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Church was interesting. It´s beautiful inside, with chandeliers and frescoes on the wall. It is not like the traditional Catholic environment. A random street dog ran back and forth through the church a couple of times…only in Costa Rica. Yes, they took the sacrament and the priest gave the homily. We even knelt to pray. But it was also mixed with a more laid-back contemporary feel. The music was amazing. They played classical and acoustic guitars. I loved listening to their songs, because it was bright and uplifting. It mad me smile. Sadly, the only part I could join in was the “Alleluias.” I felt like Mr. Bean. Jaja, not really. It was almost comical, when the family squeezed into the row. It was the dad, the mom, me, Mati, and Jorge (su novio). In a ... read more
juice bar, that was supposed to be extraordinary, but only normal
the amazing caribbean
the amazing caribbean2

After a few very chilled out days in Bocas del Toro - which we absolutely loved, we decided to have a few more days on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, here in Puerto Viejo. The trip from Bocas wasn't long; a 50 minute watertaxi ride to Finca60, a short busride to Sixaola (the bordercrossing to Costa Rica). We got there during lunchhour, so the border was closed for half an hour or so. Only in Costa Rica do they actually CLOSE the border for lunch! Which meant a short wait (even though we knew this might happen, it still wasn't worth getting up an hour earlier :) ) Then we had to cross a slightly dodgy looking bridge to get to the Costa-Rican side. It looked like a railtrack, wooden planks crossed over each other, ... read more
White-faced Monkey

"Pura Vida" or "pure life," that´s what you see and hear everywhere in Costa Rica. And I can understand why.... I have never seen a country with such concentrated natural beauty. Painted green with rainforests and fringed with white-sand beaches.... In a word, it´s gorgeous! Costa Rica is very different from the rest of the places I´ve visited in Central America. First, it caters more to tourists, hence it is filled with many more tourists and more Americans than I´ve seen anywhere else. Second, poverty is not as strong or as evident. Third, there is more care and conservation of natural resources, less littering, etc. Fourth, so many people speak English, they are actually surprised when I speak Spanish! Lastly... Probably because of all the tourism, Costa Rica feels more diverse, but almost lacking in a ... read more

It’s been raining, and I don’t mean a drizzle drizzle type of rain. I mean it rains then it mists then it pours then there’s sun for about 20 mins rains. It is becoming fairly miserable. In a refreshing surprise a tree frog jumped onto the tree in front of me.... read more

The Stormy clowds really kicked in this morning, and with that the Surf, I awoke in my hammock about 6am at sunset to the crashing of the waves. I took this shot from the playarita resturant, the same place I listened to a live reagee band last night. I love the name of the boat.... read more
Dark Skies Ahead

I pet my first sloth, J of Rockin Js happened to be clearing up some brush when the little thing fell out of a tree a good 30 feet. I had been up on the Tree house at the time writing in my journal. I unfortunately have no photos of it just video you can see it when I get home. So J and another worker carried it in on a large branch, so that the wild dogs would leave it alone. After release on the tree in the center of reception we had a chance to carefully pet and snap a few photos (amidst warnings of Please don’t use the flash these animals are nocturnal, flash cameras fired away.) within 10 mins the sloth had climbed the entire reception area roof and was back in ... read more

The comforting thing about the timidity I had about traveling solo is running into people who are even more clueless than I am. I don't know how many people I met that didn't speak a lick of Spanish or who had never even made it out of the country before starting out on a 6 month journey...I felt quite reassured that I need NOT be so concerned. Anyway, yes, I actually did make it to San Jose alive after a very long layover and customs line. Once arrived I searched for someone resembling a backpacker type to try to split a cab to the center of town. I lucked out and found some girl staying at another hostel and we thought the cab driver said that I would have to pay the full amount anyway, but ... read more
Surfer Ticos taking a break
Towards Manzanillo
Can this place possibly get more spectacular?

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