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We went on a boat trip like no other today. First stop? A shop to pick up some beers and snacks. We went by the dolphin sanctuary on our way to the first of two snorkeling spots. The sea is so clear all the way down and the kinds of different fish were endless. We saw most of Nemo's friends, a load of other colorful fish, an octopus and what looked like a baby shark. We lazed in the pool after some dinner (hey flipping those fins was tiring!) and before heading out for tea we are swaying in a hammock at the hotel as the sun goes down. Roatan has been quite beachy which has been very nice to relax but we are ready for some adventure and culture now. We are traveling to Leon ... read more
Safety first!
Not a bad view for lunch
Can't fault the scenery either!

Hello family! We didn't blog last night as we were out partying in Roatan. Well this island is a little bit of paradise. After a rather bumpy and hot ferry journey where Annie blacked out as it docked (she's fine now just hadn't eaten enough) we reached the island. The sea is so clear however we're glad we came back to the pool as Annie was already eaten alive by the sand flies in the hour that we were there. The other girls came back in the evening looking like leopards. After a meal in a local restaurant surrounded by crabs dancing at our feet we headed to a couple of bars with Scott's type of music so he was happy! Yesterday was a chill day and today we're going on a boat trip snorkeling and ... read more
Hotel pool

We picked up a taxi from the main square in Panama City to take us to the Flamenco Marina at Armado Island. At the marina we enjoyed a light breakfast of coffee, condensed milk, and cheese empanadas from a roadside cart. We also spoke with the tourist police who were cruising the areas. Their uniforms displayed their blood-type, and they were well equipped for semi-military operations. To see the Canal from the inside, we had to take an organised tour. This involved a bus to the middle lake section of the Canal, about have way on the 37km canal. The road followed the Panama Canal railway line along the edge of the cutting. Some historical carry over infrastructures from the American time were left empty. Also ruins dating back to 1560. We got onto a tourist ... read more
Our ferry in position in the Pedro Miguel locks of the Panama Canal
Container ship joining us in the Pedro Miguel lock
Container ship being "snigged" into position in the Pedro Miguel lock

Good morning all! Well it might make you feel a bit better to know that we will not be waking up on the Caribbean island of Roatan today as we missed the last ferry. Our bus was late picking us up then a belt went on the engine, then a flat tyre, and then the belt went again so the driver decided to use the rope from the curtains on the bus as a replacement. It was at this point that another bus passing picked us up and took us to La Ceiba (the town where the port is) but we were an hour late. Our tour guide sorted us out with a nice hotel where we are spending the night before leaving on the 9:30 ferry in the morning. It will be an easy day, ... read more

A kind of extreme trip across to LA this time, what with a 10 hour delay on Virgin, missing our connection with our Avienca flight pass and loosing all the subsequent flights, and then having to negotiate over hours with the help of Virgin staff to correct the flow-on effects. Wonderful support during the night from crew leader Kylie, but also day-long support from local Virgin employee Delilah, it was all good. Virgin ultimately consoled us with Velocity points and a night with food at the Sheraton Gateway. Things were not all that bad. Avianca had threatened to cancel the travel pass because we were late for the first leg. Through Catherine's persistence and the support of Delilah, the flights were connected through after an additional fee each. The original proposal was that we would stay ... read more
Entry to the Getty
Renovated colonial splendour in San Felipe
Less well renovated splendour

Waw, what a day! We certainly made the most of our one day in Copan with a morning exploring the ruins and an afternoon in the hot springs followed by a traditional BBQ in the rain forest this evening with our travelling family. When we arrived two macaws flew over us and there were some nesting in the trees. The ruins were soooo interesting and our guide, Marvin the Marsian, was full of knowledge and funny jokes. We had three and a half hours exploring and learning about the Maya culture and what all of the structures were. Then we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel as it was sweltering and had some lunch. Our ride to the hot springs was bumpy to say the least but so worth it. Sipping beers in naturally ... read more
Family BBQ

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: COSTA RICA 2015 July 4 (Saturday) Up at 3:30 and wide awake! Happy birthday to my mother-in-law and the U.S.A. Made it into bed last night about 9:30; but too excited to get much sleep. Janet and Bethany take me to the airport about 4:45 and I check in two bags of luggage. One is loaded with 24 pounds of children's clothing. Plus I've brought 24 coloring books, 2 large boxes of Crayola crayons, 24 toothbrushes, 6 jump-ropes and 2 frisbee type discs. The flight will leave at 6:00 a.m. The dreaded announcement comes... a minor mechanical delay. Fortunate there is a 2 hour and 35 minute layover in Charlotte. Finally fly out at 7:40. What a small crowd this morning, only 23 passengers. The little plane seats 50, so it must have been ... read more

After 11 hours, checking out of one country and into another we have arrived in Copan,Honduras. We stopped by the airport on the way to pick up two of the girls' bags which had been left in Miami airport (it could very possibly have been us because it was the exact same flight route). Then an hour at the border cross, converting to new currency and getting another stamp in our passports. Even in the dark we can already see how different it is to Antigua. Our guide, Pippa, is awesome and so full of knowledge about Central America (she does live here despite being from York). Scott is considering taking up this job and is completely fine with being away from home for 50 weeks of the year. It is uncertain whether or not the ... read more
Croeso i Honduras
Healthy option

Get on the bus On Monday we set off from San Jose to Montezuma to join the turtle conservation project. We travelled on a public bus to Puntaarenas, then caught a ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya to Puerto Paquera. At the ferry port everyone got off the bus and bought separate tickets to travel on the ferry as foot passengers, re-boarding the same bus once off the ferry. We had a final change at Cobano to get the bus to Montezuma, luckily stepping off one bus and onto the next without any waiting. Public buses in Costa Rica are comfortable and seem to run to a good schedule. There are no toilets on board, so it may be worth spending a few colones to use the bathrooms at the bus station before boarding. There is ... read more

After a lie in and a late breakfast we headed off to a museum Scott has been wanting to visit since we got here but have failed to find. We discovered why it was so hard to find today - because it's in the middle of a 5 star hotel and it's more of a national park than a museum! The Caso Santo Domingo is rated the number one thing to do in Antigua on TripAdvisor and it was an experience... In the first open part of the ruins there were destroyed tombs but in a glass case for all to see were a pair of human remains from 400 years ago. And human remains seemed to be a running theme throughout the tour which was rather unexpected and eerie to say the least. We descending ... read more
One of many skeletons
Casa Santo Domingo Fountain
Casa Santo Domingo Fountain

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