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Wednesday: back on the road, this time for a bit longer journey - the Caribbean Sea or bust! (hopefully not bust!) After successfully navigating my journey without the aid of the GPS on both Sunday and Monday, I decided to give it another shot for this longer leg. I mapped it out online beforehand and committed it to memory, keeping the GPS on just to make sure I was still on the road I thought I was. On this day, not relying on the GPS turned out to be a good thing, as there are new roads up in this area that the GPS did not know about - and they were good roads! So my GPS was showing me driving through the middle of the wilderness for probably an hour - who knows what route ... read more

On Monday, May 7h, Rebecka and I got up at 5AM to take the 6AM bus from San José to Puerto Viejo. I was super tired, because we had been drinking with Rick and Clark until 1AM and this would not be a good day. Well, I’m not 20 anymore... ^_^The bus ride was ok, but I couldn’t sleep at all, so the 5h were quite long. We arrived to Puerto Viejo pretty early and went straight to our hostel, the Oasis hostel. We relaxed on the hammocks until we could check in at 11:30AM and then went to get lunch. It took us quite some time to find a nice place where Rebecka could find some vegan food as well. It was quite good, but nothing special. I spent the afternoon on the beach, just ... read more

Montag, den 7. Mai, standen Rebecka und ich um 5h auf um den 6h Bus von San José nach Puerto Viejo zu nehmen. Ich war totmüde, denn wir hatten die Nacht bis 1h morgens mit Rick und Clark Bier getrunken und ich spürte, dass das kein guter Tag werden würde. Man ist halt keine 20 mehr... ^_^ Die Busfahrt war ganz ok, aber ich konnte überhaupt nicht schlafen, deshalb waren die 5 Stunden ziemlich lang. Wir kamen ziemlich früh in Puerto Viejo an und sind sofort zu unserem Hostel gegangen. Wir haben in den Hammocks gechillt bis wir um halb 12 endlich einchecken konnten und sind dann zu Mittag essen gegangen. Wir haben relativ lange gebraucht ein nettes Restaurant zu finden wo Rebecka auch veganes Essen fand. Es war ganz gut, aber nichts besonderes. Ich hab ... read more

The second week was pretty exciting. The first week of University was a big party. Free concerts all over the campus - e.g. "Malpais" or a Salsa night. After literally 10s everyone was dancing! Then I had the first classes - at the end mainly instructions and information about the courses. It seems, like there will be a lot to do during the semester, but actually pretty nice projects. I did not understand that much, but the Ticos in the class (I'm the only exchange student) helped a lot. For the weekend the whole group of exchange students went to Puerto Viejo, which is at the Caribbean coast. My weekend starts on Thursday, that why we (Aroa and me) left a little earlier and arrived Thursday afternoon in Puerto Viejo in a huge hostel named Rocking ... read more
Puerto Viejo

To travel a fairly short distance, I had to make five connections, which was a bit of a joke. So when a colectivo offered to take me straight to the Costa Rican border and thus saving me two connections for just $10, I decided to take a slight kidnapping risk by agreeing to the offer. Things didn’t get any more encouraging when I turned out to be the only passenger in the colectivo, but it all worked out fine in the end and I even had a decent chat with the driver. By the time I added up what I paid for all the different transportation I had taken, I only saved $8 in the end versus a direct shuttle from Bocas to Puerto Viejo but such was my determination to save money. To make things ... read more
Salsa Brava
Outback Jack's
Playa Negra

What a busy day! After breakfasting at the Crazy Lobster beach café where Malcolm met his soul mate Rasta man, we hired bikes from Café Rico and cycled down the coast until we nearly reached Panama – at least it felt like it! Lisa took us to a fabulous isolated beach on the way, where Malcolm brought out his selfie stick for the first time. If we have the technology we will show you his photo. There were coconuts and almonds on the beach and the views were idyllic. We lunched on the way back at another superb café (we have eaten well here!) where we discovered Rondon – a Caribbean fish and crab soup. Barely had we returned to Café Rico when we were up and off with Roger, Lisa and Ruthie to a nearby ... read more
on the beach at Punta Uva
Punta Uva Beach on cycle ride

Woke up to a fabulous cooked breakfast at Cafe Rico, preceded by a bowl of fresh exotic fruit from the garden. Could this be the best breakfast in Puerto Viejo? We think so and there is no hint of bias even though it is run by our extended family Roger and Lisa with help from Ruth. After weeks of rain, Puerto Viejo now is sunny, hot and humid and we have spent the day ambling around this lovely Caribbean village. Malcolm wins award for adventure by hiring a bike for the afternoon. A quick guided tour. Of Ruthies new place then dinner at Stashu's with Roger, Lisa and Ruthie to the accompaniment of a tropical rain storm outside! The lifestyle is easy and relaxed, no hurry here. Tourism is an important income, everyone has at least ... read more
Cafe Rico
With sister Ruth on Purto Viego beach

Today we are better organized. We arrive at the bus depot in plenty of time to catch a ride to the Jaguar Rescue Centre. There had been a hard rain just before dawn but since it is always humid, it didn’t cool things down any. The buses must have been made in China. The seats are not very wide, considering the mean size of female posterior here. Nor is there adequate leg room, even when sitting up straight. Thankfully the bus trip was for less than a half hour. We were let off at the entrance to the centre but were too early for the tour. It was suggested that we hang out at the nearby beach for the next hour. It is a narrow white sand beach (I don’t know at what level the tide ... read more
Free Lunch
Don't Mess With Me

As my journey across Central America was coming to an end, I had to plan the last days carefully to ensure I can make the most of it and make the flight home on time. There was only one bus a day from where I was on Ometepe island back to the port to get to the mainland. The journey to Costa Rica consisted of a 2 hour bus, 1 hour boat, half hour taxi to Penas Blancas and then the main long-distance Ticabus to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. When I first got off the boat I wanted to go to the main Ticabus station close by but the taxi driver told me it was closed and I should go with him to the next town. I thought he was ripping me ... read more

Costa Rica is a wonderfully beautiful country that deserves it’s progressive and environmentally-minded reputation. This was a short trip and we were only in the Puerto Viejo area, on the Caribbean coast south of Limón, but we saw and did so much, I have plenty to write about! The three-toed sloths, the bottlenose and tucuxí dolphins, the beautiful beaches, the two-toed sloths, the frogs, the jungle humidity, the delicious Caribbean food, the friendly people and especially the sloths, made for a fascinating trip. I learned so much about sloths on this trip that I may be more obsessed than before. But before I get to the sloths, and even to the trip itself – in all its Caribbean splendor – I have to introduce a few people. Amanda – A friend from Boise. We have known ... read more
Living it up!
First Home
Our First Sloth!

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