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Do you like to cruise? Why or why not?
4 years ago, March 10th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #130826  
I am interested in cruise tourism, particularly in the Caribbean region. Why do people choose cruising over staying in one country? What are the advantages or disadvantages of cruising? Do most people typically leave the boat when it ports at a host country, or are there significant amounts of people that never get off the boat?
What kind of people do you expect to see on a Caribbean cruise?
These are just some questions that can provide a platform for the discussion of cruising 😊 Reply to this

4 years ago, April 7th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #133186  

We have never been on one but we almost booked the Caribbean experience like this ;-) We chose adventure tour instead in Egypt. The thing that was very appealing about it was I guess the fact that you can visit and see so many islands in one go and as far as I checked the island hoping on your own is not very cheap so it works quite well. Also the extras I guess you have on the cruise i.e. entertainment, food, pool, rock climbing etc if you happen to dislike any place (hard to believe but I heard that from some friends).
I always have this perception that only 'older' generation of people take them, also for the financial reasons, so maybe not so much fun going there in the end? Reply to this

4 years ago, April 7th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #133204  
There are two extremes: there are those who cruise just for the amenities on the ship and spend little time on shore, and the other where the cruise is just the most convenient and perhaps inexpensive form of transportation to a number of points of interest. I fall more to the latter extreme. I only take cruises to places that are only readily accessible by sea (e.g., Alaska's Inside Passage, which I have done). I would never consider a cruise of the Mediterranean, for example, as I would much rather spend most of my time on land immersed in the local culture.

As for the Caribbean, you might consider this as falling more in the latter category. It's an easy way to see a few islands. But I am not particularly interested in hoping from port to port. The ports all have the same "duty free" shops and overpriced day trips to canned tourist attractions. You don't really have time to see much of any one island. For me, the "beach time" or "immersed in local culture time" to "on board ship time" ratio is very poor. I would rather spend 24/7 on an island, even if I only visit one. Of course, then your difficulty is to decide which one! I liked the U.S. Virgin Islands, and am looking forward to visiting a few more, but not on a cruise. Reply to this

4 years ago, April 7th 2011 No: 4 Msg: #133208  
B Posts: 847
Cruising is good if you are traveling as a big group. Why? Because it provides options : stay on the boat or visit an island. Eating what the locals eat, or eating in. In other words, you are not bound by a single, common itinerary. You can still do your thing, while others may opt to just stay onboard. Plus it is easy to "organize" get togethers for dinners, concerts, shows, swimming, drinking and dancing on the boat. I favor cruising with my family which includes kids, who may not be all that keen about seeing "another island". Or cruising with friends I haven't seen for sometime. Reply to this

4 years ago, April 10th 2011 No: 5 Msg: #133371  
I agree with Lili that cruising is best in big groups.

I have been on two cruises:
1986, Western Caribbean= Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Jamaica.
2002, Alaska inside passage

Cruise ships have changed a great deal since my first trip in 1986. They were nice then but are amazing now. You will never be bored on a cruise. The rooms are a bit larger now and far more comfortable.

In 1986, we had a group of 26 people and had a blast.

To answer your questions:

From what I have observed most people leave the boat to explore.

In my opinion there are three main reasons people cruise. The cost of the trip is a known quantity ( except for drinks and tipping) and can often times be a bargain compared to a Caribbean Island. Secondly, it provides a safety net for people who do not travel much. They have everything they need on the ship and don't have to leave. They can meet new people and have fun on the ship. If they get brave they can get off at a port. And lastly, I believe many people use a cruise to look at several islands and decide where they would like to go back in the future for a longer trip.

All types of people take cruises. I am not sure you can find a "normal cruise passenger". Now you may be able to find several things in common with people who have done multiple cruises but that was not your question.

We have been to nine Caribbean Islands and two towns in Mexico on the Caribbean coast and I can tell you that each island has a personality of its own.

Beata and Tomek-- as for only older people taking cruises that is not the case at all. Many, many young people are out there cruising. You may find more "older" people on some of the more expensive boats like Holland America or Crystal but NCL, Celebrity and especially Carnival. Many of the ships today have themes which attract older vs. younger or the other way around.

I agree with Bob that the Inside Passage is a fantastic trip and you must consider doing it sometime. I agree that I would not want to take one in the Mediterranean.......but that is personal preference. We have friends who have done that trip and have been extremely happy. Again, I agree with Bob about the ports having many of the same shops. I will tell you each island has a unique personality and you can still feel the difference on your one day at port.

