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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna May 14th 2009

Well not quite but working up to settling all outstanding debts and problems so i hope to have a reasonably OK trip to Cornwall.Car had a full service and now only requires 3 tyres(waiting till found).Insurance payment for outside Bulg( relay etc insur for 30 days) to be paid next.Rental continues smoothly,tho at the mild nuisance value of watching Man U games- yugh! Small price to pay for money which as expected more than covers elect and water at both properties.Elect is at last up to date and hopefully will be easier to cope with.They have started to read it each month at long last. So things running smoothly for once although repair to culvert and bridge has meant lengthy diversions through the village after the recent heavy storms and resultant mud, en route round repair. ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 30th 2008

I wouldn't make a good hobo. I'm not addicted to crack, I haven't got a beard, and I have trouble enough sleeping in hostel beds, especially if the pillows are too big. So managing to get an hour's shut-eye on the floor of a Bulgarian railway station with prostitutes and other undesirable characters roaming around nearby surprised me. It had been none of our intentions to spend the night on the hard marble floor of Ruse station, believe it or not. Mildly hungover, we had set off from Brasov at 2pm and spent a couple of hours at Bucharest before catching our connecting train to Ruse, where we would wait for four hours before getting the 2.30am train to Varna. Unfortunately, as we discovered when reaching Ruse, the 2.30am train didn't exist. It only runs in ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna May 13th 2008

Sweeping Across Eastern Europe I really do hate rushing through places, but unfortunately that is what I had to do after leaving Budapest. My last day in Hungary was pretty much a blur: I took a train out to a small town in the countryside that is supposed to remain true to the traditional Hungarian way of life, and, to my delight it did actually seem very authentic apart from the plethora of naff stores lining the streets (akin to most tourist towns across the globe). After a couple of hours wandering up and down the cobbled lanes in the sunshine, and after what I must admit was a pretty oversized meal even for me, I then took the train back to Budapest, the subway to my friend’s house, picked up my stuff, took the subway ... read more
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Is This the Tropics
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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna November 5th 2007

Well bath was delivered as planned and lesson went ok despite lack of managing to revise the verbs in the vocab.Then found that tutor would be away for 8 days but hopefully ring today and check if he was in. Went to office to let them know and he and staff agreed that rather than wait I should go on Weds and fri for tutor with stand-in.Reluctantly agreed having thought I would have all the time to revise and manage work started on upstairs.(Mon only brought materials and start was set for tues.) Weds came and work was progressing well so said I'd be back before they left and went to class at 12.00.The tutor is very nice but noyt as compotent to date as him and much less work was completed. Given the change and ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 27th 2007

Okay, so whilst leaving Romania I found myself in the same cabin as two American guys and one Romanian. One of the American guys was really nice and relaxed, but the other one was quite irritating to be honest. Anyway it turned out that the annoying one was going to the same place as I was - Veliko Tarnavo - whilst everyone else was heading to Istanbul. Eventually the conductor moved the annoying guy out of our cabin to one which had a bit more room. The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, and I spent most of the time chatting to the American guy and trying to communicate as best as possible with the Romanian guy and the rest of the time I spent finishing off Hard Times. Anyway the Romanian guy told me ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 13th 2007

3rd time lucky as today immigration came good and I now have residency permit for 10 yrs!!One major headache disposed of. My last weekend at the new Yunets property was so delightful I'm thinking of going again this weekend.Byala is a lovely town with a good range of shops,nice town square and a beach that has a backdrop of flowstones and stalactites just hanging off the rocks and only 8 miles from the house.Botty also loved his hol. home ,though not the beach,so if I go I'll bring him again. The vagaries of the purchase ,not evident at time of viewing ,are just 2 and hardly insurmountable.First the wet room is just that after a shower because of the way the floor lies so currently a mop is needed to swill it down the drain and ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 6th 2007

This phrase applies both physically and metaphorically! As regards to the later - Immigration I found out yesterday(B-day - Bulgarian registration day) had forgotten to send the statement I made saying I'd found the passport and so application was refused because of 'Invalid passport'. Once she found the form in the office she said she would sort out with sofia but because of nat. hols Thur/Fri it would probably b Tues before I could get it now!! At least somewhere down the line I will suceed. Just to emphasise the fact the weather appeared to be sympathetic/prophetic. I had finished my 2nd(consolatorty 10pdonut) and purchased 2pairs of slip-ons for a pound when I noticed umberellas going by outside.A drizzle had started.So much for my beach plans - only thing for it yet more comfort eating - ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 3rd 2007

Well I have now purchased a master bed for top room and a suite for lounge upstairs.Fortunately there is a 15 day wait before delivery as the builders did not arrive today.I WAITED UNTIL 11 AM THEN LEFT TO GO PICK UP THE REMAINING TABLE AND BENCHES TO JOIN YESTERDAY'S CHAIRS .At least that was the idea. unfortunately altho the van is big enough the doorway is small so the only non-flatpack items I bought had to be partially dismantled; when going thro the window proved to be nearly ok but a miss---.!! That's life plus on arrival at Dobrich to pay for the 12months tv(get 2 free) it ended up being pay 13 get 15 as Sept had begun. OK says the last of the big spenders ha their machine did not seem to like ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 30th 2007

Well I am typing this in the comfort of my dining room.Still not letting me have boyana in locations so greg it has to stay at moment.Finding the mouse equiv hard to handle otherwise very pleased with set up.Using wireless connection via M-Tel card.Works anywhere a mobile works. V. convenient partic given country nature of village.From the 5/9 I will have my residency permission confirmed and have my I.D. card.Satellite and new dvd/video are working so it's becoming tech. heaven.Neighbours continue friendly and slight diff of opinion over pament for work done by georg resolved nicely and in my favour I feel confident that things will go much smoother and of course with other house having tv i can now get peace (and private sunbathing any time I want..Working presently at all over tan.However despite drawbacks ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 24th 2007

Well now on the way to my 3rd property.Tho' not in Balchik area nevertheless it is S. of Varna and about 10 km from Byala resort/beach. 20 mins tops from Varna along main highway. This will become a family investment for the future. More later by way of description when final contract signed(prob by start Sept.) I have also purchased a 26" flat screen T.V. and satellite package (main house), a laptop which should be connected via M-Tel card on Mon and today bought a rotovator. All possible due to cost of living here and provision of overkill in the fruit/veg dept from both neighbours.Now known as Baba(grannny) Annie by Meta,Georgi and clan. Plus now purchasing milk direct from the cow farmer so getting such cream as the rough pasture diet permits.Both Botie and I are ... read more

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