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Central America Caribbean » Guatemala October 24th 2020

Hello there, It's been a long time again. Even though I did have plenty of time to write and catch up, I didn't do it. This whole Covid-19 situation and the lockdown in Curaçao was difficult for me and I wasn't motivated at all. Luckily I'm doing much better again...and ready to write more often. After leaving Semuc Champey I continued towards Antigua. The city of about 50.000 people is a major tourist magnet in Guatemala and I see why. It's gorgeous and colourful colonial city where the Spanish colonial heritage is very well represented. The city was founded in 1524 and functioned as the capital of Guatemala until 1773, when the city was heavily damaged by an earthquake. The volcano "Volcán de Agua", at 3760m, rises majestically in the background and offers beautiful photo opportunities ... read more
Ziplining by Lake Atitlán

So, who really need another excuse to drink during this pandemic and shelter in place period? Essence magazine says: As if we needed another reason to celebrate summer with a cocktail in hand, July 11th is World Rum Day — a global celebration of rum and all of its distilleries. What better way to ring in the occasion then taste testing rums from across the globe when we can’t be there to taste them in person? Truth be known, rum was the first alcoholic beverage I tried when I got to college. My buddies on the 8th floor at Ehrman Hall at U.C. Berkeley were already "hard core" drinkers from high school. So, they suggested starting easy with rum and Coke. Bacardi rum was my first alcoholic drink. No telling what happened later ... read more
Very tasty Malibu Rum
The good stuff
The Captain

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After one week in Belize, I left San Ignacio by bus towards the border with Guatemala. The crossing and procedures at the migration went smooth and without any issues. Guatemala is the second largest country of Central America after Nicaragua but has the most amount of inhabitants: about 17 million by now. The country has a rich culture and history, and is well known for its active volcanoes and other natural beauty. "Soul of the Earth"; that is the tourism slogan of Guatemala! From the border I took a taxi into a town nearby, Melchor de Mencos, from where I took a bus towards Flores. Flores is a small city of about 15 000 people located on an island in the Petén Itzá Lake. It's a unique and colourful city, ideal to use as a hub ... read more
Semuc Champey
View of Flores island and Petén Itzá Lake

The great continents of North and South America are linked by an isthmus which also separates the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This volatile area both politically and geologically is where the Mayan Indian ruled in pre-Colombian times. Now between Southern Mexico and Northern Colombia lie seven nations; Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. My adventures in the latter had wetted my appetite for the region, and I now embarked on a five country odyssey of discovery. The beginning was a little convoluted, flights from Birmingham to Newark, (Wonderful views of the Arctic/Canadian icy wastes, the snow covered forests of New England, and the Manhattan skyline from the Hudson River approach) change for Houston where I am convinced we flew along the great Mississippi, then on through Mexico to Guatemala City, where I ... read more

This was my last stop in Nicaragua, before heading back to Managua. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I cut 3 days from the vacation. ..... Leon is a colonial city and ancient rival to Granada. The city is far less touristy than Granada, but still have many accommodations and things to do around. Old downtown center is compact and easy to navigate. We stayed in hotel Flor de Sarta, about 4 blocks North of central park. This si close enough to get to center in 10 minutes, but quiet enough to sleep well. The staff is super friendly ans breakfast is very good and varied. A small pool and patio allows to relax in the afternoon. ... In Leon, the highlight is of course the big white cathedral, which is white in and out. The building is ... read more
 hotel flor de sarta
hotel flor de sarta

Arrivée sur le « Mainland » du Mexique, la plupart des voyageurs prennent la route du sud, vers les villages de pêcheurs et les plages de surf, mais, puisque nous avons bien profité des plages en Basse Californie, nous nous sommes dirigés, vers le Nord, et l'intérieur du pays. Nous avons fait un premier arrêt court à Colonia, un joli petit village fondé en 1565 avec une église du 18ème siècle. Il n'y avait rien de vraiment exceptionnel à faire, mais c’est très différent de la Baja : plus d'histoire, plus de culture, plus de gens… Après un tour rapide du village, nous nous sommes dirigés vers une route de montagne très sinueuse, jusqu'à ce que nous traversions des forêts de pin évocatrices des Alpes, pour atteindre la ville de Durango, la capitale de l'état du ... read more

There is actually a road nicknamed "avenue of the volcanoes" in Ecuador. There, for about 200 miles, you can see many high volcanoes like Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, (if you're not in rainy season, otherwise it's full of clouds.....I know I was there..:-) ) In Nicaragua, what I call the "road of the volcanoes", is a stretch of road , East of Leon, in which for about 45-50 kilometers, you can see seven volcanoes from the main road, (there actually more than that to see if you take some secondary roads). Many of these, you can book a tour to explore more in details. What I did was a more of a quick panoramic road trip. I especially wanted to look for the highest volcano of the country. In order, coming from the South, here's the active ... read more
smoking momotombo
santa clara volcano
telica volcano

Central America Caribbean » Belize April 5th 2020

Hello everyone, After a long time, 7 months so be exact, I'm writing another travelblog-entry. With the Covid-19 (Corona) issue worldwide, most of us are at home so I do have time to write again. I'm still behind with my blogs but it doesn't matter, I'll slowly catch up. So I'll take you back to August 2018, when I planned a trip of just over three weeks. I flew Copa Airlines from Curaçao to Panamá, where I had to spend one night. On my way back to Curaçao I spent one night in Panama City again. Both times I took advantage to see and spend a little time with friends. From Panama I flew further with Copa Airlines to Belize, arriving at Philip S.W Goldson International Airport. Belize was the 76th country I ever laid foot ... read more
Snorkeling off Caye Caulker
Belize City: Baron Bliss Lighthouse
Snorkeling off Caye Caulker

Central America Caribbean » Panama April 1st 2020

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