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weather in gautemala in july or august

i'm trying to find out what the weather will be like in gautemala in july and august from someone who has travelled there personally during during those months.
12 years ago, April 26th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #134576  
im trying to plan a trip to gautemala in either july or august of this year. All the travel books that i\\\'ve looked at say that july and august are a very rainy time of the year. i knew someone several years ago that went at that time and said the weather was fine. they indicated that it would rain many days, but it would only rain for a protion of the day and the rest was great summer time weather. i\\\'m taking my youger brother out of the county for his first time and i want him to have a good amount of sunshine for his trip. can anyone give me some advise and/ or first hand account of what to expect for weather in central america in july or august. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks and peace!!!
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12 years ago, July 18th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #140528  

I have not been to Guatemala yet, however, my best-friend who was born and raised in Guatemala had told me several times that the so called "rainy season" is not so bad, it just means the chance of rain higher during that season, and when and if does rain it's only for an hour or two but there is still sunshine. I hope this helps.

Also to add, I recently went to Playa Del Carmen, and I had read that it was rainy season during the time I went, which worried me because I was so desperate for sunshine. Before my trip there was rain for weeks every single day, however when I arrived it was pure sunshine and it lasted that way for two weeks. Sometimes its luck or sometimes you just have to bring the sunshine with you, lol jks... Reply to this

12 years ago, August 2nd 2011 No: 3 Msg: #141407  

If you are planning to visit gautemala in july or august Generally it's rainy part of the day and clear the rest. So no worries. Reply to this

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