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Hey all, I am doing one blog entry for both yesterday and today. We haven't done a whole lot and there aren't a lot of pictures so it would be easier to condense it. Yesterday we woke up around 7:30am to the sound of rain pounding on the roof. Cindy and George were getting ready to leave. Their taxi was supposed to get here at 8am. As they were finishing up last minute things, Myles and i got up to see them off. Before we knew it the taxi had arrived and we were waving them out the door. I cant believe it has been raining the past two pays. So inconvenient for travel, but since it is the rain forest i guess that's how it goes. It was so nice having them here for the ... read more
jerk chicken and beer from Boi Bois
the kitty

Sorry this is late but we were all feeling too tired last night to mess with the blog. Yesterday was a lot of fun! We started off the day by getting picked and driven into town (not having to walk into town is always nice) and getting dropped off at the Terra Adventures place. They had our ATV's ready and waiting for us. Our guide was a very nice guy name Raul. He showed us how to use the ATV's and had us drive up and down the streeta couple of times. He had to go help Crista because she got stuck at one point. After a couple of times up and down the street it was time to go. First we had to go back by the cabin to get our driver's licenses (nobody told ... read more
look of terror
so excited
one of our guides

Hey there, So we had a lot of plans today that kinda got shot down because of the rain. We woke up around 5:30am to Myles blaring alarm clock on his phone. We weren't sure that we would get up that early without help so we set it last night. Fishing is early business. The boys (Myles and George) had a fishing trip set today and they had to meet their captain on the other side of town at 7am so we got up early to prepare for their departure. Cindy and i had a kind of girly day. We planned on going to the sloth sanctuary, then to a local chocolate farmer, then to a pretty waterfall. But, we were not getting picked up till 10am so we were only up to see the men ... read more
trees in the creek water
ah sunset

Hey Everyone, Today was awesome. As i mentioned in the last blog Myles had been really wanting to go snorkeling, and since our last attempt did not work (it was the day Myles was deathly ill.) yesterday we signed up for a tour to Cahuita National Park and some snorkeling at the point there. Cahuita is one of only two living coral reefs in all of Costa Rica, and it is supposed to be beautiful. We woke up around 7:30. Our bus was supposed to pick us up at 8:00am. We had a little toast (and tried the new peanut butter. Its weird) with some fresh fruit and we were ready to go. We sat around and waited, and waited. Finally the bus showed up 30 minutes late. But, at least it showed up right? We ... read more
lil monkey 2
the view from the point

Hello there readers, Today was fun. We have been here now a little over two weeks and since Cindy and George have arrived it has been nice to show someone everything we have seen and learned. We all woke up quite early to make it to the farmers market before all the food was picked over. We got into town at about 8:15am or so. We warned Cindy and George that the farmers market was really small but i still think they were surprised to actually see how small it is. Its like maybe 10 stalls, and that's it. We picked up some fun stuff, Myles and i have been eying this homemade peanut butter, and this weekend we finally decided to get some. I just hate buying it because it costs so much, but they ... read more
the Bradfords in Costa Rica
Pretty flower
a butterfly

Hey Everyone! So i think today was my second favorite day here so far. We woke up around 7:45 because Myles set his alarm so we could get to our plans. We got up and headed to Banana Azul to rent some bikes again. We got on the road around 8:45. We were heading to the Jaguar Sanctuary just south of town. The sun was shining, which was nice because the past couple of days have been kind of over cast and rainy. When we got up we did not want to put on any sunblock or bug spray because we heard that you can not hold the animals at most of the sanctuary places because its bad for the animals skins. So we jumped on our bikes and peddled quickly into town trying not to ... read more
snakes 2
myles catching the monkey

Hello friends, Today was not that eventful. But, it is the calm before the storm. Cindy and George are arriving tomorrow night and i am sure we will be very busy showing them around to all our favorite places. I woke up around 8:45 and hung out on the porch waiting for Myles to wake up. I wanted to let him sleep because i know he has been going to bed very late. He got up around 10:30 and we decided to eat some frosted flakes. After breakfast we cleaned the house. We wanted to make it look nice before the parentals get here :) After doing the dishes, sweeping, changing the sheets, and cleaning out the fridge we went to Banana Azul to do laundry. We dropped off two loads. It is the first laundry ... read more

Hey guys, Sorry there hasn't been a blog for the past couple of days. When i was trying to upload some pictures to my last blog the internet stopped working and it would kind of flicker on and off for the past couple of days. Today is the first day that it has worked normally (keep your fingers crossed.). Even though i have not had a chance to write, you haven't missed much. Myles wanted to relax and recoup the past couple of days so that is what we have been doing. He finally feels back to normal this morning, thank god. On Tuesday when we woke up Myles felt a lot better but not back to normal, he still had a slight fever and he was very tired. But, he wanted to try to eat, ... read more
"jesus christ" lizard. becasue he can walk on water. thats what our guide called them.
posion dart frog
red bird in tree. you can hardly see him

How goes it people? So today was interesting. Not exciting, but interesting. I woke up this morning (around 4am) to the sound of Myles getting sick in the bathroom. When we had gone to bed he had been complaining of felling sick. And i knew that i had fallen asleep well before he did. Ive been taking benadryl because i have an ant bite on my foot that has caused my whole ankle to swell. But of course benadryl makes me really sleepy so i have had no problem going to bed the past couple of nights. Anyways, Myles started getting sick at like 9pm, and by 4am he was throwing up. After about 20 minutes of hearing him be sick, he turned on the shower, and i didn't hear anything for a long time. I ... read more
sounds scary huh? this is the hospital in town
myles is special
Big bug

hello all, Where to start. Yesterday was Halloween and as we found out, not many people here really care. We got up early and heading into town for the local farmer's market. Got some great stuff for really cheap. Some good fresh bread (which sadly the ants got into already), a pineapple and some grapes. We finally got to try out some fresh coconut. For 300 colones they cut the top off of a coconut with a machete and give it to you to drink. The milk is cool and refreshing! We also bought a kilo of some weird fruit that I can't even remember how to pronounce. Very delicious though. We also picked up some green jalapeno hot sauce too. Stuff is amazing! So after the market we head back to the cabin and lounged ... read more

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