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R: Our transfer took us via Jaco and the Pacific coast road, which crosses several rivers on their way out to the Pacific. At one, we were offered the opportunity to stop at a bridge where crocodiles are known to congregate. The crocs were pretty still, but sat with their mouths open, to remind you who's boss. A brave giant lizard ran out from the undergrowth and tried to tempt them, but they weren't biting... Literally! After a quick browse of more "authentic" tourist tat, we were on our way. We arrived in Manuel Antonio, on the mid-Pacific coast of Costa Rica and it was immediately much more humid again. We were a bit underwhelmed initially as I had booked a hostel with a pool, which was completely dry and empty when we got there. It ... read more
Naughty Monkey
Plunge time
"Rustic" accomodation

There are people who feel music deep into their soul. We consider ourselves part of that collective. The melodies seep through a portal and then you experience not only the music itself, but the very emotion created by the artist. Are you one of those? Do you hear the beat? Can you feel the vibe? Do you sense the rhythm? Does music stimulate emotion in you? Are your memories tied to songs? “The history of a people is found in its songs.” – George Jellinek The lights are dim in the Showroom at the Sea theatre as we move in and take our comfortable seats inside this impressive venue on a huge ship as we watch several blues legends walk on stage to take their seats. They truly seem to enjoying joking around and being together. ... read more
Stanley, Mr. Sipp, Dave
British Virgin Islands
Yep, that's what our ship does

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara January 19th 2016

Au Costa Rica, il y a 4 sortes de singe. Aujourd'hui, j'ai choisi de vous parler des singes hurleurs. Ils sont vraiment impressionnants! Ils font partie des animaux les plus bruyants au MONDE! Je les vois à tous les jours en fin d'après-midi près de chez moi. Ils se tiennent dans le haut des arbres en groupe de 8 à 20. Je peux les repérer facilement grâce à leurs hurlements! Même s'ils sont très bruyants, ils ne sont pas très gros, de 60 à 90 cm. Ils ne sont pas dangereux pour nous parce qu'ils sont VEGETARIENS! Ils ne mangent que des feuilles et des fruits. Ce sont les mâles qui font les terribles hurlements. J'ai lu sur un site que quand ils se sentent attaqués, ils hurlent, s'éloignent et.... comme moyen de défense font caca ... read more
Dans les arbres!
un petit!

The week out on the ‘water’ at Glovers was an out-of today’s-world experience. Starting Sunday a week ago, we headed out from Sitee River, a mangrove-lined, crocodile-shy estuary, across the bar into open ‘water’; then for 180 mins through minor inner cays to the outer reaches of the coastal shelf, ultimately to the last 4 cays strung along the Caribbean side of a 6mi wide, 12mi long coral reef. The largest of these cays is Glovers Atoll Resort, a 10 acre coconut shaded island lined by either white sands or coral reef rock. The place is run by3 generations of Lamonts – a bit of history: Marsha-Jo, the matriarch and her late husband started the original resort on Lamont Cay in the late 60’s; this cay and resort was completely wiped off the map by Hurricane ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 16th 2016

Havana The plan to go to Cuba was hatched with my cousin exactly one year ago. But she had no memory of the evening when I told her I was ready to book flights. Maybe it had been the liquor talking. No matter. I called my most reliable friend. "Jerry, Cuba?" "Sure." A month later we were strolling down Malecon, Havana's waterfront promenade. All along its eight-kilometer length huge waves crashed against the seawall, sending tall sheets of water over the sidewalk and well into the street. Passing pedestrians were dripping. Windshield wipers were wiping, and across the broad boulevard construction workers repaired storm-damaged buildings. We turned up a random street and allowed ourselves to get lost in Centro, Havana's mostly densely populated district. Tall, once-beautiful buildings, now windowless, some roofless, house 170,000 people living off ... read more
Santeria Priestesses
Free phone calls?

Salut! Mardi, tôt le matin, je suis allé à Carillo un petit village de pêcheurs. Nolman, un pêcheur, nous a amené en mer avec son bateau. En 2 heures, on a pêché 14 poissons! Il y avait des thons, du macro et un poisson coq! C'était notre deuxième prise. Il tirait vraiment fort et était difficile à sortir de l'eau! Un peu d'information sur ce super poisson! Il peut atteindre 163 cm. Il peut peser jusqu'à 51 kg. On l'appelle le poisson coq à cause de sa nageoire dorsale qui rappelle la crête d'un coq. Je vous laisse des photos de notre pêche miraculeuse! Et si le lien fonctionne une vidéo.... De la pêche du fameux poisson coq (Rooster). Et vous, avez vous des histoires de pêche ?... read more
le poisson coq!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 15th 2016

Tuesday 12thJanuary 2016 A Russian jeep took us up into the hills surrounding Trinidad where we enjoyed great views over the Caribbean coast. Next was a visit to a museum of coffee which in reality was nothing more than a few old piccies in a garden shed, where we saw how the Cubans used to dry, roast and grind coffee and then sampled some – good job Roger had already explained this otherwise we would have been lost. We then had a gentle hike through a coffee plantation and on to a waterfall and pool where a group of German tourists were swimming and making a lot of noise. The Waylors don’t do noisy tourists so on we walked through peaceful and beautiful forests to our chicken lunch and back home for shopping in the market. ... read more

R: Next stop is Costa Rica - a small rainforest filled nation sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua. Our flight took us via El Salvador - and to fans of the band Athlete, yes I was humming the song all the way there. We had an initial night in San Jose which was pretty much completely taken up with standing in the immigration line and sitting in a traffic jam into the city. The next morning we headed out on the early bus to La Fortuna, a tiny town in the shadow of the Arenal volcano. The bus took about 4 hours and along the way we mused about whether it was good or bad for a public bus to be this full of tourists when many of the locals couldn't get a seat. We actually had ... read more
Laguna de Arenal
Hummingbird Gallery
British waders

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal January 13th 2016

Jan 10, 2016 The Canal This morning at 7 AM we arrived at the entrance to the Panama Canal. I did not see it or hear it, but when we went up to breakfast, there it was. We were already in the third Gatun Lock. (See photo 1). It was all very slow and majestic- no scraping or bumping. When the lock filled, we were drawn by “mules” that run alongside- very small powerful tractors. You may remember when Jimmy Carter turned the Canal over to the Panamanians, many people said that such backwards people could not possibly run this complex enterprise. Actually, of course, it was like the great non-disaster of the calendar in 2K. Pro forma, we were boarded by a Panamanian official who acts as temporary Captain while passing through Panamanian waters. We ... read more
1_Our prow deck
2_Out onto Gatun Lake
3__Gatun dam, breakfast

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown January 11th 2016

For two consecutive summers, our family of 5 has travelled to Barbados for our summer fortnight. A one our flight from our hometown to London Gatwick, then an 8+ hour flight to Grantley Adams Airport on the beautiful island of Barbados. Barbados lies at the bottom of the Caribbean islands, out on a limb to the east sharing it's coasts with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a tiny, diverse, limestone island surrounded by coral reefs. Barbados has one of the Caribbean's most prosperous economies - tourism, sugar cane and rum production being their main and most crucial revenue. We travel as a family of five and stayed both times on the beautiful West Coast of the island, or 'Platinum Coast' on a long stretch of beach at the Fairmont Royal Pavillion ... read more

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