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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 22nd 2010

After our leisurely breakfast, Deirdre and I attended a Power-point presentation about the Danube Canal linking the river-ways together. Yvonne’s light approach to the history helped bring to life what I had brought from Wikipedia. Plus her explanation of what they call “thrift locks” helped me better understand the new ones being built in Panama. About 60% of the water is saved by emptying the lock into three side-by-side chambers and re-using the water. The deepest locks are the height of an eight storey building. We will see them tomorrow evening. Because the water pressure is so strong, the gates are lift style. The morning was sunny so we joined Ian and Barbara on the (lower) Sun deck for tea (beer for Ian). After one cup, the crew served warm onion pie (similar to quiche) and ... read more
Bamberg Rider
Beer sampling at Zehnthaus

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg August 16th 2010

Bamberg Bamberg is on the Main-Danube canal. The canal is 171 km long and, with 16 locks, rises over 400 m to cross the Alps and was opened in 1992. It was only made possible by modern locks that rise up to 25 m. For an aviator our Bamberg meeting place was well named - Hotel Messerschmitt. I started with the slow walkers, but they were going to spend too long in the beer tasting, so I headed off on my own, only to meet Beth's group at the Dom. In the Dom there was a statue of a man on a horse, but no-one could remember who he was. There was much activity in the square outside the Dom with stalls (travel, parenting, anti-abortion and climate change etc.) and some musicians playing. The nearby monastery ... read more
Guide in traditionsl dress
Man on a horse in the Dom
Music group

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 20th 2009

Photos from our visit to Bamberg during our trip to Bavaria, December 2009... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg April 6th 2009

Bamberg. Bamberg is a small town located in Bavaria Germany. It has quiet little streets, a river running through it and its pretty quiet. So why did we come here.... The answer is quite simple. It has ten breweries!!!! That’s inside the little town as well, they are apparently nearly 100 in the area surrounding it! After a train trip of about 3 and a half hrs from Munich we were in Bamberg. Our hostel was a tiny house with only three or four rooms. We luckily were staying in a room with two beds so it was private time for us! We were worried that we would be locked out because we arrived at nearly 6pm and the notes on our booking said staff weren’t always present but once we got there we found a ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg November 16th 2008

SUNDAY!!! Today we drove about 30 - 40 minutes to the beautiful city of Bamberg and spent a fabulous day there! Beth has joked that I know more people in Germany than she does! When I arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago I said, "OK, if it's possible we've got to visit these people, and these people, and these people..." hee hee hee. Although we haven't been able to connect with everyone (sometimes even 3 weeks isn't long enough), we were able to meet up with Klaus, the brother of a former pen-pal of mine! I first met Klaus and his family in person ten years ago when they were living in Germany for several years. Our family's have kept in touch through the years and we often end up connecting in "who-would-have-thunk-it" circumstances! Klaus was wonderful ... read more
Original City Hall
Rose Garden of the Palace with the Monastery in the background
Little Venice

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 10th 2007

8 de marzo de 2004 See text in English below El francés y yo vamos pronto por la mañana al Kaiserburg, como habíamos quedado. La visita a los apartamentos imperiales incluye una visita guiada, en alemán, así que si el francés se enteró de poco, yo me enteré de menos. Este castillo imperial sirvió de residencia a los emperadores del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico desde 1050 a 1571, incluído Carlos V. Nuremberg sería así la capital no oficial del imperio, pues capital como capital no existiría; además de guardiana de las joyas de la corona. Muchas veces se celebró en el Kaiserburg el Reichstag, o Dieta Imperal, asamblea o "parlamento", en la que se reunían los príncipes electores (que eran los que se elegían emperador), y los otros príncipes, obispos o duques propietarios de alguna ciudad ... read more
Vista desde la Sinnwellturm
Desde la misma torre

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg September 3rd 2007

We´ve been on the road for 3 weeks or so and there´s been no time for blogging. However the rain has started falling again, so here we are. The trip started off well with a visit to Dan´s cousins in Edinburgh. Great city full of fringe festival. However things took a turn for the worse as we headed up to north Scotland in our wee rental..... We arrived on the west coast to find it the home of the Midgy. We had been warned, however we underestimated the buggers. To understand the midgy - take one sandfly and mix it with a mosquito, shink it down to microscopic size and clone it a billion times. The tenatious little bastards really tested our patience. Between them and the fairly cold wet weather we were driven from the ... read more
The Sage, Newcastle (by Norman Foster)
Dot and Dan in Champagne
Ribeauville in Alsace

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 17th 2006

After my visit to the Max Platz market, I set out in search of a couple of other sites in Bamberg that I had recently read about in a book by Steve Berry entitled "The Third Secret". While the book only had a short piece in it about Bamberg, there was enough detail about the city that I was interested in seeing after reading Mr. Berry's descriptions. One was an area along the river called "Little Venice", named because the river abuts the buildings and people board flat river boats for rides there. Also, because even though the city did experience bombing during WWII, it had been restored beautifully to preserve the old Germany that is so charming. And another reason - The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, where Pope Clement II is entombed ... read more
Crossing the Unterebruke
The River Houses and The Church
Statue of Emperess Kunigrunde

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 17th 2006

I rose early to catch at 6 am train to Bamberg. So far, the weather had been great for sightseeing. Cold, but sunny, with a few days of partial overcast. This morning as I left the Hotel, it was pouring the rain. Not cold enough for snow, dang, but cold nevertheless. I would say it was probably in the upper 30's or low 40's. But, that's what they make a hood on a coat for. I had decided no more than a couple of weeks before leaving, to make a stop in Bamburg. I had originally planned to see Nurnberg, but I had read that Bamberg was really a great city to explore and their Christmas market was much smaller but less commercial than Nurnberg. Also, Bamberg had restored after WWII vs. flattened and built new, ... read more
Hotel Weierich Lobby
Chandelier Closeup
A Room with a View

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg October 22nd 2006

This'll be a long tale tell, and this confusing Deuscht keyboard is going to make it even longer to tell: My last two days in Israel were thorougly exhausting since I made a last minute decision the night before I left to visit a friend of mine in Jerusalem at his new apartment. I made it there fairly late around 11PM and went to his house where I spent the whole night doing absolutely nothing but reminisciing etc, until at some unbelievably late hour I tried to sleep in the living room and failed miserably due to the youths lounging there. I got up at painfully at 6:30am and grumpily, cancelled my plans to visit the campus I was forced to live at for 3 months, found a bus and quickly found myself floundering in an ... read more

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