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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 9th 2006

I spent most of the time in Germany in these two small towns of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bamberg, although I made transits in Berlin and Munich. My main aim of going to these small towns was to see the traditional German architectures as both of the two are well-preserved medival towns. Rothenburg is a small walled town along the Romantic Road which now near exclusively caters for the tourists. And there are lots of them. It was built upon the River Tauber during the middle age, and the buildings are well preserved. The main attractions are the Rathus, the town hall, and the city wall. I stayed here for a few nights, but many visitors are going there from Munich or Numberg for a day trip. It actually depends on what one is after: ... read more
Rothenburg o/d Tauber
Rothenburg o/d Tauber

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg January 21st 2006

Joe and I took a trip to see the newlys weds, Shawn and Matt, in Germany. You could feel the Fall season with colors of red, orange and yellow surrounding the country. We had a quiet night in Schwietford (sorry for the poor spelling) though it didn't even seem like Germany since we were in a Mexican Restaurant and everyone around was speaking English. You see...there is a big American army base there and the town isn't that big so there is quite a few Americans around. Joe and I were able to get onto the base and we thought it was so funny how it was just like a little America there-we paid with Euros at Burger King and got back American dollars and the gas stations have all American products so I had stock ... read more
One of the Beer Halls

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg November 5th 2005

Weekend before last we decided to see a little more of Germany and took a ride to Bamberg, about an1 1/2 hour drive north of Ansbach. Bamberg was founded about 900 A.D. and was fortunate not to suffer any bombing damage during World War II. A thousand-year cultural and architectural site, UNESCO declared Bamberg a world heritage city in 1976. It is a beautiful town with unforgettable small and winding alleys with picturesque views at almost every turn. A city of about 70,000, Bamberg’s residence brag that their city is built on seven hills like Rome, has a network of waterways like Venice, and that it’s Altstadt (Old Town) is as beautiful as Prague’s. Although we only spent a couple hours sightseeing, it is a place that we definitely plan on returning to for a ... read more
A View of St. Michael's
St. Michael's
Overlooking Bamburg

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg February 14th 2000

Geo: 49.8942, 10.8855Took the train to Bamberg.... they drink more beer per capita than any other place in the world!... read more
From the train
From the train

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