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Our first full day in Costa Rica consisted mainly of us getting situated. We met Casey and Dan at a cafe in the central park of San Isidro del General (the closest city to their place) and they drove us to their house about 25 minutes from the city toward the coast. We got settled in and went for a drive to Dominical on the Pacific coast for dinner at Tortilla Flats, which was very tasty. We brought Jack along because, contrary to our North American sensibilities, dogs are allowed almost anywhere in Central America. Dan got to drive the motorbike home after dinner, which was exciting on that narrow, twisty road in the dark. Our days in Costa Rica were filled with going to the organic markets in Tinamaste and Dominical, making fresh fruit pirate ... read more
Surfing Fun
White Face Monkey
Blossom the Porcupine

After three long days of bus travel from Utila, we made it to Costa Rica. Initially, we thought we'd gloss over this beautiful country because it is more expensive than others in the region. However, we were lucky enough to have found a house sit for 2 1/2 weeks in Platanillo where we would look after a 5 month old puppy named Jack. We set this house sit up through a website called Trusted House Sitters which helps potential house sitters find accommodation in return for taking care of people's homes and (usually) animals while the homeowners are on holiday. Casey and Dan, the couple we were house sitting for, are a couple from the States who have been travelling for a few years and have settled down in Costa Rica with their rescue pup Jack. ... read more
Cost Rica Ridin'
What Did That Coconut Ever Do to You?

What we did Mystic Mountain Zipline Here is a big operation that also runs places in Costa Rica and other countries. That, however, gives you the assurance that they know how to do a zipline. We started on a chairlift up the mountain. You could make a day of it up there with their cafe, small museum, hummingbird garden, nature trail (restricted to those with a guide only unfortunately), and waterslide. However, we had a specific pick-up time so we got right to zipping. Talking to others, the famous Jamaican Bobsled ride was not worth it - too short. We enjoyed the ziplines and got to see the Bobsleds beneath us. The guides we had were really professional and great for us (afraid of heights and all). We did five ziplines, plus belayed down a tree, ... read more

so, we had 2 and a half days in Cayo (San ignacio). This is a small town fairly close to the Guatemalan border which we planned on using as a hub to explore the west side of Belize. The town is set around the Mopan river and twinned with Santa Elena on the other side. I had a good time there because of the people we met. It is the first time that I had really met other travellers in Belize. Other than this, we have been so isolated and haven't met many other travellers! The town is small and has a large market area. We arrived there to be greeted by some other Medics on their elective from Nottingham, (they may have been signed off a little early like us) but had also just qualified, ... read more

Sarah: We had a good last morning in Manuel Antonio - eating leftover pizza, drinking smoothies and soaking up the last few days of coastal sunshine! We arrived early evening in Santa Elena in the Monteverde cloud forest. We were pleasantly surprised by how mild an evening it was, especially compared to the hot nights we had at the coast! Once we were settled in to our room we headed out to a little restaurant recommended by the hostel owner for being good AND cheap AND with a free desert - sold. It was a very sweet little place, with what looked like 3 generations of family cooking in the kitchen and bringing out very tasty grub for us: rice, beans, chicken, all the usual suspects! The free desert of a little flat cake with dulce ... read more
The inside of the huge Strangler Fig tree near Santa Elena.
View from Monteverde cloud forest reserve.
One of our zip-lining colleagues settings out on one of the whopping lines across the valley below.

May 2, 2015 Day one, Grand Cayman I finally booked a hotel in Grand Cayman the night before I left the U.S. It appears the only bargain in the Caribbean is the airfare. The cheapest room I could find on Cayman Island was $125 a night. This really scared me, since I expected to find some budget housing. At least I had a destination on the island and I was sure to find something more reasonable after I arrived. My flight touched down at about noon on Saturday, May 2nd. Check-in was not until 4p.m. so the first order of business was to purchase a sim card for my Verizon phone at the airport but the phone store is closed on Saturdays. I proceeded to get a taxi from the kiosk at the airport and was ... read more
Hotel pool and bar
.My hotel from the beach

Located inside of Filadelfia Coffee Estate - which is a large coffee planation as well as a factory with available tours, test tastings and a delicious restaurant to eat at- is another kind of adventure for those whom don't fear heights. The Canopy Tour's provide two options for that bucket list zip lining experience through the forest and/or between Canyons. You can sign up for the Forest Express which allows you to take upon seven different zip lines that gradually become longer and higher. The last one on this course option drops down a 40 foot line across the tree line - it was amazing! Or if you are more adventurous and want to experience a much longer and higher zip line thrill then the Canyon Express is perfect for you! This particular package that they ... read more
Zip Lining through the Forest
Forest Zip Line
Forest Zip Line

So, welcome to the Deep South of Belize. Punta Gorda is a small town on the east coast of Belize. It has a large Mayan population and acted as our base to explore the deep south for a few days. The town itself is small and friendly and has a fruit and vegetable market running almost every day. It also bases its trade on fishing and acts as a portal to get to Livingstone in Guatemala. on our first day we travelled to a Mayan village called Santa Cruz and went to see some very dilapidated Mayan Ruins called Uxbencia. These were so dilapidated that we couldnt actually find them and had to search through the village to find someone to tell us where they were. They were a little disapointing as it looked like a ... read more

Now, today has been all about getting in to Costa Rica - to the volcanic town of La Fortuna in the highlands, set 6km from Volcan Arenal which violently erupted in 1968. This was to involve not one, but 2 flights on a 'small' plane. Jesus - I have jumped out of planes bigger than what I flew in!! Two of the hairiest plane rides I have ever taken, that's for sure! I uncontrollably let out a small squeak when the first plane dropped whilst coming in to land - something which amused those around me considerably as I cling white knuckled to my seat!! But I did manage to make a few friends on these flights, which made them somewhat less stressful. The second flight ended up being just myself and another single female traveller ... read more
Inside the tiny plane - with the oldest cockpit I have ever seen!

Having left a very wet Lost & Found in the early hours, it was an enormous relief to hit the Caribbean coastline in the glorious sunshine, where I have to catch 2 water taxis to my next residence - Bambuda on Solarte Island, near Bocas del Toro. I've heard great things about this the hostel, so my expectations are high - and I am not disappointed! The very delightful hostel is virtually 5 star in hostel terms, with a private pool overlooking the sea and chilled vibes playing throughout the afternoon. It is where a significant proportion of my time in Bocas is spent, embracing the sun by the pool or on the sofas under the covered veranda, this place is well designed for travellers. They provide a communal dinner for everyone at 7pm each evening, ... read more
A rather wet Lost and Found

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