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Nicaragua Road-trekking

I am planning a possible walk across Nicaragua (coast to coast) this upcoming July. I have pretty extensive experience traveling solo in South America and my Spanish is good enough to get around and communicate. I plan to get most of my walking (20-30 miles/day) done in the morning and early afternoon. I've gone on similar hikes from town to town in Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, and Bolivia, but nothing this long. I have a few questions for anyone who might live in or who have traveled in Nicaragua:
4 years ago, February 15th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #129095  
I am hoping to go solo from the west coast, through the Segovias and Boaco, and then likely hire a guide in Rama (if necessary). Is it possible to hike from Rama to Bluefields or the Pearl Lagoon on dirt roads, or is it only possible by boat?

Are the volcanoes north of Lago de Managua more impressive than those around Masaya / Granada?

How heavy is the traffic on the "main" roads in Nicaragua? I am looking to stay off the beaten path -- dirt roads are ideal, but I know how difficult directions can be.

I'd rather not take a tent, but it looks like I might have to, and then arrange stays on locals' land when I can't find hotels. In bigger towns, I'd prefer to stay in hostels and cheap hotels, but how common are basic accommodations in smaller towns?

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