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I think it was late March. I said goodbye to my work. I hadn’t traveled in a while and my spirit was itching for it. Off the beaten path travel has always been my friend, allowing me to dream, also helping me process important things in life. It was time! I was off for a great trip. I flew from Seatac Airport to Houston and connected for a direct flight to Panama City, Panama. I had really enjoyed the last trip and my dear buddy Peter in Boston was going to meet me for another one. We had unfinished business there, it was also a fairly quick flight that we got at a reasonable price. I hit the ground and met Peter in the airport. It was great to see Peter’s smiling face, we got over ... read more

The Sullivans from Texas are having the time of their life in Belize. And The Isle of San Pedro...... ... follow along for some beautiful photos... read more
The Secret Beach
Crossfit Friends

The local means of transportation in Central America, both famous and feared among travelers, is the chicken bus. The chicken bus is basically an old American school bus, bought from or donated by the US, sometimes recent but mostly in the previous millennium. The benches are made for small childrens' bums and fit easily three kids in the US. Although there is not always (well to be honest almost never) a schedule, and if there is a schedule nobody really seems to care, in Nicaragua there are quite frequent busses leaving to really every corner of the country. We have been using the chicken busses to go anywhere at almost no costs. They go to some of the smallest places, even when there is not even a real road. How easy it is to get off ... read more

Pavel and Yudy made us a traditional Cuban breakfast of eggs, ham, fresh fruit, juice, toast and butter and coffee and jam. We keep forgetting to tell people that we don’t drink coffee. The cool thing about our breakfast was that they served it to us on the roof of their house. Rooftop patios must be new here, because many houses had the beginnings of making social areas on the roofs. It seemed as if every house in town has a room for rent. They all said whose house it was and how many rooms they had available. This is clearly a way for the Cuban people to earn a few extra dollars. Again, the outside of the houses were all the same and nothing special, but insides they are able to decorate and make them ... read more
Boat ride to Cayo Levisa
Finally hitting the beach
Waiting for dinner

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales May 30th 2017

Today was another travel day. We were up early as our driver arrived at 8 am to take us to Viñales. We have been told it is anywhere from a two to four-hour trip. The good thing was that most of our luggage including backpacks fit in the trunk of our car, but we had no A/C. So everyone had a seat for the trip. The drive was long and slow in the old car. The old cars are nice to look at, but when every trip you take is in an old, uncomfortable car, the novelty wears off. The backseat has springs and cloth to cover them and nothing else. While Chester was sitting high on the hog in the front seat, Megan, Riley and Kirsten had springs up their butt and bounded to the ... read more
Chester Smoking Cigar
Tobacco Drying
Ready to ride

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 29th 2017

Day 3 started out just like day 2; scrambled eggs and toast with fresh fruit and juice. Edinson and Michael were right on time at 8:30 to take us to the mountains for a swim. Mountains is a generous term for Cuba’s hilly area. We were definitely in a different part of the country that was filled with trees, cattle and open roads. Outside of Havana there is very little traffic. Our guide told us that very few people own cars in the city. The government controls EVERYTHING. Edinson said that Huyndis are the most expensive car that a citizen can buy, and a new one is $35,000, for a small one. We learned a lot from our guides on just how controlled the country is. What was supposed to only be about an hour’s drive, ... read more
Waiting to get in and cool off
Food dumb waiter
Pork anyone

ACHTUNG: unterhalb des Textes und der Zusatzinformationen sind jeweils noch mehr Fotos! Bitte ganz nach unten scrollen. 24.5. Wir holen unsere gestern ins Wasser gefallene Foto-Tour im Dorf nach, indem wir herumspazieren, uns möglichst unauffällig in eine Ecke stellen und die vorbeigehenden Leute fotografieren. Oft hilft es auch, wenn sich Eva gut sichtbar positioniert, so dass alle Vorbeigehenden sie anschauen und Marco dann unbemerkt knipsen kann. Todos Santos ist ein äusserst ergiebiges «Jagdrevier»: die Frauen tragen wiederum Wickelröcke, diesmal dunkelblau mit dezenten Streifen, und kunstvoll bestickte Oberteile. Neu sind hier die Gürtel, ebenfalls detailreich verziert, und schöne Taschen, die mit dem Tragband um die Stirn oder umgehängt getragen werden. Die Männer haben hier ebenfalls eine auffällige Tracht: rot-weiss gestreifte Hosen, manche tragen dar... read more
Besuch der alten Damen
schöner alter Mann

First full day in Cuba. With our Air BnB, for a few extra dollars, Lidia will cook us breakfast! Yes. Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit make for a good meal. Kirsten has booked a guide and driver. Edinson is our guide and Michael is our driver. It is a little tight in the back seat, but the four squeeze into a blue Ford from the 50s that Michael found and restored to working condition. In restored we mean make run. The front seats were 2 bucket seats from a late 90’s Toyota. Like every old car in Cuba it definitely had a stereo system. And maybe some added electric windows. There’s no A/C, but we were not in the car that much. Basically, Kirsten and Chester would sit with one cheek on the seat, while Riley ... read more
View of Havana from the fort
A homeless poet (arent' they all?)
Cathedral in one of the squares

Central America Caribbean » Cuba May 27th 2017

After a year's hiatus from the blog, we are off on a new adventure and we are taking some virgin travelers (get your mind out of the gutter) for their high school graduation gift. Kirsten's niece Riley and her best friend Megan are traveling with us to, wait for it....... CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!! We are spending a week touring the Caribbean island that is still stuck in the 50's. Planning has not been easy with their limited internet access and they do not accept US money, so we are hiding Canadian dollars in every crack and crevice. Travel has only recently opened up for Americans to the island, so we are hoping to get the full taste of the culture before the Western timeshares take over the landscape. We will not likely be able to update the blog ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 27th 2017

Travel day to Havana, Cuba, was an uneventful day. Kirsten’s niece and her best friend flew down from Omaha in the morning. Kirsten specifically told Tracey and the girls to NOT check their bags. But what did they do? They checked their bags. Chester and Kirsten flew in late Friday night. The girls met us at our hotel and slept for a few hours before our 1 pm flight to Havana as they had a 5:30 AM flight. Of course our shuttle to the airport is packed and we are the first ones on and the last ones off. We get to the airport and check in and get our visas for Cuba! We were pretty much the only group that did not have a woman in a one-piece romper. Kirsten and Chester were very happy ... read more
Airport Taxi
Riding in Style
Dinner and drinks

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