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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna March 8th 2020

5th March 2020 Istanbul We flew back to Istanbul today and will head to Varna on the bus tomorrow. The Celul Sultan hotel is right in the centre of Sultanahmet, so it was a nice to walk around again in a city that has become so familiar, one last time. The hotel manager tells me he has given us an upgrade. It's an OK room at best and I dread to think what we might have faced otherwise! We can't believe the increase in people here in just three weeks! The centre is buzzing as people wander about taking pictures of the city lights. It dawns on me that I haven't taken a single photo all day. Better get snapping! 6th March 2020 Istanbul - Varna, Bulgaria Our cab to the bus station this morning has ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 13th 2015

Geo: 42.7252, 25.4815That damn fridge kept waking me up all night long. I looked before I went to bed last night to see whether or not it could be unplugged, but the cabinet it was in was too close to the wall and I couldn't reach the plug. But at least my room wasn't on the third floor, where a contingent of Belgians managed to wake everyone up at 1:30 a.m. On our drive to Varna, we could see how Sunny Beach — the area visible from the north side of Nesebar — is too built up. There are hotels and big resorts and apartments, apartments, apartments. It's just ugly. There's one absolutely enormous resort that looks like something from Dubai, or Las Vegas. Most of the billboards along the highway are in Russian, trying to ... read more
Cathedral of the Assumption
Showing me how to sharpen my claws

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 25th 2014

24 juillet C'est mon dernier bond en Bulgarie aujourd'hui. Je quitte donc ce matin l'Hostel Mostel de la medievale Veliko Tarnovo pour me rendre sur les cotes de la mer noire, tout a l'est de la Bulgarie. Je me poserai a Varna, ville balneaire importante du Pays ou la haute saison bas son plein. C'est Dayana la "princesse" bulgare qui m'appela le taxi et qui s'assurera que je me rende bien a la bonne gare de bus (... il y en a toujours plus qu'une dans les villes bulgares...). Elle voulait que son nom apparaisse dans mon blogue, la Dayana. Et bien voila que c'est fait. A la gare, je prend tout mon temps. Mon bus doit supposement quitter dans 1 heure. Mais du moment qu'on me remet ma facture (en guise de ticket), je suis ... read more
Mer noire pas si noire
Chapeau de poil russe
Noir de Monde a la Mer Noire

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 19th 2013

Before I tell th8s story, I should say that Varna is a beautiful city, with awesome beaches, nice people, warm water, and cheap food/drink. We made a very good friend out of a local, and here is how:After a swealtering (but gorgeous) ride from the capital, Sofia, we found ourselves stopped 10km before Varna. The employees on the train told us we had to get off due to a fire further down the rail line and that a bus was coming to take us to im taking photos of the surroundings to remember this small hiccup, the women around us literally gasped in terror, and monica and I turned to see a large propane explosion about a kilometer out . The flame was impressive, and the "boom" made me drop to one knee!With the major ... read more
Making Friends

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 10th 2013

When I came to Varna Bulgaria to see the Black Sea, I planned on renting a car and heading south to see some of the other beach towns and some Greek ruins. But when I saw that I could work at the beach while chilling to some great food and music, I decided not to go anywhere. A week sure goes by fast at the beach, huh? The typical day was getting up at 7 am, working in my apartment until about noon, then walking down to the beach for lunch. Then I would just stay and work on the sand until 5 or 6pm. It was a nice routine. I also wandered about Varna and took in the sights and did plenty of people watching at night. There was all sorts of music and food ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 11th 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012 We were off at 0830, our bus to Varna leaving the terminal at 0915. We ordered a taxi through the hotel and to our surprise, they paid the fare. We have nothing but praise for the Arena Tarnovo Hotel, clean rooms, friendly staff, and they try to be as helpful as they can. The bus trip took about 30 mins longer than the expected 3 hour trip but this was because there seemed to be something wrong with the bus at one stage, which the driver quickly repaired after a short stop, and the number of semi-trailers that had to be passed. Good driver though, never seemed to take any risks - Rags is not a good passenger and he was happy. On checking into the Plaza Hotel we were pleased to ... read more
The Black Sea
The Black Sea
Varna Port

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna October 16th 2011

My main person coming here was to go to the Black sea and walk the beach. Well thats not going to happen. I mean the weather was horrible. I uploaded a few pics and did some cruise searches. Well found an awesome cruise leaving out of Rome on the 26th and pulls right into Galveston and it was the same price as a ticket home. So I opted for a 16 day cruise home then a 11 hour flight home. But this did change my plans up a bit now since I was heading towards Greece. I spent a few hours rerouting my trip to get to Rome. Rain stopped for a little so I decided to take a walk outside and at least find the mall..of course it starts raining again when I get outside ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna October 15th 2011

Nothing at all exciting today, Sat all by myself on a train ride to Varna Bulgaria which is right on the Black Sea. I had one stop in Ruse which was a dead town. Got into Varna around 7 pm. Caught a cab to the apartment I was staying at. Had no idea where I was and these two ladies that ran a shop next to the building called the number I had to get the guy to come down and get me. haha. It was frezzzing outside too. Walking into the apartment made me a little home sick since it was a home and cozy. But then the guy and I started talking and we watched the University of Michigan Vs Michigan State game. He told me he use to work on cruise ships for ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 4th 2011

Had a nice final week in the sunshine on the beach in Varna. Stayed at the Flag Hostel once again with the gang and spent pretty much every day on the beach making the most of the time in the sun. We played endless games of Volleyball, met some more amazing people, including 4 US Navy guys who were a great laugh. It was a lovely final week to spend with the amazing people I have met the last few months and couldn't think of a better way for this whole chapter to end. Had a great night out up in Golden Sands, enjoying some cheap drinks and dancing :) Returned to UK on Saturday night, after getting a 7 hour train from Varna to Sofia, then the flight at 8:45pm. Had a lovely welcome back ... read more
Night out in Golden Sands
The journey home...

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna May 8th 2011

Hi all... had another fantastic but very busy week. Had a visit from my lecturer at university and a lady from Frontline to continue links with the UK and to ensure all our University documentation was correct. Had a good meeting with them and the Ruse universtiy lecturers to get an idea of our progress and received very good feedback. I now have some more outcomes to achieve in the final three weeks with the children and a few minor bits and bats to sort out while here. It all seems managable so should be ok : ) The weather has been rubbish again at the start of the week. Me and Claire walked back from a meal out to our house and returned looking like someone had thrown a bucket of water on us! It ... read more
In the hostel
The Black Sea!
Enjoying the sea!

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