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I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins. I’m a SCUBA diver and I’ve dived with all sorts of amazing underwater creatures, but never dolphins. They tend to stay towards the top of the water. I’ve seen several dolphins as they’ve followed my dive boat out to a site. I’ve watched on as they’ve preformed a private show for me off the coast of southernChile. Yet I’ve never swum with them. InCubathis past summer, I had the chance to. In fact, it was meant to be one of my splurges on that trip. But after seeing the condition of the two places I was going to do it, I changed my mind. I didn’t want to spend money towards places that I was pretty sure were not treating their animals well. Instead, I’d like to swim with ... read more

Last day in Coahuila. I had planned to go to the beach one last time before the van picked us up at 1pm but slight stomach cramps dictated I stay close to the loo. Granted, the bubbles of the breaking waves would make a good tummy massage but I feared adding to the flotsam being stirred up by the rip tide. I contented myself with laying in the hammock and listening to the surf. Of course, our shuttle was a half hour late. Clo was pacing and becoming increasingly agitated. The van arrived and away we went. It was a much more comfortable one that that of the way here. Since it was Good Friday, all the locals were at the beach. It stretched from Cahuita all the way up to Limon, something we did not ... read more
Rosa de America Hotel
Rosa Cabin
Rosa Flowers1

I’ve always wanted to own a bar; I just don’t want the hours that go along with it. I imagine this bar in a foreign country, preferably an island somewhere where the ocean is steps away from my bar. I want to have every bottle of rum there is on my shelves and maybe even a few tiny umbrellas for cocktails. I bartended and waitressed for 10 years on and off throughout college and beyond. I was good at it. I enjoyed it. And I made great money. During all those years, I’d daydream about how I would do things differently (don’t we all) if I owned a bar. It would be nice to one day put all those ideas into action. My bar would be called The Circle Bar. It would, of course, have a ... read more

After the excursion at the Poas Volcano Park we arrived at the Waterfall Gardens the last stop of our Combo Tour. This nature park is situated in the middle of a rain forest, and it actually rained while we were walking along the many trails and paths. Earlier our guide had told us in the car that this was going to be a 100% 'nature tour.' It proved to be the highlight of the day's trip. Although this vast 70 acre park boasts a wildlife refuge, to me it was just a small zoo with an aviary, a butterfly observatory, Monkey Pass, hummingbird garden and a serpentarium. We went through all of them except the last one as I have an aversion to snakes! The most interesting, at least for me, was the butterfly observatory which ... read more
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Costa Rica

From Antigua we decided to head up to Semuc Champey. We've heard it was beautiful and well worth the trip to the middle of nowhere. Since it was a long ride we planned to break it up with a stop at the Biotopo del Quetzal. We really wanted to use local transport instead of the tourist shuttles, but after talking with tourist info in Antigua we decided to take the shuttle for 125GTQ. It would have taken us all the way to Semuc Champey, but we still opted to hop out at the Biotopo and do a walk. We spent the 40GTQ each to go in at a nature reserve that had to have some hotel rooms in order to keep the land. Unfortunately they had no room for us, but we did have a room ... read more
The Drive

Today, Claudette is taking a vacation from vacation. It is a do nothing day for her. For me, vacations are all about doing things. I do enough of nothing in my regular life, so today I am off to Cahuita National Park for a stroll through the jungle bordering the beach. It is not far to go, only a ten minute walk to the other end of town. It opens directly onto a beach. You can hire a guide to point out wildlife or do it on your own. The trail follows the coastline with spurs leading to small secluded beaches. At one point, the trail cuts across a peninsula to give the hiker a since of the real jungle. The signage gives fair warning at some of the beaches that rip tides are present. These ... read more
Ant Highway
Blue Crab 1
Blue Crab 2

We got to Antigua knowing full well that we were getting there in time for Semana Santa, 'Holy Week' or the week of Easter. Being a very catholic part of the country it was a very important week and there were many things going on. We booked our hostel late and would have to leave Thursday, before all the big festivities since everyone (maybe their dog, and cats, and rats, and spiders too) would be coming to celebrate in the big city and there was no room in the inn. With little time in town we knew we should get a move on using the first day to orient ourselves. That night we had a chance to witness a procession, which is like a parade where the fraternity that is in charge of a certain saint ... read more
Museo/Hotel Santo Domingo

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 1st 2015

I didn't mention this in my emails regarding my time in Cuba, but the general lack of internet and cell service (both available on a limited basis and only after a long wait in line) was both a blessing and a curse. In returning home, I realize how great it was to be disconnected from technology for 10 days. On the other hand, I couldn't get online to publish my travel blog, resorting instead to the long emails. Now that I'm back home, this seems the best place to circulate photos which, even in combination, do a poor job of capturing Cuba.... read more
From Rooftop of Casa Particular, Havana Vieja
Colonial Casa Particular, Havana Vieja
From Rooftop of Casa Particular, Havana Vieja

Today we are better organized. We arrive at the bus depot in plenty of time to catch a ride to the Jaguar Rescue Centre. There had been a hard rain just before dawn but since it is always humid, it didn’t cool things down any. The buses must have been made in China. The seats are not very wide, considering the mean size of female posterior here. Nor is there adequate leg room, even when sitting up straight. Thankfully the bus trip was for less than a half hour. We were let off at the entrance to the centre but were too early for the tour. It was suggested that we hang out at the nearby beach for the next hour. It is a narrow white sand beach (I don’t know at what level the tide ... read more
Free Lunch
Don't Mess With Me

Arrived in Mo Bay at the airport. Straight into a local route taxi, 8 seats, 15 Jamaicans and I. Cosy but friendly... the taxi ended up in central Montego bay which I'd initially been warned off away drop as I'm a solo white gyal! I can see why I've been warned off. No other tourists in this area and the locals are much more aggressive than if you were further out of town, I don't know wether this is because they're fighting for business or because they're not used to seeing a westerner walking around there so freely. Not much to do or see so headed straight up the hills to the Hostel. Beautiful place with some of the biggest houses I've ever seen. The rest of the stay at Mo bay was pretty mundane, not ... read more

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