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Anyone know about Piedras Blancas Nat. Park??

Would appreciate information on Piedras Blancas National Park or possibly other authentic jungle/rainforest locations in Costa Rica.
4 years ago, February 12th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #128900  
I am heading back to Costa Rica next month after having been there a few years back. On my last trip I was able to get into Corcovado Nat. Park from the Drake Bay side and loved it. Some sites are saying that Piedras Blancas National Park is also incredibly diverse and I am wondering what the wildlife and hiking opportunities are like? We are currently planning on staying in Puerto Jimenez (have not been there before) but are flexible. The goal is to get a real feel for the jungle rather than the crowds in Manuel Antonio and other places. Any advice would be appreciated . . . thanks!

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