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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 21st 2015

Merry Christmas everyone. It is difficult to get into the spirit here with 95 degree temperature, Palm trees and sand. The Panamanians seem to be into it, with Christmas lights, decorated trees and really crowded shopping areas. We revisited Puerto Armuelles this past week. This is the beach town on the Pacific side that we visited in the rain earlier, I wanted to see it on a sunny day. We were able to walk the beach which is a course dark sand. It was totally deserted except for a hand full of swimmers. The water is quite warm and the sand is too hot to walk on without shoes but it is still very pleasant to stroll along the ocean. There were nicer dwellings at this end of town. We are looking for next year's rental ... read more
Dark sandy beach
Walking the beach at low tide
Gringo pot luck

Today might just be my first day in my 10 months of travels, that I am truly homesick. The first day that I really wish I had my family and my city. My internet is too shotty at my hostel to be able to FaceTime my family or to send out a text that doesn't take forever to send and receive without them thinking that I'm ignoring them or that I'm dead. But, I don't realize that Christmas is but five days away unless I look at the date on my phone. There are no Christmas trees here in Panama, and if there are, you don't recognize them on people's lawns. Being surrounded by heat and palm trees completely throws off the feeling of the massive family holiday that approaches, the one that I can't wait ... read more

Nous sommes arrivés le 4 novembre à Antigua, sans problème, avec tout juste une heure de retard. Nous nous sommes installés dans la belle chambre que nous avions eue en avril au Jolly Castle, petit hôtel qui nous avait même envoyé un taxi à l’aéroport. Le lendemain matin, Absaroque venait tout juste d’être amené dans l’enclos de travail quand nous sommes allés le retrouver. Une semaine complète de travaux avant de remettre notre corneille à l’eau : nettoyage habituel mais aussi un changement d’un passe-coque, deux changements d’étoupe dans les presse-étoupe (arbre d’hélice et safran) et une réparation sur la coque. Il y a eu aussi la réfection de la petite ligne blanche au-dessus de la ligne de flottaison et évidemment la peinture antisalissure. Nous avons également pris livraison du nouveau dodger-bimini, une mini cure de ... read more
Le nettoyage intérieur avance vite et on commence le nettoyage extérieur.
Découverte de la « bulle » dans la fibre de verre.
Une petite en plus de la grosse

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro December 19th 2015

Traveling to Cuba Traveling to Cuba for tourism is still illegal, however; the state department now allows travel to Cuba for 12 categories of traveler, all of which are self licensed. ( We traveled for journalism, including photo journalism. A few facts and logistics to note: - We traveled to Cuba via Cayman Islands. - We self licensed our visit. - We did not get (nor it is required any longer) to get a prior approval from anyone. - Cuba welcomes US citizens and you can get a visa in Cayman Islands, on the way to Cuba, via most airlines or in the Jose Martin airport. - They stamped our passport at Jose Martin airport, Havana, Cuba. - Upon returning to the US, we filled out the customs form and noted countries visited as Grand Cayman ... read more

19thDec Grand Turk What a difference a day makes. LOVE Grand Turk. It’s a beautiful little island and straight away, you get a good feeling about the place. It really is small, we (J&J and us) took a tour up to the top of the island to the light house and it’s only a 15min drive (at the most). Donkeys and Horses reign supreme and are everywhere roaming free on the island. They used to be used for transporting the salt that was imported from here, but since that stopped, they were set free and allowed to reproduce and live on their own accord. After a visit to the light house we had some time to browse in ‘down town’. The shopping area. Beautiful and simple little stalls. WE had ‘conch’ for lunch and then went ... read more
Dock at Grand Turk
Walking ashore
pure water

18thDec Dominican Republic – La Romana Didn’t have a cruise tour organised, just decided to catch a shuttle bus into town and maybe, if we’d done an organised tour, gone to the ‘tourist spot’ we may have had a better experience at La Romana. As it is…we do not want to come back here. We were taken into ‘town’ where a central market area was organised and was covered with stalls. However, we were so hassled by the stall owners, that we felt overwhelmed and rushed to get through to the other side. We crossed the road and looked at the church and while we were crossing back, was advised by a policeman on a motorbike passing by that John take off his gold necklace as it was likely to be pulled from his neck by ... read more
Coast of La Romana
20151218_172931 (1024x768)
20151218_174556 (1024x767)

17thDec After a day at sea we arrived at Catalina Island (just off Dominica Republic). We arrived early in the morning and it was still dark as I watched us anchor. Gradually as the dawn broke, we could make out the island. A very low, flat island, with beautiful beaches. We watched the crew unloading tonnes of food and bbq equipment for our lunch ashore. They started as soon as it got light. I wasn’t too keen to go ashore with 2000 other passengers, and so we waited until after the mad rush and headed in around 10:00am with John and Jill. Here I was pleasantly surprised. Although there were many passengers ashore, we didn’t feel too crowded. First we went for a walk to the north of the island and then, Phil and I went ... read more
At anchor..deploying tender
Flat Catalina Island
At anchor

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala December 16th 2015

We made a very short visit to Guatemala today, on a day trip to Tikal, a UNESCO world heritage site with Mayan ruins in the middle of the jungle. Tikal was once a huge city of a few hundred thousand people, but now only a few buildings are visible above the jungle, with more buried beneath it. The site is huge, with only a small proportion excavated. In addition to the ruins, we walked through lots of jungle, seeing spider monkeys, leafcutter ants and the national bird!... read more
Main plaza

Tuesday We had an early breakfast at Dorling's Bakery, our favorite place for morning baguettes. We had a table right on the edge of the Tortuguero River. Very picturesque. This river flows one way into the sea, and joins with the Suerte River in the other direction going past La Pavona. Today our final destination was San Jose, so we just took the reverse route we took to get here. So from Tortuguero to La Pavona to Cariari to San Jose. We got the boat tickets separately, about $3 apiece, very inexpensive for a great one hour trip. When the river is low, the trip can take up to two hours. Saw many shore birds, similar to blue herons and egrets, but no crocodiles this time. We did, however, see a young man swimming in ... read more
Boat Launch Area
Canoeing on the River
Wake from the Boat

We spent a day in San Ignacio, between two days with trips further afield. We started with a nice lazy breakfast at Ko-Ox Han-Nah, and then headed to the green iguana conservation project. It's in the grounds of a large resort hotel, and we were a little dubious about the conservation part of the work, but it was great to get so close to so many iguanas. I had three or four small ones climbing on me at once! We then walked to Cahal Pech Mayan ruins. There was more there than we expected, and it was nice to explore the site on our own with relatively few people around. It was pretty warm outside of the shade.... read more

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