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Off again for another early morning border crossing, from Honduras back to Guatemala. We had a long way to go from Copan Ruinas to Flores so we were up bright and early making our way over the border to Chiquimula. The bus from the border was uneventful and all the research about buses north went out the window when we reached Chiquimula. Our Letigua (it's a company) bus driver had us get out near the main market when we told him we were heading north and another man helped us carry our bags to the Maria Elena (another company) office near the main bus stops; he didn't even pause for a tip when we got there. We originally bought a ticket to Rio Dulce but later realized they ran a bus an hour later the full ... read more
Hanging out on Yarvin IV
Close Bird

Distance driven today: 112 miles / 180 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,587 miles / 12,211 km Today’s trip: Manuel Antonio and back to San Jose, Costa Rica Motorcycle parts repaired: yes, we got a new clutch handle Today we rode the short distance from Manuel Antonio and back to the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. I had already called the authorized BMW dealership in San Jose, explained the parts needed, and made an appointment. When I drove in the motorcycle to the service area, a few of the mechanics raised their eyebrows. The bike looked like it definitely needed to be washed, clearly had a few broken and worn parts, a Washington license plate, and extra packing paniers and duffel bags. The most important thing is that the clutch handled has been replaced and adjusted ... read more
Rear mud guard broke and a part of the screw is stuck in the grooves
The aluminum pannier took the entire weight of the fall
This clutch handle needs replacement

Didn’t expect much and didn’t get much. We walked into the town which is adjacent to the port and were greeted by many who wanted to take us somewhere else. Since we weren’t interested, we just walked up the mains street and observed little shops that were inside dark entrances and chose not to explore those either. Turned around and headed back to the ship. End of visit to Nicaragua! Next stop Costa Rica - no plans there either but we will go out and see what there is.... read more
Adorable Dancers
Welcome Dance

I am not going to lie, I predicted the last two weeks of this trip were not going to be our favorite stops and it is proving to be true with the exception of San Diego and Cabo San Lucas. Today’s port was super industrial although they had an attractive area at the pier for shopping. Many arts and crafts vendors were in residence and although I found their goods attractive, didn’t buy a thing. We have no room to bring anything else home so we will not be buying anything else from here on in. Saw some iguanas near the shore and other than that not much to do unless you travel 50 miles to see Antigua. The temperature today was in the nineties so we were happy to spend most of our time on ... read more
Nice Cake!
Listening to the Singing

Distance driven today: none – hanging out in Manuel Antonio Cumulative distance driven: 7,474 miles / 12,028 km Today’s trip: Hiking around Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica We spent all day in beautiful Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The humidity level here is well over 80% most of the day, apart from the time when the tropical rain starts pouring, upon which the humidity level further increases! Zoe and I took a long guided tour in the Manuel Antonio tropical rainforest national park. We learned that, despite its tiny size of 200 hectares / 8 square miles, the national park boasts over 100 mammal species and close to 200 bird species, making it one of the most biodiverse areas anywhere. Our guide, who carried a tripod and powerful binocular lens with him, did ... read more
Ininity pool at our hotel facing the Pacific coast
Manuel Antonio tropical rainforest national park
National park beach

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 28th 2015

Travel Companion – Jules Dunn Duration – 10 nights Movies Watched – 'This is where I leave you', 'Love Rosie' & 'St. Vincent', 'Focus', 'Fox Catcher' - need Virgin to update their movie selection Sitting next to...a husband and wife - no conversation...she didn't have manners and Jules on the return leg There is not one person who has a negative thing to say about their trip to Cuba. Whoever I told of my impending trip, their eyes light up - 'I am jealous', 'you will love it', 'awesome place'....and they were not wrong. I had no expectations, knew a few things (it would be like traveling back in time, we were traveling in rainy season, lots of Canadians (secretly hoping we would meet some Canadian hotties - we didn't)), didn't do any research (other than ... read more

Distance driven today: 91 miles / 146 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,474 miles / 12,028 km Today’s trip: San Jose to Manuel Antonio, Cosa Rica Times I dropped the bike: once on an extremely steep driveway up to the hotel parking – no serious damage other than to Christer’s pride… Today we rode the shortest distance so far, just 146km/91miles. However, there was no lack of adventure for sure. Our goal was to ride from San Jose to the Pacific coast, and the beautiful backpacker friendly Manual Antonio. Instead of taking the straight-forward highway to the coast, I decided (in my infinite wisdom!) to take the scenic route over the mountains. The GPS route showed it to be shorter by a whole 50km/30 miles compared to the coastal highway. Half way into the scenic route it ... read more
Road from San Jose towards the Pacific coast
Zoe resting after a bumpy ride on gravel
Manuel Antonio approching

We made it through yet another border crossing ourselves, narrowly escaping getting stuck behind a coach full of people entering Honduras. Like any other border crossing day, we had to rise and shine bright and early for a 0540hrs bus to to Aguilares. From there we got another bus to the border crossing at El Poy. At the border, there is no public bus so we had to get another micro bus to Ocatepeque. In Ocatepeque we got a bus to Santa Rosa de Copan where we transferred to one headed to San Pedro Sula but disembarked in La Entrada where we caught our last micro bus to Copan Ruinas. It was rather glorious as the bus from the border climbed into the mountains an we cooled off (Ashley even got goosebumps!!!). Our only hiccup was ... read more
Hieroglyphic Staircase
Making New Friends

Distance driven today: 267 miles / 430 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,384 miles / 11,883 km Today’s trip: Managua, Nicaragua to San Jose, Cosa Rica International border crossings: 1 We left Managua at 7:30am in the morning, to avoid any rush hour traffic leaving the Nicaraguan capital. We made really good progress, and by 11am we were already at the border to Costa Rica. Since we have crossed enough Central American borders by now, we figured that we knew the drill really well, and that we had the right expectations. 3 hours later, we had passed through the last Costa Rican control, and had started riding towards the Capital San Jose, were we arrived early evening. Here is an account, of all the 35 steps required to pass the border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica: Step#1 ... read more
Costa RIca license plate
The border to Costa Rica
Zoe rests at the shadow of a tree during a long wait at road works

Distance driven today: 242 miles / 389 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,115 miles / 11,450 km (10,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Managua, Nicaragua International border crossings: 1 Harassment by local Honduran ‘fixers’ at the border: yes, and very annoying We left Tegucigalpa this morning and headed towards the Pacific coast and the Nicaraguan border. As we got close to the coast, the temperature steadily increased and finally reached 105F/40C by 11am when we got to San Lorenzo. By noon, we had already consumed about half a gallon (close to 2 liters) each of ice tea, during the frequent hydration stops. The heat started getting unbearable, and the thermometer continued to rise. The road between San Lorenzo, on the South West corner of Honduras towards the Nicaraguan border, turned out to contain quite ... read more
Car and cow are parked firmly in Somotillo Nicaragua
Giant potholes on the road towards the Nicaraguan border - that's my glove in the middle...
Enter Nicaragua

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