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I miss crawling into bed together and holding each other until sunset. I miss knowing what each other thinks and hopes before even discussing the issue. I miss the peace his reassuring hand gives me. I miss him. I miss closeness, I miss love... but I hate love. I'm confused and lost and searching.... I'm hoping and praying and discovering. I'm lost I'm raw I'm here I insist I'm confused I don't work alone I'm lonely I am me. Ayúdame por favor ... read more

Distance driven today: 144 miles / 232 km Cumulative distance driven: 8,273 miles / 13,314 km Today’s trip: Panama City to Lake Gatun and back, Panama Today is Sunday and that means that pretty much everything is closed here in Panama City. Over the past three days here, Zoe and I have completed most of the items in the long to-do list that we had when we arrived at the Panamanian capital. We have done all of our laundry, including Christer’s motorcycle riding jacket and pants whose surface must have contained about half a pound of dirt, sweat, dead bugs, tar from the road, and ingrained dust; all of which were accumulated during the 8,000 miles between Alaska and Panama. We have also repaired the bike and gotten hold of all spare parts needed to continue ... read more
Beware of Iguanas crossing the road
More giant ships sighted in the canal next to our tour boat
Tropical forrest in lake Gatun

Distance driven today: 14 miles / 22 km Cumulative distance driven: 8,129 miles / 13,082 km Today’s trip: Panama City to Miraflores Locks, Panama Canals visited: 1 No stay in Panama City is complete without a visit to the Panama Canal. It is hard to argue that there is any other attraction in this part of the world that is even remotely as impressive and iconic. Therefore, today we did what every other visitor to the country does, i.e. took a tour of the Panama Canal. The Pacific side Miraflores locks are located just 10 minutes out of Panama City, making them very accessible. From the balcony of the visitor center at the Miraflores locks, Zoe and I witnessed how enormous cargo ships passed through a series of interconnected locks at Miraflores. And all of this ... read more
Welcome to the Miraflores locks at the Panama Canal
The Miraflores locks - gates are 9 stories high
Ships enters lock

Distance driven today: 14 miles / 22 km Cumulative distance driven: 8,115 miles / 13,059 km Today’s trip: Panama City to Miraflores, Panama Schools with donated e-readers visited: 1 Today we went to the Balboa Academy, which is a K-12 school just 10 min outside Panama City. Last winter we donated Kindle e-readers to Balboa Academy, and this morning we met Katherine Reid who is the Principal’s assistant and Mrs. Kim Cox who teaches English and who has been using the e-readers in class for a whole semester. Both Zoe and I have been looking forward to this school visit ever since we left Tegucigalpa in Honduras, and we were certainly not disappointed today. Katherine gave us the tour of the school and we talked for over two hours with Kim about how she used the ... read more
Ex-US amry barracks turned into a school
Kim & Zoe at the elementary library
Panamenian busses

Distance driven today: 276 miles / 444 km Cumulative distance driven: 8,101 miles / 13,037 km (another 8,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: David to Panama City, Panama Milestone achieved: we have now completed half the PanAmerican highway :-) We let David in the morning, figuring that it would be a pretty straight forward ride to Panama City. Turns out that, between David and the next major city called Santiago, there were roadworks going on. These were not your ordinary roadworks, but rather what we believe must be the world’s longest roadworks! The entire 194km / 121miles stretch between the cities was one gigantic construction zone. The existing 2-lane road was being widened to 4 lane highway. Somehow the Panamanian ministry of transportation must have decided to widen the entire section all at once, rather than ... read more
We are close now to Panama City
Road side eat and hydration stop
Bridge of the Americas, connecting the north and south American continents

Have you ever stood in the breeze up a hill and stared at the sky, those moments of Devine peace when you exhale pain and inhale forgiveness. Just 20 minutes out of Antigua town I stand, gazing at the full moon, Fuego volcano erupting in the back ground, Venus and Jupiter alining in the sky above us. The calm, the energy, it blew me away. Those once in a lifetime experiences are why I travel, there where I find my release. Never have I seen the earths core blowing out of an active volcano, I mean how many people actually experience these things. It makes you wonder suddenly, how varst and insane Mother Earth truly is. How beautiful, how unexplainable. Our inner emotions, our daily struggle peril in insignificance when the sky, the moon, the stars, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Este » Baracoa July 1st 2015

Oops I've made an error. If you've followed a link to my Africa blog expecting to see writing and photography from Cuba please go to: ... read more

We are finished with Central America and for that I am grateful. In all fairness, there were excursions that went inland and that were probably wonderful and exciting but we have pretty much had it with tours. It has been a fabulous trip and we have done more than anyone can imagine and now we are ready for reality. Reality isn’t so bad - the lake is beckoning, the boat is beckoning, we miss our family and friends - only 2 more ports and then we reach Miami. We did our obligatory stroll off the pier and glanced toward the souvenirs and strolled back but not before taking a picture of the beach! Ugh! Yes we are definitely ready for home.... read more
Smaller Debris

After a slightly underwhelming experience on the Corn Islands, it was time to move on to pastures new. Before this, however, was the small matter of a night in Nicaragua’s capital Managua, another 30 hour bus journey and a stopover in San Salvador, El Salvador’s notoriously rough capital. As we had one night to waste in another grimy inner city before we could set off (due to having missed a bus by a matter of minutes after our German friend asked a taxi to stop for rum en route) we decided to book into a hotel within the bus terminal as the area around didn’t look too inviting. We scraped together enough spare change to afford a meal of rice and an unidentified meat that was mainly fat and gristle, set our alarms for 4am and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David July 1st 2015

Distance driven today: 239 miles / 385 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,825 miles / 12,593 km Today’s trip: San Jose, Costa Rica to David, Panama Border crossings: 1 We left San Jose in the morning and took the southbound highway running north-south through the mountainous mid of Costa Rica. The road quickly climbed through a myriad of switchbacks, and took us to 3,600m/ 11,800ft altitude where we rode for several hours. The traffic was relatively light, and the mighty rain forest, with all it nuances of green, started surrounding us. At that high of an altitude the temperature dropped significantly, and relatively quickly we found ourselves riding in some sort of magical fog. All the moisty winds coming in from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts turn into dense fog/clouds as soon as they hit the mountain ... read more
Cetral mountainous Costa Ria road vista
Laid back backpacker friendly Dominical by the Pacific Ocean
Which direction is the border

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