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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 9th 2007

Finally got to Varna! thank god, the sky cleared up today and its perfect for the beach! The night before was alright as well. Went to the hostel, and great people there!! A traveller works temp. there and he is cool!! He brings the guest to all these nice fun places in town! First we went Go-Karting!!! haaa.. 8 of us had a 15min. competition! I started in 4th place for test lap.. and then when the real thing came...AHHH..This guy without a drivers licence created this big car crash and then my place just dropped dramatically!!! AHHHHH So mad!! I was originally in the lead ma!! ahhhhhhhh __" Anyways, it was great fun and then we went to the beach to this was nice sitting on the beach and all that,.. This morning went ... read more
Go Karting

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 6th 2007

Not quite sure how things are in news dept as blog seems to have lost 5 entries!!Suffice it to say I'll start on the weekend before Sam's arrival and hope that there is not too much repetition!My warwound on the shin(ex. flatbacks) was really aching so on the 20th I decided to stay at hope for RandR so locked the car Fri night and did not go back to it till Sun am when I decided to check on my e-mails in Dobrich. Set off and because Dobrich rd is reasonable decided to play CD. - surprise no CD player only wires!! On parking in Dob and checking doors locked found the passenger lock floating free! no prizes for guessing how they got in. Next day went to Kapital to get help to make a statement ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 29th 2007

Today I got up from the bunk and my leg went from under me in excruciating pain. Reminiscent of the start of original ankle problem.Have tried to work out why now and think it was probablyn as a result of shoeing builder round property walking through the stick soil after the most effective night rains on Weds. Unfortunstely all extra medicines and strappings were removed from the van on Weds so I shall have to wait till tomorrow when I check out and go up to the house. Today I signed the 2nd contract and discussed the begining of work on the 1st house. Yesterday, as expected , I found that the fridge/freezer was smelling dreadfull and not cooling so it will go as well.Tomorrow on way to house (having checked out) I intend calling in ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 27th 2007

This entry publicly recovered from database failure. Some content may be lost. Varna Cathedral Before we can begin to talk about Bulgaria, and our initial forays into their crazy letters, we have to finish off our last day in Turkey and go over the nightmare bus ride that took us to Varna... We had scoped out the area and how to get to the bus station the day before so all went well there. Got our tickets without much problem.... kind of... the bus station is more llike the convergence of a world of bus stations, in one vast sprawling mess... 168 bus stops in all... each one owned and operated by it's own tiny little bureau. It could be a perfectly efficient place if it weren't for that. Got tickets for seats 3 and 4 ... read more
Varna Cathedral
A-Lounge Bar, right on the beach
Varna Beach

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 27th 2007

As U might guess from the title I now own my house in Boyana(2) and hopefuly I complete on original house on Thurs. So glad I had a represent. with me as otherwise the red tape would be scary(even translated it still sounds long-winded and repetitive). I went there yesterday and started to unpack the van helped by 3 locals. They were very helpful but they also wanted a nose round inside and see if any pickings might br forthcoming. At the end of the day you'd have thought it was Xmas for them and there is a guarntee that all the rest were antikas(rubbish).There will be more to come as the matresses need to go,a wood burning stove (for Fatimay), and probably a large electric oven/hobs when I replace them with a gas cooker. It ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 24th 2007

and how even the regulars say it's hotter than usual(40 yesterday and 41/42 forecast for today.!!) Thank god for the sea. So pleanty has happened since my last blog - probably the most sensational thing is no 2 house should be mine on Mon after seeing the notary and parting with 27000Eu. Hoping to begin removing on Tues but am keeping on hostel place so that I have a release in the evenings to break me in easily to the new routine. The old one has become first thing each am go down to the van spend time with and feed/water Botty, pack up bits for the beach (food-wise) then back up to the hostel for breakfast.Either beach for most of day then 4.30 bus home or if need for worketc then beach in afternoon and ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 13th 2007

2 decisions - that despite the fact that I keep doing silly things like loosing passports I apppear to be able to rise above such inconveniences and that despite a torrential downpour on/off beach (12th) me and my new bulgarian phone are unstoppable even when edging towards the wet T shirt brigade (along with half Varna populous). 2 Rakias and a cheese -filled pancake helped a treat. Made the (free) hostel pickup and on way home visited a deli/butcher, coming away with 1and half kilo piece of pork for £3.50!! Yes please life is good and today I move banks, pickup my passport letter for Sofia (consulate) and visit my house in conjunction with Katia hopefully.This will be the first time she has seen it.We also will see the other property of Kapitals in that village ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 9th 2007

So what annoyed me on Thurs border stupidity in Serbia/Macedonia. But jumping ahead as I missed out beautiful stay in Croatia(just outside Zagreb).Crosing the border had been interesting with brown water lying 2 inches deep across main road and a bow wave that would have done credit to a speedboat,in amongst the lashing rain.Unfortunately wipers don't have a fast speed so it was quite interesting as lightning struck the ground off the road side. However with the car behaving and new rain repellent tyres on front wheels I felt ready for all challenges and as time was for once on my side, I pushed forward towards Zagreb to try and catch up on lost time. I found a sign for a campsite just outside Zagreb which was part of a large Hotel/Sports Complex. It was set ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 7th 2007

Can hardly remember the number of experiences - definately too long between internet access. Now back @ Gregory's Backpackers for 2 nites to recover my sanity and the vans engine. Talking to your plants is nearly normal but talking to your car is not!! More of that anon!. SO - Orkneys - well a few myths put to rest here and myself also given a rest from the pandemonium before and also latterly. Many thanks for a great stay and really too perfect to be newsworthy with the" problem - hungry public.". But MY undying gratitude is asured + if anyone ever find yourself on" MAINLAND "Orkney (John who says you can't teach an old dog---) you should enjoy the magnificent Kirkwall Cathedral and lots of antiquities (not human)!! That's all folks -- NOT - the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 10th 2006

Back in Varna but it's just a brief stop on my way somewhere else. Got to move on from the East Coast it's been nearly a week now... I've booked a train to the capital, FIRST CLASS on the 2215 and arriving early morning. I don't know what to expect from FIRST CLASS (unavailable in lower case), but you can imagine my excitement. ...hopefully upload some photos... read more

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