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To whom it may concern, Today started out alright. I woke up around 7:30am feeling a little hungover after last nights festivities. We finally arrived home some time around 1am, which isn't really that late, but here, where the sun goes down at like 4:30, 1am feels late. I got up and decided that i wanted to go to the beach. Myles was still sleeping and i didn't want to force him to get up so i figured this would be a good way to stay busy without bothering him. I got dressed grabbed my towel, and whispered to Myles that i was on my way to the beach in case he needed me. After i was sure he was awake enough to remember where i was, i locked all the doors and left. The sand ... read more

ello again, Sorry about the hiatus yesterday. Myles and i were both really tired by the time we got done cooking. We also had to get up early so we wanted to get to bed. Yesterday afternoon we signed up for a tour. We were going to have a local guide take us to the iguana reserve, then to a local cocoa farmer who makes organic chocolate, then to a shaman of the local BriBri tribe to see some local medicinal plants, and last but not least to a waterfall (finally). We woke up around 6:45 to Myles' cell phone alarm. We both slowly got out of bed and went to get dressed. Just shorts, our bathing suits, hiking boots, some sunglasses, a shirt, and we were ready to go. We had to meet our guide, ... read more
big piggy
young iguanas
medium iguanas

Pura Vita! Hello everyone. Last night we were woken up by the sound of heavy rain falling on our roof, along with lightning and thunder. Its hard to sleep here when it rains heavily because of the material that the roof is made out of. It seems to amplify the sound (lucky us!). As we rolled over to go back to sleep we both hopped it would clear by morning so we could still go on the hike that we had planned to the BriBri waterfall. No such luck. when we woke up around 7:30am it was still pouring, and i asked Myles if he still wanted to walk to the bus stop where we were supposed to meet our now friend Shawn. He sleepily told me no and rolled back over. I sadly agreed, even ... read more
my breakfast
blow hits away huh?
bread and choclate

So Crista's tired tonight so I'm taking over the blog this evening! Here are the urls to the videos of our zipline tour. Try as we might, we could not get the videos to work on here. Just put these address into your browser one at a time and it should show all of our videos. So today we (or I should say I) got up a little later than planned (drinking and ziplines will do that to you I guess). Anyways, we decided to rent some bikes today and head down to Punta Uva today for some snorkeling. So we packed up our snorkeling gear and headed down to Banana Azul to rent some bikes. ... read more
when cows attack (just kidding)
a cool bird on the shower
at MoJos

Greetings friends, Today has been my favorite day in Costa Rica so far. I woke up around 7:15 to the amazing sound of the ocean and birds. Our alarm was set for 7:40 so i knew it wouldn't be long before Myles was forced to rise as well. I was so excited about our zipline adventure that i decided to start getting ready. While living here i haven't been doing much in the mornings to get ready. Typically i get up put on some shorts and a tank top, brush my teeth and hair, grab my shoes and i am ready. When i was ready Myles got up and thew on some pants with his hiking boots and we ate a breakfast of Mexican sweet bread with bananas and water. We didn't want to eat too ... read more
our pick up
their sign
i know im rad

Dear Friends and Family, I mentioned in my last blog that we were headed down the road to a hotel out here for some drinks. Well it turns out that you can only go to that bar if you are staying at their hotel. We walked over, sat down, and ordered. We both got a mixed drink call a "pura Vita" its triple sec, tequila, and the local alcohol called Guaro. (which is fermented sugar cane.) The girl brought us our drinks , and just as we were about to take the first sip she asked for our room numbers. We told her we weren't staying at the hotel. She was a little upset and tried to explain this to us in rapid Spanish, but Myles only understood every third word or so, and i didn't ... read more
our treasures
Rockin Js
the book store. dun dun daaaa

Greetings from Costa Rica! Today was a beautiful day, hot but beautiful. I woke up around 6:45am, everyday it gets earlier and earlier. Before you know it i will be up to hear the rooster crow. When i was getting out of bed i figured Myles wouldn't be up for a while so i decided to be lazy and read out side in the hammock (again!). I got bored so at one point i walked around our property (again) and took pictures. By the time we come home i will have the whole place photographed from top to bottom. FINALLY around 9:00am Myles decided to get up. So, we had some breakfast: frosted flakes with milk, fresh sweet bread, and pineapple from the day before. It was yummy, and definitely different from the food i am ... read more
cat in our yard
green part frog
fat froggie

After several days in Leon restocking our gear, going to see a cockfight, and touring the city; we decided it was time to leave Nicaragua. Our plan was to head straight into Panama, but once we looked at the bus schedule we saw that we could tag on a couple days in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica without much trouble. Its a Caribbean town several miles north of the Panamanian border and we had heard good things about it. We arrived in the afternoon, and quickly found ourselves going to get Margaritas with two girls we met at the bus station. We soon found out that they are 'dancers' from New Zealand and sisters as well. Their company proved fairly entertaining. We rented some bicycles for the next couple of days, and made our way to a ... read more

Hello everybody. So, today was nice. We took it easy again. Just kinda hangin out and whatnot. I woke up around 7:45am to the bright sun peaking through our shutters (yes, there are shutters to keep all the bugs and craziness out.) Anyways, this has been the first day it was really sunny for a substantial amount of time. I sat on the porch for about an hour and read my book (i have already finished one, and so has Myles, i haven't seen him read this much in like, forever), and watched all the little geckos run around. There are so many of them here its crazy. Evey time i turn around i see another one. I decided that after doing nothing on the porch for awhile it was time to get going so i ... read more
flowers in our yard
the view from the patio
anole in the dishes

Hello All! Today's entry is probably going to be significantly shorter then the last two because we didn't do much today. We woke up sometime in the early morning to some howling type noises. Since we have yet to see howler monkeys we decided to go check it out. but alas, no luck. After a thorough investigation we concluded that the noise we heard must have been birds :( i know, but we will see some monkeys for sure next week. I believe we are going to go either to Cahuita to go hiking, or to the sloth sanctuary on Monday (Don't worry Cindy, i still wanna go with you when you guys get here.). We wanted to give our selves sufficient time to explore the city before we ventured out, that is why we are ... read more
can you see the crab?
the sun set
those lights in the dsitance are the town

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