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Today was the best day yet - we went on a short hike through the jungle to a waterfall which we climbed over/in and went swimming in the little pools!!! The jungle area of Trini is so nice and clam - you could be in a different world when compared to the busy city/towns that we live in even though its literally up the road. In the jungle its slightly cooler, way more humid and there a few cocoa estates/small houses and villages. Its so quite and peaceful, apart from the occasional house blasting out Soca music! We walked for a few kilometres along a 'path' and nearly died a few hundred times but we made it to the most peaceful waterfall ever. And it was just us there. So good! I can't even begin to ... read more

Captain’s (B)Log So, here we are! 18°02.005N, 63°05.004W. Still in St. Maarten, still in Simpson Bay Lagoon. Getting a little bit looney, but you knew that already. Where have we been this past month? On St. Maarten, 2 trips to Phillipsburg, 2 trips to Marigot (4 for Kathy), and 1 trip to Grand-Case. Off St. Maarten, one ferry ride to Saba (SayBah - goats), and another ferry ride to St. Bart’s. Otherwise, we have been on the boat, fixin’ stuff. It hasn’t always been pleasant, except for the warmth and lack of snow. We arrived December 27th and our dink engine died. Had to buy a new one. Then a week ago, the dinghy (named Shout) popped one of its tarts (seams) and we bought a new one. Although we had problems with our generator in ... read more
Approaching Saba
Ladder Bay anchorage
Welcome to Saba

I stumbled upon Belize truly by accident. I was looking for somewhere to escape to for the weekend and Belize appeared. I wanted a warm place with about three hours or less of flying time. Belize is only about 2 ½ hours from takeoff to touch down. Belize is a small country in Central America, no larger than the state of Massachusetts with only about 330,000 people residing there. It has a Caribbean feel and a culture all of its own. I stayed in the Ramada Princess Resort and Spa. Although we had a standard room it was rather comfortable. All of the rooms face the ocean and you are greeted with a wonderful sunrise every morning. After watching the sunrise, you can stroll down to the restaurant for a buffet breakfast, packed with some Belizean ... read more
Belize City (2)
Belize City (3)
Belize City (4)

After our wonderful experience with Geovani we spent the remainder of the day having our laundry done and packing our bags. We ate at the hotel last night, finishing up our pasta and pesto. Our shuttle arrived on time and sadly we were a bit rushed, not getting to say a proper good-bye and thank you to Anthony and Wdlivia for all their hospitality at Hotel Villa Fortuna. The shuttle quickly filled with people as we stopped at various hotels and everyone was feeling the same misery about the rain! We drove around Lake Arenal and then turned up the mountain where, magically there appeared a line in the sky! One side clouds, the other brilliant blue and sunshine! You could hear the collective gasp from the riders and even the driver made a comment about ... read more
Checking out the crowds below
quiet moment

Wednesday began with rain falling once again with no relief in sight. At this point we decided to look into leaving this area a day early and adding a day on to Liberia. This would only work if all the pieces fell into place i.e. re-scheduling the shuttle, making sure we could get another night in our hotel in Liberia and then giving 48 hours notice to our hotel here. Luck was on our side and we will be leaving here Friday morning instead of Saturday. This area is absolutely gorgeous and having spent 3 weeks enjoying the sun and sand we knew that coming here, into rainforest area, it would be a definite climate change. It is warm here all the time but there is only much you can do in the rain. As we ... read more
Blue Jean Poison Dart Frog
3 Toed Sloth
Golden Hooded Tanager

Oh no, it's snowing. It must be time to head off into some sunshine. We plan to visit three Central American countries that are all new to us - Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Each country spans the width of Central America from the Atlantic to the Pacific and each country is about the size of England. Guatemala is the most northerly. Here we will be staying in the old capital, Antigua before heading to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. A bit like the English Lake District but the mountains are volcanoes! Travelling east, we will cross into Honduras. Our first planned stop is at Copan and its ancient (1500 BC!) Mayan ruins. Copan is also in the middle of the jungle, so we'll be looking out for monkeys, sloths and parrots too. Then onward to the Atlantic ... read more

So, from Monday we decided we should probably make a start on our research and sort ourselves out properly. This involved my first exploration of Trinidad and its public transport system alone, as well as signing for our new house and sorting ourselves out to move in today! I'm so excited to be able to cook and eat proper food!! So far ive had lucky charms for breakfast, bread which tasted more sugary than the lucky charms and several takeaways. The Caribbean diet certainly isnt the healthiest!! Anyway, so on Monday I went to meet a friend of a friend who lives in Trinidad and who is involved in the Cocoa industry. This showed my a whole different side to the island that what I've already experienced. Where I am currently staying, El Socorro, and the ... read more

Fourteen days to go.... I haven't been this excited for quite some time... and it's not just because I will soon be travelling. I have done that for years and always loved doing it. This time it's because I'm going somewhere I never dreamed I'd visit - to the African continent. Now, here I am on the threshold - soon to be climbing the steps to board the aircraft. Wow!! How did this happen? Simple. My sister has a long time Uni friend from the UK who now lives in the Western Cape. Her name is Alison. She visited us at home in the Caribbean last year and now we will visit her in Africa. And just like that, in a snap, I'm about to visit where I'd never imagined going. My tiny peaceful island neighbourhood ... read more
Flowering yellow poui and flambouyant trees
Goats in training for the Buccoo goat races
The day's catch

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 27th 2015

It’s been nearly seven months since I returned from my adventure in Cuba. Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago. The thrill and excitement of the trip have worn away now that I am not talking and writing about it as much as I had been. I wonder how it is we keep it with us. I liken this after effect to the excitement pre leaving. There’s so much to do to get ready, planning and packing and organizing, that those months leading up to the trip are filled with anticipation and are nearly as exhilarating as the trip itself. Afterwards, it is possible to relive the trip for months in the sharing of it. It never quite gets old showing pictures and telling stories of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done, does ... read more
More socialism please

This morning dawned...yes torrential rain again!!! When Curtis asked the owner, Anthony, about the rain he replied with a grin, "Here in La Fortuna we have 2 seasons, rainy and rainier!!". After breakfast we loaded up the silver bomb and headed out in order to tour around Lake Arenal. The roads are narrow, nicely paved, but with sharp curves and vehicles appearing out of nowhere! We drove along admiring the splendour of the rainforest on one side and the lake on the other. After a while we arrived at Nuevo Arenal which is a tiny hillside village. There was a wonderful German bakery and a little shop where a Peruvian man was making rugs, mitts, socks, and ponchos. We bought a few bracelets from him and then headed down to another shop where I found a ... read more
Kite Rider Lake Arenal
Bovine Road Blocks
Lake Arenal

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