As Lili points out they are wonderful for families because everyones needs can be met.

In summary, I loved--- absolutely loved our cruise to Alaska.
I enjoyed the Caribbean trip but was left feeling like I needed more. There was not one port where we stopped where I felt like I had seen everything I wanted to see. It was like waving an exotic appetizer in front of my face and only letting me have a small sample. Since 1986, I have gone back to each of those islands to explore.

There is a cruise to South America that I am interested in some day. It would be a nice over view for the country.
I'd also consider doing the Panama Canal.

Happy travels.
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4 years ago, April 11th 2011 No: 6 Msg: #133478  
Having done two cruises , one to the Red Sea and another to the Caribbean, our motives were simple: we wanted to see a number of countries in a short space of time. And it worked. Yes we would go again. We belong to the Grey Pound brigade , older people without ties and some spare cash who want to see as much of the world as we can but don't want to go back-packing.
On both occasions we were pleased to see that the traditional image of cruising has changed. it's a much younger and more informal clientele. Reply to this

4 years ago, April 24th 2011 No: 7 Msg: #134454  

I agree with Ann that the cruise line have relaxed on the formality. They offer more restaurants and meal options than in the old days. Reply to this

4 years ago, July 15th 2011 No: 8 Msg: #140279  
In response to: Msg #133186

Older generation goes on due too financial reasons. This is not true you on missing out and need to experience a cruise! The Caribbean is mostly younger family 20-30 somethings. There are many benefits to cruises, different countries, shore excursions,
not to mention a slew of things to do on the ship eating, dancing, swimming, daycare center, entertainment, bowling alleys.

If your looking to take a cruise. Please visit my website for cruise package deals and discount rates!

Happy Cruising!
Cruise Specialist
Joe McNally
[Edited: 2011 Jul 15 08:03 - Jabe:6222 - Please - no advertising on forums.]
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4 years ago, August 27th 2011 No: 9 Msg: #142427  
In response to: Msg #133186 Beata & Tomek:

That's not true! Carival cruise line, Disney cruise, Cunard, and costa, Mediterranean cruises, and transatlantic cruises overseas
are all 20-30 somethings! I am going on a cruise aboard the
Celebrity X Eclipse, this is a 5 star ship and I am staying in a
oceanview cabin in Nov, 2011. I'm going to Southern Caribbean.
St. Thomas Megan's Bay, St. Marrten's, San Juan, Pureto Rico for 7 days! I'm a director of a Cruise Broker company called~
Destiny Family Cruises- CruiseBrothers. I discount cruises at cost! I would encourage you both you try a cruise through me.

Happy Travels,

Joe McNally
Cruise Director
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4 years ago, August 27th 2011 No: 10 Msg: #142428  
In response to: Msg #133478

Hi Ann:

My name is Joe McNally. I'm a cruise broker. I own my own cruise travel agency. Where I book directly with all the major cruise lines at a discount cost. I see your blog here, and I was interested to know that you went on two cruises and had a good experience! Where did you visit when you went to the Red Sea? I know it the Mediterranean region. I am going on Celebrity X Eclipse in Nov, 2011 for 7 days 5 star ship. I little older crowd for me, but thats okay.Visiting St.Thomas- Megan's Bay, St. Marrten's, San Juan. If you would like please check us out for your next cruise.

Happy Travels,

Joe McNally
Cruise Director
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4 years ago, September 2nd 2011 No: 11 Msg: #142702  
I'm actually looking at going on my first cruise EVER. Have already booked and am leaving in a couple of months. I have always wondered what all the hype was with cruises?

I have to admit I am excited about the idea of it, and I am a rather seasoned traveller. The cruise I am am taking is a little different then what's been discussed in the thread. I live in Costa Rica and have also visited many islands in the Carib, So I went for a Mediterranean Cruise and then to New York. It's a Food Network celebrity cruise. booked with http://www.worldwinesafaris.com/ and they have been great.

QUESTION: What's the experience of people who have had done trans Atlantic cruises?

That has to be a whole lot of water and nothing else around you... Do you get bored? I can get by with a few good books, but what else is there to do except stare at the big blue?

I am stoked about the vacation as a whole, time in Europe, time on a cruise ship, and then time back home in the USA.

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