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We are staying at a great organic farm  called Finca Loco Natural in a small bungalow, named La Casita. Its in the Playa Negra neighborhood of Puerto Viejo, which is just about 1km outside of town.  The cabin is really cute-beautiful hardwood floors, big windows that open to lovely view of the garden and forest, and a great porch with a hammock, chairs and tables.   When we arrived, one of the owners-Pamela, greeted us and showed us around the property.  She took us up to their house, to meet her husband Carter and to find out if they had a router we could use so that we would have wireless internet during our stay. Turns out, they were having problems with their wireless-Edward was able to fix the issues and get their spare router working ... read more
Beach walk
Gnarly roots
Bri Bri art work

Breakfast was a slow affair. In fact, pretty much everything is a slow affair; no one seems in a particular rush to do anything! Although we were ready to leave at 08h00 this, by Costa Rican standards, is late! Loading everything into the bus, we headed up over the range of hills separating the central plateau from the east of the country. Although not cold, it was cloudy and, what I suspect were many shades of green, were flattened into one drab colour, occasionally punctuated by the bright orange flowers sitting at the tops of distant trees. The uneven road made its way through tiny villages, banana and coconut palms breaking up the well defined rows of coffee bushes. Everywhere, lush green vegetation showing just how wet the country really is covered the landscape, from the ... read more
Howler Monkeys resting in the heat of the day
Three Toed Sloth
Three Toed Sloth

Terwijl het ondertussen stevig doorvriest in Nederland zal ik hier af en toe een update geven van mijn belevenissen in Costa Rica en Panama. Begin Februari zou ik eigenlijk zijn begonnen met een nieuwe opdracht op mijn werk, maar de klant had toch de centjes even niet, dus zou er uitstel zijn van minstens een maand. Naar buiten kijkend, tegen het immer schone Boxtelse beton bedacht ik dat dit wellicht een mooie gelegenheid was om er eventjes tussenuit te knijpen. Mijn baas was vanwege ziekte afwezing, dus die stemde toe, en zodoende zit ik nu in Costa Rica. De ironie wil dat ik ondertussen al een mailtje heb gekregen van een collega dat de klant opeens wel centjes heeft, maar ja, deze jongen zit nu veilig in de Caribean. Er moet me trouwens eerst even iets ... read more
the good life
monkey in the park
Monkey being pissed off

Well we are all due for another relaxation day today. The boys were hung over so in the morning I got my stuff organized. We went to book plane tickets home but had credit card problems. We are planning to head back to Canada on the 17th because that is the cheapest and best time for our remaining cities. We want to do a loop through Panama and end up in San Jose for the flight. The weather has been bad all day so we lazed in hammocks for most of it. Eventually we made it to the Internet cafe again to book our tickets. We fly home on the 17th and get into Vancouver at midnight. We ate dinner at the hostel which was the traditional carribean whole fish chucked in a stew. They put ... read more

Today we all decided to do our own things. Matt mainly lazed about the hostel while the rest of us randomly wandered around town. Justin, Morris, and I found our way to a black sand beach that entertained us for an hour before we found out the sand was just too fine. It stuck to everything and didn't come off very well. I headed back to the hostel while they went to a local diner for food. Later in the day Justin and I headed back into town to checkout all the stores. After aimlessly wandering again for over an hour we headed back to the hostel to chill in hammocks. Halfway back it began to downpour so we were stuck hiding under a tree on the beach. By the time it let up enough for ... read more

Being the first of February I realized we have been gone for two months now. Recalling our trip so far, we have had an amazing adventure. Today we go on, travelling from San Jose to Puerto Viejo. We managed to miss our ten o'clock bus because it was full so our morning consisted of sitting at the bus terminal until 12. When we got on the bus to start the four and a half hour ride, Morris realized the batteries on his iPod were out and Matt's were on low. It was going to be a long ride for them as Justin, Andrew, and I put in headphones and relaxed. The ride was uneventful and we arrived in Puerto Viejo around five. From there we booked into Rockin J's hostel and went to get dinner and ... read more

Today we left Bocas and Panama to cross into country number 14! We started our journey with a taxi boat to Isla Colon, from there it was another water taxi to the mainland. Once on mainland we took a taxi to the bus stop then jumped on a bus to Changuinola, from there we took another taxi to the boarder! Once at the boarder we got our stamps then walked over the bridge and into Costa Rica! We then took our last transport of the day, another bus to Puerto Viejo. Although the journey sounds crazy it was actually surprisingly easy but just a little time consuming! We arrived in Puerto Viejo hot and hungry, we dropped our bags in our little wooden cabin and then went to find something to eat. We found this cute ... read more

Hey there, Today was long. I woke up around 7am and finished all my packing. Then i wanted to clean up a bit so Hernan wouldn't have to work to hard on the house after we left. I swept the house, folded the towels, did the dishes, and rearranged all the furniture to how it originally was. When we went to bed last night the kitty cat had come to visit and had curled up on one of the chairs to sleep. Stinky was still hanging out on a rug on the porch. When i got up Stinky had scared the cat away and decided to curl up on her warm chair. He was squeezed into this tiny space and it was so cute i had to take a picture. Around 8am Myles got up and ... read more
raining in the morning sunny in the afternoon
my biiig bag
hernan not ready for a pic. here ya go mom.

Hey people! So we are getting ready to leave. Today i woke up at 8am and went onto the porch to read. When Myles got up a little later we started to pack. We both wandered around the house picking up things that we know needed to come home with us and that we weren't going to need in the next few days. Once that was done to the extent it could be until the next day, we relaxed for a little bit. We both knew that that would probably be the last time we got to just sit and enjoy the serenity of Costa Rica before our crazy trip home. When we got hungry we ate left over pizza and chicken from last night. At one point Stinky decided to come hangout. So we gave ... read more
"tattoos" that Ricky gave us with a plant from the rainforest
black sand
cool gate at a burned down building in town

Hello again, So on Thursday we were signed up for a tour with the bush master Ricky again. Myles had been really wanting to go to Manzanillo, and i had been really wanting to go to Punta Uva. So we set up a trip to do both in one day. They are very close together so it was a good plan. It was Cindy and Georges last day, so they just wanted to hangout at the house and relax, so it was just Myles and i. We met Ricky at the bus stop at 7am to catch the public bus outta town. Once we got on Ricky told us he had another couple of people we were going to meet at one of the stops on the way. Half way there these girls get on the ... read more
the trail
our guide

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