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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 22nd 2010

Day 6-Ruse, Bulgaria to the Black Sea 8/22/10 Today, another perfect weather day, was a road trip. We were bussed about 120 miles southeast to Varna, a seaside village on the Black Sea, a trip of 2.5 hours. We discovered that Bulgaria is a very agricultural country. The communist leader here was not as ruthless as Ceausescu was in Romania. As a result, he was not executed when communism was ended here. But there still remains many examples of the difficulties of their lives under communist rule. And the rule afterwards, which was led by many of the former communist leaders. There was also growing problems with the mafia. Examples include the shoddy housing built on the Soviet model of apartments. People still live in them although they appear to be collapsing. The average size for ... read more
Communist Monument
Typical monument
Communist Monument

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 17th 2010

Right.. Bulgaria.. week one. Everything has been pretty good and worked out really well. We arrived on Sunday and had a few days chilling and getting used to Bulgaria before we have started volunteering in the Street Centre. Varna is definitely an upcoming city and is becoming more and more westernised every year. This time 20 years ago it was still under Soviet control and was really poor, dangerous and scummy! We are staying in X Hostel, which is in between Varna and Golden Sands and is a really nice and friendly hostel to stay at. There are both lone travellers and people interrailing in groups coming every day and we have felt really welcome here. There is a small beach about 15minute walk from the hostel, which is conveniently not that busy so is quite ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna January 12th 2010

Yes folks I made it to Boyana!!The car proved itself worthy yet again - the weather not so and me even less ! I got through to Romania with no problem and in less than 2 days, but then things deteriorated(surprise,surprise!).Firstly I was given the wrong direction to reach my E70 route after they failed to sign it anywhere. As a result i ended up much further east than expected. having worked out that this was so using the map it was by then too late to turn round so began the negotiation of snow covered roads,adorned with ice on top.Good tyres therefore had little effect.I made it down to the next major junction and headed south on the E road to Craiova. This took me through a serious of hairpin bends on narrow snowy roads ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna October 5th 2009

We arrived early in the morning for our fist port of call, Varna, a seaside resort town on the coast of Bulgaria. After booking our cruise I checked out the website and was fortunate enough after a few e-mails to have a private tour at every port of call with a group of 6 for five of our stops and along with those same 6 part of a group of twenty for two other stops. Oscar (along with Debbie) organized all our stops along with Keith and Debra (from Canada). Oscar and Debbie (both retired) travel every 6 months and Keith and Debra hand their business over to their kids so they travel at least a month at a time several times a year. While I'm very appreciative of what I have I'm always a ... read more
Balchik Royal Palace
Aladzha Monastery
Varna Archaeological Museum

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 13th 2009

Our stay in Varna has essentially been 10 days of down time, a welcome break halfway through this trip. It's just a shame the British weather came to greet us as we were looking forward to lying by the pool and getting a tan. We were met off the bus by Rob who we worked with in Azerbaijan. He kindly invited us to stay at his house in the hills above Varna. Our first full day with him was glorious and we basked in the sunshine making the most of his swimming pool. Sadly that was the last we saw of the sun for almost a week! On Monday Rob had to leave but he entrusted his house to us for a further week. Rob left behind torrential rain and a chill breeze, lovely weather for ... read more
Trish's Trabbie!
A view towards the Black Sea
A Day in the Sun

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 26th 2009

I'm ashamed to say I spent most of my final 2 days in Istanbul in a pub, watching the cricket. I think culture is over rated anyway. Had so much fun it was unbeleivable though. Started off with a pub of about 40 aussies and 5 brits and ended up with the complete reverse! Met a lad called Andy who notcied my Cuths day tshirt. Turns out he was a cuthsman and was with a mate from Aidens. Pretty small world! I did see a few sites, including the blue mosque which I finally got to outside of prayer time. It was absolutely wicked inside and a good place to chill out and read up on Islam. As Ramadam had just started the nights were really good fun, everyone breaking their fast at around 7ish causing ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 6th 2009

At least I think it should be upwards.Looking forward to family visit - not long now and have devised possible excursions to use time wisely.Travelling will have to be early am or later evening as in between is a nightmare with our weather. We are in the process of laying down plum Rakia for winter cold offsetting! Never fear there will be some for Belfast at Xmas and Cornwall in June!! Even we can't drink 50L of plum and of course grape to follow.Gillian and Peter got good weather with some nightime storms and we have had the odd one since following 50C days!! In our case it has been welcome to feed crops.The cat and dog continue in good health although the latter seemed to have an allergic reaction as I did from grasses when ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 26th 2009

Today I went on a trip to a village called Dubovik, which was about an hour and a half outside of Varna. Upon arriving in this small village the mayor, a woman named Tanya Purveva, came out and greeted us. Dubovik has a population of about 200 and a lot of elderly people. In fact, the mayor told us that the lack of youth is a problem in her opinion and wishes that more young people would live there, but they all move to the larger villages or cities like Varna. The mayor then proceeded to give us a tour of her village. First we went to the cultural center, called the chitalishte, which houses a playhouse, library, and exhibition to a local hero/poetess, Dora Gabe, and is probably the most important place in the ... read more
Me and the cutest little lady!

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 21st 2009

Its been a while, but in June I went on a fieldtrip with college to Bulgaria. Without any expectations I left and found out that Bulgaria had a lot more to offer than I could ever imagine! It started right off in the good way. I gathered with some classmates and we never left each others sides again for the rest of the week. Our trip started in Eindhoven where we took a very small and somewhat dangerous plane (note: weird sounds) to Burgas. That was some kind of culture shock right there! Chaos all over, unorganized mess and the heat overwhelmed us all. All in excitement we left by coach to Albena, a big luxury resort more up North on the Black sea coast. In the pictures shown to us before it looked amazing, ... read more
Albena Day Light
Varna Bay
Chava & Shanna

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 8th 2009

So after a uneventful(barring thunderstorms) trip back I'm now in the middle of sorting out finances, visiting family, cars and properties - ie nothing changes. However have managed 2 trips to Varna beach, once to meet pete and family and once (yesterday ) with G for company. Just as well as needed him to push start the white car(john's). Now killing time whilst key and starting lock are sorted.At least it's not as hot.Yesterday it was 34C on beach(fortunately with light wind to help cooling. )In an hour's time I'm meeting up with an old friend who waitressed in the restaurant in town but now works for a cruiseline and is due to return to the ship on Fri. So looking forward to seeing her after a year apart. Nothing much else of note.Next milestone will ... read more

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