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Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake around 3 hours from Antigua, it is surrounded by both hills, volcanoes and little villages. We arrived on the chicken bus from Antigua into the largest (Panachanel (Pana)) but stayed in San Pedro la Laguna which is about half an hour boat ride from Pana. This is the social spot on the lake and has lots of bars and hostels and is right next to the inactive San Pedro volcano (3020m). This was a good hike for which we started at 5.30am and wondered up through avocado and coffee plantations until we got to forest and then made the final ascent to the top. Unfortunately, it. Was cloudy so there wasn't much to see other than the fact we were above and being engulfed by the cloud. Either way it ... read more

Leg 3: Belize to Honduras On Tuesday 12 we were due to take a 3pm flight from Caye Caulker back to Belize City and onto Roatán in the Bay Islands (Honduras). The lady on the morning shift at Sophie's Guest rooms kindly said we could chill out on site and continue to use the facilities. When she left at 1, we also had to make our way to the airport which is not really an airport per's one single room with about 6 chairs and just one run way literally about 50m away! They only expect you to check in around 30 minutes before your flight here, so us being kinda early for them, they offered us an earlier flight. The staff were really nice and friendly, much like everyone else on the island, which ... read more

To get to Copán we had to fly to San Pedro Sula, currently classed as the most dangerous city in the world due to the drug and gang warfare. Unfortunately San Pedro Sula is a transport hub and you have to go there to be able to travel to many other places throughout the country, including catching buses to Copán. The bus station, however, is over the other side of town to the airport and so we caught the first taxi we could and got out of town on a bus within an hour of landing. At one point we were stopped by police, who asked to check everyone's documentation. They weren't really interested in seeing documents for most people - they ignored all the people in the front section of the bus (all locals) and ... read more

Antigua is the old capital of Guatemala. It is a pretty city around an hour away from Guatemala City with the vibe of southern Spain. It has cobbled little lanes and is surrounded by volcanoes- mainly being overlooked by volcan de Agua on the south side of the city. It is really tourist central for Guatemala but has definitely been one of my favourite cities of the trip so far. Antigua is one of those cites that you could wonder around for weeks and still managed to find something to do. It has a lots of old , ruined churches which have not been restored and more modern churches, cathedrals and buildings, some of which have been turned into hotels and restaurants. Along with this I found the Cerro du Cruz which is a cross on ... read more

Semuc Champey is a series of limestone pools above a famed 300m bridge in the central region of Guatemala. It is. Absolutely beautiful and has a deserved reputation of being a great day out. Semuc is difficult to access, so most toursists stay in a pretty small village called Lanquin which is in a neighbouring valley. I stayed in a lovely hillside hostel with great views and a fantastic atmosphere. Lanquin is very, very small and doesn't have much to do, only having a few comedors for eating and a few roadside shops. the main restaurants are inside the hotels or hostels and wifi is rarely available. Coming here was a real get away from realit (despite being surrounded by tourists!) To get there from Flores I took a shuttle bus from my hostel to the ... read more

From Lanquin I took a shuttle to Antigua and stopped there for a night before heading to Xela, which I took a chicken bus. Xela is the second biggest city in Guatemala and is famed by tourists for its hiking and Spanish Schools. People usually come here longer term To do Spanish lessons and stay with host families. Xela had really good vibes and felt really safe. It is set in the middle of the western highlands and has the culture of Antigua but the more modern feeling of a Guatemalan city. In other ways, it's just seemed like a more mature, less touristy Antigua and doesn't have some of the colonial feel surrounding it. I stayed in the Black Cat hostel near to the Parque Central for 2 nights. This was a nice hostel which ... read more

When in Mexico, you do as the Mexican's do, that's tequila shots, when in Belize do as the Beliazian's do, that's beer thirty and rum o'clock. After a short taxi ride from our lake paradise we arrived in Chetemal, Mexico's border town with Belize, we brought a very expensive ferry ticket over to Caye Caulker 65US, then hung around as you do at borders joining different queues and answering funny questions. Luckily we had emails with our flight break down showing Mexican taxes paid, many people who book though and agent don't have this and then have to pay £15 to exit Mexico, top tip keep that breakdown safe! The crossing to San Pedro is two hours of probably the bumpiest boat journey I have ever been on, it's a small boat and we were riding ... read more
The Split
Manatees (Seacows)
Nursing sharks, next to us in the sea! Agh

Sie suchen das ganz Besondere für Ihren nächsten Urlaub? Entdecken Sie die Niederlande und seine karibischen Ableger. Verbringen Sie zunächst ein paar Tage in einem der außergewöhnlichen Hotels der niederländischen Hauptstadt Amsterdam und starten Sie von dort aus in die Karibik. img= Das niederländische Königreich besteht nicht nur aus den Niederlanden selbst, sondern auch die Karibik-Inseln Aruba, Curaçao und St. Maarten gehören dazu. Seit dem 10. Oktober 2010 gehören auch die Inselgebiete Bonaire, St. Eustatius und Saba zu den Besonderen Gemeinden der Niederlande und werden voraussichtlich Ende 2015 in die Europäische Union aufgenommen. Ein Grund mehr also, um in die Karibik zu reisen und die exotis... read more

My time in Mexico has come and gone at quite a rapid pace! I feel that it was both long enough and not long enough at the same time. I know that I got exactly what I needed and intended from my time there. It is a place where you can’t help but feel super comfortable in, like being cocooned in a warm, fuzzy blanket! My wonderful friendships I formed there were hard to leave, but I know that I can make those connections anywhere in the world if I’m open to it! Puerto Escondido was an absolute pleasure to have had as my first stop out of my county, I picked it for a reason for sure! I walked away with a range of interesting experiences and new perspectives. The childhood deconditioning retreat I took ... read more
Heeeeeere's Caye Caulker:)
My Belizean Soul Mate Kitty:)
How f*uckin gorgeous is this?!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero May 15th 2015

After a slight break (no pun intended) due to my recent hospital visit, we will now re-visit our Spring Break excursion to Cuba. Our visit to Old Havana ended too soon. There are lots of things we would have liked to have seen but time got away on us. The bus to take us to the beaches of Veradero pulled up right on time and away we went to the second half of our Cuban adventure. The All-inclusive Resort I was a bit apprehensive about spending time at an all-inclusive resort. I am not particularly a-sit-around-on-the-beach kind of person, so what would I do there? The ride from Old Havana to the Veradero peninsula was certainly pleasant in our large Chinese-made bus. Some pretty nice scenery and we passed lots of old cars whose condition gradually ... read more
Safety first!
The Resort

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