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Well... our adventure started off... not quite like the adventure we had planned. When you live in Canada, travelling in February is a great idea - you want to get away from the cold and the snow, get a little vitamin D and come back with a nice glow that will make everyone jealous. That was our plan at least. Unfortunately, the Canadian winter (which was really non existent in Penticton until recently) decided to show its ugly face as we were literally departing on our trip. After one slight delay, we were in the car driving to the airport to get the notice our flight had been cancelled. Not because of snow in Penctiton but because of snow in Vancouver that’s the downside of flying out of a small airport! With highway 97 closed due ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau February 9th 2019

Be sure you have your Sea Card ready again. We are now at the Port Of Nassau. Remember our final port was changed from Labadee, Haiti to Nassau. No big deal because we have been to both before. Actually, we prefer Nassau over Labadee so all is well.....good and dandy. As I crawl out of bed and flop out onto our balcony......just like a fish out of water as I hurl myself through the sliding doors....I watched another cruise ship smoothly and slowly come along side ours as we are docked in Nassau. It was The Independence of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. Looks like a beauty. Soon after, a Disney ship, a Carnival Ship (Victory) and another cruise ship all docked in a row along with us. Think of the thousands and thousands and thousands ... read more
Independence of the Seas docked next to us
Disney Cruise Ship
Cruise Ships lining up

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 5th 2019

Cuba. 2019. Summary Cuba, an island of contradictions. Havana is a busy city where there are obviously people making a reasonable living and some taxi drivers etc. wearing heavy gold and using smart phones and yet you see beggars on the street and older people with lowly jobs looking impoverished. I think most people are quite industrious and willing to make money wherever they can but there appears to be working age people stood about, or queuing up for meat or something. These paradoxes also apply to the countryside but with the emphasis of more on the poorer end. Much farm work is done by horse and pony and old Russian tractors. A few farms had larger and more modern tractors but I suspect these were government owned and run by cooperatives. There are large area ... read more
 Che Guevara

Central America Caribbean February 4th 2019

Yoo-Hoo. Gotta get going. More to see and more to do. We are getting off our magnificent vessel at another port. Today we are exploring the French island of Bonaire. Amusons-nous! No taxis or busses around for a tour. This island is small so must be they figure we can walk it. So let’s start hoofing it for awhile and see what we can find. Wandered in and out of the many, familiar looking souvenir shops. We have already bought a few T-Shirts from these islands even though we swore we weren’t going to buy any. We both have WAAAY too many T-Shirts. I think we could wear a different one everyday of the week for a year. That’s TOO many!! Here’s an interesting shop with free samples. Sandy and I take it on. Cactus juice. ... read more
Welcome to Bonaire
Our ship: front & back, aft & stern
Outdoor bar at the dock

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 4th 2019

Vinales Monday 4th. February The owners of our Casa organised our taxi for the next stop. The bus system can be a bit hit and miss but a collectivo taxi by which you share with other people can sometimes cost similar and they pick you up from home and take you to your next address! We were picked up by a 1946 Dodge and luckily for us it had a new refinement of AC. We shared with another English couple and another Cuban guy so 6 in total including the driver and quite comfortable. Stopping on route for some of the tastiest chicken rice and beans that a lady was cooking in a little cabin on the side of the road. The drive down was very pretty a few sugar cane fields but this area is ... read more
Old people logging on!
Busy road outside our Casa
It looks like David is on a Shetland pony.... I'm up hill!!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 3rd 2019

Day 13. Havana return Good meal last night with red wine and gentle music in background with good keyboard player. Maybe best meal yet and maybe best sleep. Breakfast of fruit, followed by bacon,ham, tomato and scrambled egg. Out into a hot day of 30 degrees again and little cloud. Some climbing past some decent sized dairy farms with Jersey type cows, which may be a cooperative of some sort since they had the odd new tractor about of Chinese origin. Of great interest was the multitude of pony and traps on the roads today with heir best harness and bells jingling. We must have been 100 or so throughout the morning with all the family on board, which we believe were going to a regular gathering of such families and horses. The climb was on ... read more
Saturday trotters
Cuban coffee stop
Matanzas Road sweeper

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao February 3rd 2019

Up and at em. Routine ritual: EAT! Today we visit the island of Curaçao. I think we liked this Caribbean island the best out of the four places we visited on this sailing adventure. We walked for awhile through the touristy stands. It all starts looking alike. Sam & Cory on their hunt for old license plates. It happened. Finally found a tour bus (very reasonable) that would take us around the island and show us some of its high points. Our guide was “Sweet Linda”....she wanted to be called that. She was very good. Our bus driver took us around the shops, the houses, churches, graveyards, oil industry and more. We made a stop at a lake known for its Flamingos. They were quite a distance away in the lake so my photos look like ... read more
Lulu takes her seat as we approach Curaçao
Beautiful Buildings
Beautiful Buildings

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste February 3rd 2019

Day 14. Havana City Another glorious day and how better than to visit Old Havana, and what better way to get there than travelling in a 1955 Chevrolet convertible. Five of us stepped in, three in the back and two in the front of this rather good example of Americana with a Hyundai Diesel engine at 25 CUC’s for the 15km journey. How these have survived the 64 years I will never know, although they are a all a bit of a hybrid? Once in Havana we strolled up and down the streets looking at all the great buildings, many restored and many in sad states of decay. Starting in Cathedral Square we went in the Cathedral only to find Oscar repenting his sins in the Confessional Box repeating Hail Mary’s. I must say the building ... read more
Cathedral .
Confessional box

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad February 1st 2019

Ahoy there, Matey! It’s time to go to the Windjammer for breakfast. I’m not in the habit of eating breakfast...just a little low cal chocolate milk with my many pills. But here, onboard, with all this cooked breakfast available, it’s too tempting not to delve in a little. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp. Sam & Sandy and usually Cory would rise way before me. I love sleeping! Sandy would exercise in the gym. Cory would walk. Sam would eat his breakfast. One time, he ate 3 breakfasts in one morning. I would eventually crawl out of bed and we would all join up together for breakfast #? Burrrp. My knee was bothering me so I was always looking for a resting spot. How bad is that? I have become my mother. She had the same issue and preferred ... read more
Coming into the Port of Aruba
Walking ashore from our ship
Sam scoots onto our open air tour bus

Central America Caribbean February 1st 2019

Day 10 Cuba. 30 January 2019 Vamos- Off we go into another brilliant Caribbean sunny day with zero cloud. Out of town, the way we came in, along the coast heading west to Cienfuegos with all but one of our group riding, which is almost a first from day 1 with people going down like flies with stomach upsets. 12 out of 17 have been affected and the remaining 5 are holding their breath. The wind was on our tail and the sun on our backs again for most of the ride until we reached the Botanical Gardens for another excellent lunch. The lamb was superb with meat just falling off the bone. We had a short tour of the trees before we left to see the 300 species of palm trees held there, plus loads ... read more
Coffe Stop
Waitress 2.

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