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4 August, 2012 - Peter and Suzanne, being of the Baby Boomers generation, are now setting forth on the next travel phase of our lives. We met many years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, Suzanne from Oldham in England and Peter from Cambridge in New Zealand, on an overland expedition taking six months to get to London. A year later we then journeyed from London to Australia overland taking 10 months. We settled in Rotorua, New Zealand, had 3 great kids who are now doing their own thing and it is now, excitingly, time for us to recommence where we left off. We have, with much trepidation on my part, given up our steady jobs and are now looking forward to exploring the vast Australian continent at our leisure with no time frame in mind! Our first port of call will be Sydney where we will pick up our recently purchased motorhome to commence this huge circumnavigation. This will be our home on wheels for the next two years and our only mode of transport, apart from 2 bikes that we intend to purchase, plus maybe a kayak. All going to plan we will detour to Asia from Darwin and then to Europe from Perth for a few months. We hope to keep everyone suitably intrigued and curious as we venture out on our travels and look forward to your comments!

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 June 4th 2019

Pete and I, it would appear, still have itchy feet so this time we chose to explore some Asian countries that we have never visited before, opting to do it our own way rather than an organised tour. (There were some days when we both thought it would have been better to be herded around by a tour guide and especially when we seemed to be spending too much time organising internal buses, flights, trains and accommodation but on the whole we think our way was better as we could stay as long as we wished and move on when we were ready.) Hong Kong was amazing with its neon lights everywhere and hundreds of people on the streets which made me feel very much like a sheep being moved along! We visited the major tourist ... read more
View from Victoria peak on Hong Kong Island.
Bronze Buddha,  Lantau Island.
Fishing village on bamboo stilts

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua April 29th 2019

This is just a quick update to let everyone know where we are and where we are headed next just in case you should want to touch base. We always love to hear what you are all up to too so feel free to drop us a line anytime and I can then also confirm that you are not hitting the delete button as soon as you see who it is from! lol After returning from Aus in October last year we moved back into our very comfortable home and have appreciated the space if offers after so long living in a motorhome plus we had forgotten what stunning views we have of Lake Rotorua and farmland. We had hoped to then sell the house to move to a warmer area of the North Island but ... read more
Devoy 1 Decking

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay September 12th 2018

Since circumnavigating Australia I have taken a rest from the keyboard and detailing notes of our travels. This has been due to pure laziness and lack of drive to put pen to paper as it were. After returning to NZ in Jan 2018 Pete and I have done several house sits around NZ and explored the South Island for 2 months in a motorhome which was fantastic. We then had a beautiful holiday in Phuket, Thailand with our 3 kids which we all thoroughly enjoyed after not being together for 6 years! We are now back in Australia on a 4 month house sit in Hervey Bay, caring for a dog, cat and 4 chickens on 6 acres and having a great time what with 2 regular Trivia nights, line dancing for me and snooker for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 19th 2017

We had a wonderful four weeks in Darwin catching up with our daughter, old friends and making lots of new ones but are now heading south to finish our circumnavigation of Australia after 5 years on the road. We explored, for the first time the Barkley Highway and have now left the Northern Territory after over three years and have crossed the border into Queensland. We stopped at Mt Isa where the mines there produce lead, zinc, silver and copper. The town is very much an outback town in the middle of nowhere but has lots going for it due to the mining boom and tourists passing through. The route to the East Coast takes several days and we have spent the whole of the last two days traveling over the Mitchell Down plains which are ... read more
Bird on a lily pad - Billabong Darwin
Sculpture - mining for gold
Abandoned gold mine

Europe July 12th 2017

Jersey, in the Channel Islands, that are closer to France than England, was where I used to live 45 years ago when I first left my home town of Oldham to spread my wings, as it were, to start my travel bug off and to see how the other half lived! Pete and I caught the fast speed catamaran over there from St Malo, France and then explored the island by bus and also toured the German tunnels and underground hospital which was really worth the visit and the queuing. It was amazing to visit the Island again and explore the places that I could remember after so long. I even found the Greek restaurant that I used to work at but naturally after so long it had changed hands and the new owners unfortunately had ... read more
Low tide - Jersey
Castle - St Helier - Jersey
St Malo, France - Le mont de Saint Michael

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 27th 2017

We really enjoyed our lovely although short stay in Portugal and would certainly recommend it. We then crossed into northern Spain, stopping at Leon, a very old city with a monastery and huge cathedral before heading to the coast to explore a couple of villages and cities there. San Sebastián would have to be our favourite city so far with its stunning sandy bay, old castle and venicular railway to a spot on a hill with amazing views. It is the way of life in Southern Europe to commence work late, close shop for a couple of hours, re-open for a few more and then drink and eat late. Europe is also experiencing exceptionally hot weather at the moment so it is ... read more
Northern Spain barren mountains
Coastal artwork; supposedly the artists best work!  Llanes, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León June 12th 2017

Spain is a beautiful country with many contrasts what with the busy tourist beaches along the Mediterranean coast to the huge inland mostly barren mountains in the south. There are also acres and acres of olive trees and orange trees. Pete is loving all the variety of olives whilst I have never tasted such sweet oranges!   After meeting up with my old primary school friend in Barcelona we then ventured further down the coast and met up with another old high school friend who I had not seen for close on 50 years so it was an amazing catch up and a great evening. Then, last night we had a great old chin wag with a very interesting and fun Scottish couple and it was especially nice for Pete to finally have a decent conversation ... read more
Olive trees
Bike race - Spain
Rock of Gibraltar

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Benidorm May 30th 2017

After electing to fly with Turkish Airlines to France we were pleasantly surprised that this fully inclusive airline was in fact great to travel with. We loved the seat arrangement of two, four, two seat combination so that Pete enjoyed his preferred isle seat and I got the window seat instead of always being stuck in the middle seat! We were picked up in France by our motorhome swap couple in Lyon and after spending a night at their place in the country we headed off with much trepidation off to explore southern France to begin with. Pete had no problems driving on the right hand side off the road and thankfully my basic French is getting us by quite nicely, We travelled though the French Alps which are absolutely stunning and very very impressive with ... read more
Two in one - French parking!
Super yachts - Monaco

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury May 6th 2017

Since arriving in Bunbury in September 2016 we have been kept incredibly busy so much that I have even neglected to keep up my travel blog. We spent three very tiring but satisfying months painting our daughter’s house inside and out and even though it now looks fantastic we are not in a great hurry to repeat the exercise any time soon! We did have a wonderful time in Bunbury, spending time with Kylie, exploring the surrounding areas such as the wineries, beaches, cheese factories and breweries etc. Also, we made time to take up Rock and Roll dancing and surprised ourselves in that we can now actually string a few moves together! I even completed a course in French revision and hopefully will be more confident conversing when Pete and I tour France on 19th ... read more
Cheeky Black Robin
City of Auckland from the water.
Kerikeri, New Zealand's oldest stong cottage

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 15th 2016

Leaving Darwin and the good friends we have made there was so sad and especially saying farewell to our daughter Tessa. Working at the Northern Territory Wildlife Park, I know that she loves her job so that did make it a little easier for Pete and me. Our first stop was at some hot springs in the middle of the bush and it was not only relaxing but amazing to just soak in this warm water in the middle of a river, chatting to other campers there. We were so lucky to spot a Jabaroo stork flying above us and not too lucky to spot a black snake exiting the water and up the bank only metres away from us! We have been on the road five days now and slowly making our way south to ... read more
Ruby the Rufus Owl - On the glove experience - Darwin
Tawny Frogmouth bird

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