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Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 24th 2023

We stayed in a shabby but friendly accommodation close the station, imaginatively called the Hotel de la Gare. Quirky and friendly. A couple of housekeeping points before we get into serious touring: putting your bike on the train (according to SCNF website) is bookable in Brittany on the TER regional lines - in practice, it isn’t. It is still first come first served so get to the station early to get your bikes on board. Changing trains - at Rennes we had eight minutes to change to the Nantes train, we couldn’t find the walkway to get the bikes from platform to platform so had to use the escalator, much to the amusement of the locals. Pickpockets, we had a strategy meeting outside Nantes station and witnessed a pickpocket in action; his modus operandi was to ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo May 8th 2023

The breakfast room was pretty empty but also fully stocked, except my three-minute egg machine was not working, or it was working there were just no eggs. We had already taken showers so after breakfast it was just a quick finish packing and we were off. It rained pretty hard overnight and was still raining when we left. Its Monday and Victory day here in France, there was a bit gathering of French Naval personnel, in full uniform just up the street from our hotel having some type of ceremony to honor the day. This was not a long driving day, a little over 2 hours to Dinan, our first stop. Would have been quicker but we had a bit of trouble finding a gas station. If you really want to experience France, buy gas in ... read more
Duchess Anne
Staberry Rhubarb
The Ramparts

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 28th 2022

TUE, 28 JUN 2022 – “Day 4: CAEN–MONT ST. MICHEL–SAINT-MALO - MONT ST. MICHEL Guided visit of the abbey; SAINT-MALO Orientation ride on the Little Train. Free time late afternoon and evening. (B); 124 mi / 200 km”... read more
On the Road in France
Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel (Mont Saint Michel Abbey)
Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel (Mont Saint Michel Abbey)

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 3rd 2021

We spent the day wandering around St-Malo. On the western side of the town the shoreline is a series of little sandy bays. Mostly locals there and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Then we walked into the Intra-Muros, the old fortified section of town. It's full of very charming 18th Century buildings - and scads of 21st Century tourists! We did find a good bookstore with lots of maps for sale, but we soon headed back to the sleepy neighbourhood of our hotel.... read more
Old house in St-Malo

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo July 12th 2020

Met de fiets, bezoek aan Saint-Malo. Een kuststad met een roerige geschiedenis, die een bezoek eigenlijk meer dan waard is. De stad staat op een granieten rotspunt en de huizen zijn gebouwd van graniet. De oude 'ville close' lijkt daardoor wat grauw en onaantastbaar. Dat het dat niet was bleek in 1944 toen de stad door een geallieerd bombardement voor 80% werd verwoest. Met gebruikmaking van het puin heeft men de ville close weer opgebouwd in de stijl van de 18de eeuw die nu ingenomen is door winkels, restaurants en (te) veel toeristen. Het is er bijna aanschuiven door de straatjes. Eigenlijk niet zo veilig in deze coronatijden. Na bijna een uur wachten op onze bestelde crèpes flambées aan een afgeschermd buitentafeltje, waren we het gewoel zowat beu, en maakten we dat we er terug weg ... read more
Saint-Malo  - Bassin Vauban
Saint-Malo - Vestingsmuren van Vauban

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 5th 2019

Wednesday 5th June After a good night's sleep, this morning I headed back up to the north coast to visit the Cap d'Erquy and the Cap Fréhel. This combination is listed as a Grand Site de France (as was Pointe du Raz, btw. Mont St Michel is World Heritage listed). Arriving at Cap d'Erquy, signs direct you to a car park, where I parked. It turns out that there is a closer car park 500 metres further on, then an even closer car park a further 500 metres past that. So, an extra 2 km walking there and back! The cape itself is quite spectacular, with a jagged coastline and rugged rock formations, with a nice beach a little further east around the point. The vegetation is low and hardy, and the walking track continues around ... read more
Cap d'Erquy
Fort La Latte
Saint Suliac – l'un des Plus Beaux Villages de France

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 27th 2017

We really enjoyed our lovely although short stay in Portugal and would certainly recommend it. We then crossed into northern Spain, stopping at Leon, a very old city with a monastery and huge cathedral before heading to the coast to explore a couple of villages and cities there. San Sebastián would have to be our favourite city so far with its stunning sandy bay, old castle and venicular railway to a spot on a hill with amazing views. It is the way of life in Southern Europe to commence work late, close shop for a couple of hours, re-open for a few more and then drink and eat late. Europe is also experiencing exceptionally hot weather at the moment so it is ... read more
Northern Spain barren mountains
Coastal artwork; supposedly the artists best work!  Llanes, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo July 13th 2016

Here we are....for a traditional meal with Christophe! We met in Tokyo bus station at 10pm in the middle of February in 1996...and we have been friends for the last 20 years! We tend to see each others, mainly in France over the last ten years...for the same exact meal....mussels at Leon de Bruxelles. It may be a chain restaurant, but the mussels are always nice! Normally, we meet on each of my visits to Paris, but this time Christophe is staying at his we are meeting on our way to St Nantes. Fun, to note, Christophe is a native from St Malo! This would be the only day without gorgeous weather over the last few weeks. Well, this is ok, we are in Brittany. Still, an umbrella would not be necessary for our ... read more
Galette time!
Lunch with Christophe and my ladies!
Menhir next to Dol de Bretagne

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo May 28th 2015

Wednesday 27 May 2015 Each day as we turn on the GPS we have these thoughts about Polly, our live in guide. We are sure she says, "Good morning, what wonderful place am I taking you to today?" It might even be, "Oh no not you two again, thought I left you at Saint-Michel". Those who know us know we are not GPS savvy so all sorts of wonderful experiences happen. We ended up in the psychiatric hospital in Bayeux on one of our trips. Where to next? We just have to remember Polly is a machine and has no feelings. So today we start our day in St Malo. Shorts or jeans? The sun was shining and it felt good so shorts it was going to be. We seem to be having a great spell ... read more
St Malo
St Malo

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 4th 2014

GÜN 35 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Dün gece gökler boşandı.. Sabah gözümüzü açtık fakat dışarı çıkmak mümkün değil..Araç içinde vakit öldürüyoruz Yağmur biraz azalır gibi olunca, mağaradan çıktık. Kahvaltıdan sonra, biraz toparlandık ve tenteyi sahada bırakıp yola çıktık. Yola çıkmak için kampın bulunduğu parkın içinden geçiyoruz. Yeşiller adamı teslim alıyor.. Her taraf yemyeşil .. Nasıl olmasın be kardeşim ? Haziran'ın dördünde, bu kadar yağarsa, olacağı budur elbet.. Giderek ,Saint Malo 'ya vardık.. Saint-Malo Britanya da bir liman kenti. Vakti zamanında korsanların en favori mekanı iken, bugün önemli bir turist merkezi. Burası, tarihte, kimselere yar olamamış ...1590-1593 yıllarında kendilerini bağımsız bir cumhuriyet olarak ilan etmişler. Hani bir zama... read more

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