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8.5. Es steht wieder eine lange Busfahrt an, allerdings diesmal in zwei Etappen. Erst fahren wir ein Stück zurück Richtung Norden bis Escarcega, wo wir am Busterminal auf den Lokalbus nach Chetumal an der Ostküste warten. Hierhin verirren sich offenbar wohl kaum je Touristen, jedenfalls werden wir bestaunt und freundlich ausgefragt. Der Bus hat dann zwei Stunden Verspätung, die gross angekündigte Air Conditioning ist ein Loch in der Decke, aus dem ein laues Lüftchen weht, aus zwei Lautspechern dröhnen zwei verschiedene Mexiko-Ländler, wie sie immer und überall zu hören sind und uns schon einzeln langsam auf die Nerven gehen. Nach fünf Stunden treffen wir etwas zerzaust in Chetumal ein, wo wir uns bald einmal ins Zimmer verziehen. 9.5. Wir schlafen aus, verbringen den Morgen mit Hausaufgaben und fahren am Nachmittag mit der Fähre nach San Pedro ... read more
fröhliche Frauen
unser Bus nach Chetumal

Geo: 13.5928, -89.8275I just finished my steps for today. We had a tour that I thought would involve a lot of walking, but I had logged only a little over 4,200 steps by the time we got back to the ship so I finished the steps in the room. I have made my 10,000-step goal every day but two so far.Today, the ship docked in Acajutla, El Salvador. The notes that I made at home showed our shore excursion was scheduled from 11:00 to 3:45. When we got our tickets on board, the time had been changed. We met for the tour in the Cabaret Lounge at 12:10 for a 12:30 tour. We did not get back to the ship until 6:15. This morning once the ship was in position at the dock, a large show ... read more
Boat at the Acajutla, El Salvador Port
Volcanos in El Salvador
Cashew Tree

It didn’t matter who you would ask about their favorite place in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan is always the answer. It is Guatemala’s pearl, 18 km long, situated between mountains and volcanos, located between the two biggest cities in the country, Guatemala City and Xela, and a “must-see”. When we first visited at the lake, both of us got caught by the flu. Yeeees, this happens to backpackers too, every now and then. So, instead of raving through the nights, recovering on paddle boards during the day, and enjoying the lake we spent our time in bed. The second answer to the “favorite-question” is volcano Acatenango. Therefore, Eva’s final stop would be Antigua, where the tour starts (Three month after arriving in the North, we finally found out, that we saw the volcanos Acatenango and El Fuego ... read more
Hiking through the Jungle (Acatenango)
“It's that heart of gold, and stardust shine that makes you beautiful.”  ― R.M. Broderick
I miss you here!

Geo: 11.249, -85.8633The Pacific Princess arrived in the harbor of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua early this morning—about 7 a.m. She anchored very near the port and tenders started running as soon as the ship cleared customs. Our tour was scheduled for the afternoon, so Philip and I had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room. He did the final upload of grades before we left on the tour and checked for messages from students about their grades when we returned in the late afternoon. Everything is fine so far. He'll check again tomorrow, I imagine.Our tour was rated E for easy by the cruise line so that means it would be very, very easy. I only walked about 1800 steps during this tour and that included getting from the tender to the bus which was ... read more
San Juan del Sur Christ Statue and City View
San Juan del Sur Port
On the Highway

Geo: 6.3939, -80.163We had a slow day. Philip finished grading the final papers for his class. He should be able to upload the grades tomorrow morning when we get in cell phone range of Nicaragua. That will be the last responsibility for the class. Glad it's almost over.We went to the party for the Princess Captain's Circle members, people who have sailed with Princess at least once before this cruise. Turned out to be 90% of the passengers on board. The person who has sailed the most has been on 279 Princess cruises. We have a new captain who got on board at Aruba. The dinner menu had all the best items on it – lobster, chateaubriand, duck a l'orange. Sure wish they would spread them out throughout the cruise, but that would be more expensive. ... read more

Geo: 9.18149, -79.8218Up early with the alarm as we were scheduled to enter the Gatun Locks at 6:55 a.m. I think we may have started even earlier as we were out of them about thirty minutes before expected. We watched the operation of the Gatun Locks from our balcony. A couple of days ago, I scheduled a time for one of the ship's photographers to come to our cabin to take our photo on our balcony with the locks in the background. He made it just in time as we exited the last of the Gatun Locks. There were also ship photographers who disembarked to take photos at the same time the lock personnel embarked to guide the ship through the canal. Those photographers were on the side taking photos of people on their balconies and ... read more
Ship in the Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Ordering Coffee

Geo: 10.8678, -79.8993We were awake and up in time for breakfast in the dining room today for the first time. I have been anticipating having eggs Benedict, but, no, it was not on the menu. As far as I remember, eggs Benedict has been on the daily menu of every other ship we have sailed. Breakfast was still good although the waiters were rushing, and I felt a bit hurried. We had a slow day today. We watched the old move Charlie Chan in Panama on the TV in our room. That was fun. I can't remember ever watching a Charlie Chan movie; I just remember the character from people imitating and caricaturizing him. Philip and I worked on one of the jigsaw puzzles in the library, a composite picture of neon signs of Las Vegas ... read more

Central America Caribbean April 30th 2017

Ambergris Caye, Belize Saturday April 22, Day 1 We set out early in the morning around 6 am. We drove to Nashville, flew from there to Atlanta, then on to Belize City. We trudged through the long line at customs, then made or way with a little help to Maya Island Air. Everyone was so helpful, and we hardly had to touch our luggage. Maya Island Air was a small puddle jumper, making our flight very interesting. The views out the window of the airplane made the flight enjoyable, though. We dropped some people off at another Caye and then it was on to San Pedro. San Pedro is a cool, colorful little town with lots of bright buildings and lots of friendly people. We were ushered from there to a waiting van that took us ... read more

Puerto Quetzal 12th April Puerto Quetzal Another staging post for trips into the interior of Guatemala. The trips were long so we made do with a quiet ship, actually not so quiet as a lot of passengers thought the same. There was a small tourist area selling local products, Internet cafe and some bars.... read more

Not terribly sure when I made my mental ' bucket list ', but it's been cruising around for quite a while ! :) # 1 SAILING ~ the thought of flapping white sails, blue/turquoise seas, the wind in my hair, hot sun on my face................aahhhh. The dream came true last Monday. My Costa Rica ! My husband booked us a trip on the beautiful schooner, ' Antares', based in Tamarindo. We waded out into the shallows, where the sea was as warm as bath water & climbed into a small motor boat for the short distance to Antares. We crested & crashed through large waves & a shrieking young woman clung to my right arm, as though her life depended on me. She seemed to relax a little once I started laughing, but didn't let ... read more

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