bamberg, Altenburg, 21.08.2011. Die Sonne schwächelte heute Morgen leider etwas. Zuerst schien sie noch, doch im Laufe des Vormittages machte sie einigen hohen Wolken Platz. Zum Glück blieben die Temperaturen im angenehmen Bereich. Um kurz nach 11 Uhr machten wir uns per Bus auf den Weg in die Stadt. Zu Fuss ging es dann in Richtung Burg. Der Wanderweg führte über abgeerntete Felder in die Höhe. Unterwegs hat man einen schönen Blick über Bamberg. Da es 12 Uhr war, begannen alle Kirchen der Stadt – und das sind einige, zu läuten. Wir benutzten ein am Wegrand stehendes Bänkchen für ein Picknick und lauschten dem Gebimmel. ... read more
Aussicht von unserem Picknick-Bänkchen
Der Bamberger Dom
Die Burg wurde erstmals um 1100 schriftlich erwähnt

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 20th 2011

Bamberg, 20.08.2011. In der Nacht von Donnerstag auf Freitag, hat es stark geregnet und ein Gewitter tobte sich über uns aus. Auch am nächsten Tag, auf dem Weg in den Thüringer Wald, regnete es immer noch. Den Thüringer Wald im Regen haben wir uns deshalb abgeschminkt und sind gleich bis Bamberg durchgefahren. Je näher wir Bamberg kamen desto sonniger wurde es. Auf dem Campingplatz (Bamberg Bug) gab es - nachdem das Wohnmobil geparkt war, erst mal ein Rauchbier und Bratwürste. Am Samstag statten wir der Stadt bei strahlendem Sonnenschein einen Besuch ab. Bamberg besitzt eine wunderschöne Altstadt, ist Weltkulturerbe, Bischofsitz und was ganz wichtig ist Geburtstort von Wolfgang Streul. Der „berühmte Bamberger“ ;-) erblickte anno 1949 hier das Licht der Welt. Da Wochenende war und die Sonne lachte bevölkerten entsprechend viele Besucher die Stadt. Morgen wollen ... read more
Das verdiente Rauchbier
Nürnberger Bratwürste und Rauchbier
Unser Platz in der Sonne

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