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Clusters of white clouds float past my window as if someone's shaved off the frothy tops of hundreds of thousands of individual root beer floats. Or perhaps we are slowly approaching a new planet that's been overtaken by a mob of cotton candy. This visual makes me laugh quietly to myself as I imagine an army of cotton candy faces charging at us--their swords in hand. As our plane gets nearer and we appear larger and more threatening, they call for backup--a fleet of unicorns with candy-colored hair. With a new journey upon me, I'm embracing a whimsical sense of adventure and imagination! It's been three years since I've last traveled on my own and since I've shared my experiences with an audience. Three years ago I set off on a solo adventure to explore Spain, ... read more

June 10,2017-Cap Haitien Airport I arrived in the airport around 12 o'clock noon.I paid 10 dollars as a tourist fee in the immigration desk as I leave the arrival lobby. From there, I took an airport taxi to take me to my first destination which is a Resort.You will notice a lot of taxi drivers waiting just outside the airport departure lobby and will approach you to offer their service persistently.It would be wise to bargain with them before agreeing to take you for a ride.I asked the desk officer in the tourism desk for assistance where to change my money and she walks with me outside and bring me to an old woman who changes dollar to Haitian gourd (Haiti currency).Having a gourd on your pocket will be handy for paying bills which are less ... read more
Cormier Plage Resort
Way to Citadel
Citadell Lafarriere

Tonight, Hugo and I got up at 4 am to go to the canopy tower near pipeline-road. First highlight was a spectacled owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata). Hugo was very happy to see that one. Arriving inside the jungle, we first went to a spot where we expected the fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper, And there it was! One of the most dangerous snakes in Central America. It was calmly crossing the path we were on. Halfway through, it saw us and went into its S-coiled defensive display. Of course, we kept our distance, but to be honest, I don’t feel very intimidated by snakes that size (about 60 cm). I still don’t want to test being bitten, seriously. Ok, after we checked two animals from the T... read more
IMG_2548 Bothrops asper

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Colón » Gamboa June 24th 2017

Here I keep a list (and pictures if i have) of the bats i caught :) Carollia castanea Carollia perspicinata Artibeus jamaicensis Dermanura sp. Lonchorhina aurita Lophostoma silvicolum Vampyrodes caraccioles Phyllostomus hastatus Uroderma bilobatum (only seen)... read more

You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years planning a vacation then like that it's over. Today is that day for me and Alonzo, our last day to enjoy in Puerto Rico, so we're heading to Viejo San Juan or Old San Juan which it is more commonly known as. Puerto Rico has amazing food, beaches, people, so much culture to soak up but when I visit a place I like to learn about the history. So on this day we will learn about the history of Old San Juan which is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. Today is just like every other day we've been in Puerto Rico I head down to the street to Espana to get us some breakfast and you know Alonzo is still sleep, so I get breakfast and come ... read more
Tower at San Felipe
Me and Alonzo
Old San Juan

19.6. In strömendem Regen verladen wir unser Gepäck in den nagelneuen Pickup – wir sind die einzigen Fahrgäste - und fahren los, zur costaricanischen Grenze. Unser Fahrer, ein älterer Herr, kennt sich offenbar mit dem Fahrzeug noch nicht aus: als es lebensgefährlich wird, da er offenbar nicht weiss wie man den Scheibenwischer schneller einstellen kann und deshalb blind fährt, schreiten wir ein. So sind wir nervlich bereits etwas gereizt, als wir das Übertrittsprozedere beginnen – schlechte Voraussetzungen. Wir legen uns mit den nicaraguanischen Grenzbeamten an, da diese noch diverse undurchsichtige Gebühren verlangen für die Ausreise (bezahlen schliesslich alles, erhalten aber immerhin für jede Gebühr eine Quittung), beklagen uns lauthals über die Stunde Wartezeit in der Hitze (mittlerweile scheint wieder die Sonne) auf den Bus (den wir immerhin zum Voraus teuer bezahl... read more
Schlange auf der Strasse
Sonnenuntergang an der Playa Guiones

Yes I did quote a Lil Wayne verse for the title of this blog, you should hear me rap it on karaoke. That's a story for another time but today me and Alonzo are heading to the island of Culebra. Culebra is a small island east of Puerto Rico, you can either fly over there or catch the ferry from Fajardo Ferry Terminal. The first ferry leaves at 9am heading to Culebra, so that means we have to get my up early since it's about a hour drive from Isla Verde. I'm up early to get breakfast, I warned Alonzo the day before they we have to get up which he wasn't happy about. I walked down the street to pick up some food, I got us some chicken empanadas and juice before our adventure begins. ... read more
Flamenco Beach view from the water
Coconut tree shade
Iguana on the beach

Let me me start off by saying yes it's been wayyyy too long, was worried if my account was still active. I've been slacking on this blog, I'm never gonna get Anthony Bourdain's job at this rate. Well let me focus and talk about my trip so far, cause day 1 turned out to be a big waste of time trying to get a rental car but I will get there in a minute. So what am I doing in Puerto Rico? Remember that kid I took to NYC a few years ago well he's all grown up and graduated high school now, going to the University of the Incarnate Word, my alma mater to run track, so this is graduation/Fathers Day trip, yes just us two guys. We leaving out of Houston of course, 10:30 ... read more

Hello everyone it's me again with another day in Puerto Rico. Today me and Alonzo are heading to the El Yunque Rain forest, it's the only rain forest in the United States Forest System, it's located in northeast Puerto Rico. One of the good things about the island is that you can drive from end to end in maybe 2-3 hours, but Isla Verde to the El Yunque is only about 30 minutes. When I wake up today the sun is out so the day is already off to a better start than the day before. Of course Alonzo is still sleep cause that's what an 18 year old does when they dont have school. I walk over the freeway and I'm at Isla Verde beach, it's a beautiful day, people are out walking the beach, ... read more
View from the tower
Alonzo at the La Mina Waterfall

A leisurely stroll in Bridgetown 7 of us decided to go into Bridgetown for a wander around the shops. The departmental stores are much like any other around the world selling branded goods that we are all familiar with, but at the same time they sold locally made items. I couldn't resist going to the homeware department where they had some beautiful vases/containers for sale but I wasn't tempted to make a purchase. We were soon in need of some liquid refreshment and made our way across Chamberlaine bridge to a waterside restaurant/bar overlooking the beautiful boats as they bobbed up and down in the water. We saw a turtle briefly pop his head out of the water but it was camera shy so didn't manage to get a photo. I can recommend the Barbadian Lemonade ... read more
Local handicraft vendor
Such a lovely smil
Meeting WAFA ladies (& an Arsenal supporter)

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