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I was very pleasantly suprised when we reached Puerto Viejo as we had been recommended a hostal called Rockin J´s by our friend and the place really lived up to our expectations. The hostal is a mix of dorm rooms, camping and hammocks and is completly covered n mosaics. The tablñes and chairs all have weird random items stuck to them such as lighters, swiss knives, old books and playing cards. The hostel is literally on the beach with a really cool bonfire area ready for the guests to use. It must be the most chilled out hostel i have stayed in and the town was even more relaxed. You could instantly tell that you were on the Caribbean side of the country as there was reggae music playing all over town, the sounds of waves ... read more

Voor de allerlaatste keer hola vanuit Midden-Amerika! De afgelopen dagen hebben we doorgebracht tussen de kokosnoten, palmbomen, ananas, rasta's en natuurlijk zon, zee en strand aan de caraïbische kust van Costa Rica. We begonnen in het idyllische en heel rustige dorpje Cahuita. Ons hostel werd gerund door een Nederlandse, wat onze terugreis alweer angstvallig dichtbij bracht. Met haar prachtige Rotterdamse accent vertelde ze ons de INs en OUTs van het dorpje: 1 dirt road met 1 bar en aan het eind van de dirt road de ingang naar hét nationale park. 's Avonds, na een heerlijke caraïbische, met kokos en ananas op smaak gebrachte maaltijd, moesten we natuurlijk die ene bar (de Kokosbar - HOE origineel) gaan meemaken. Na 2 cocktails vielen we van de bruisende sfeer - NOT - bijna staand in slaap. Onze eerste ... read more
Lazy bastard
Het strand

Ja, Caro Rica dus, oftewel duur Costa Rica. Gelukkig heeft dit land behalve zijn prijzen ook nog wat andere kwaliteiten. Een van de meest besproken daarvan is het cloud forest, een hoog in de wolken gelegen jungle die doordrenkt is van nevel en er zo een volledig eigen flora en fauna op na houdt. Dat wilden wij wel eens meemaken, dus zondagochtend vertrokken wij vanuit onze grote liefde, het heerlijke San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua naar het regenachtige, koude, schokkend Amerikaans toeristische Monteverde/Santa Elena. Het was een hele tocht de grens over, maar bij busrit no. 4 hadden we inmiddels het 'stoel achterover - kussen in je nek - benen languit (voor zover dat kon) - tukken maar' volledig onder de knie. Door de plensregen reden wij, nog licht nostalgisch terugdenkend aan betere tijden aan ... read more
1e beest in Costa Rica
Fre in cloud forest
Bij waterval

I can reveal I made it safely home! Here is the last entry. The last week at the school was uneventful, I had very few lessons. Played last games of football and several kids wrote endearing messages and gave them to me on scraps of paper. My host family held a meal for me, at which everyone said something in turn to say thanks and goodbye, which was very touching. On my last evening in the area I went with Victor to see what for most tourists is their first and last stop - the volcano erupting. A friend of Victor's dropped us off and we sat alone at a viewpoint for two hours, about a kilometre from the volcano's base. What I took in the dark to be forest between us and the volcano was ... read more

Helloooo!! This entry will likely be short due to the difficult computer paired with the 3 or so glasses of an amazing Malbec wine. Last night we went into Puerto Viejo for the first time... grabbed a few souveniers *the obligatory pin and some playing cards since Ian left ours in his boardshorts while we swam yesterday...whoops!* The town is really laid back and very Rastafarian...lots of the Caribbean vibe. We went to a well raved about restaurant, Loco Natural, and it was AMAZING. Lots of Indian inspired curries paired with amazing Costa Rican food. YUM! Today we went on a tour with another honeymooning couple *they got married on April 2* and a family of four from Boston. We started at the Animal Rescue Center where we got to see sloths and play with monkeys... ... read more

Hello again!! Another relaxsing day here at Banana Azul. I felt kinda sick over the past couple of days but am much better now! Today consisted of lots of swimming and chilling out. We woke up and had breakfast and headed down to the water for some swimming in the Caribbean. The water is so warm it's a welcome change from San Diego! Ian built a sand castle while I waded in a bit and we had tons of fun. We came back to the hotel *like a 30 second walk, lol* for some Pina Coladas next to the pool. Even while overcast *and sometimes raining* its still nice and warm here so we have been dipping in the pool every day. We read, drank, and relaxed all day until we decided to take naps... I ... read more

Ahhhh! Time for another blog post.... this time from beautiful Costa Rica!! Our wedding was everything we could have EVER hoped for... thank you again to everyone who came, helped, and made it so beautiful and FUN!!! We can't stop talking about it. Best day of my life so far by FAR. After almost 24 hours of traveling between trains, planes, and automobiles, we are in Puerto Viejo, a gorgeous town in the middle of the rainforest. We had to drive over 4 hours *on rather scary roads in a rather scary van* from the city of San Jose to get here and it was well worth it. We are right on the beach and the sounds of birds *and bugs....shiver* fill the air. Everything is so green and bright. We spent our first night ever ... read more

So after finally leaving Bocas del Toro I began the trip to Puerto Viejo just on the other side of the Panama – Costa Rica border which, despite being relatively close geographically, involved no less than 6 changes of transport beginning with a water taxi to Colon followed by the ferry to Almirante, taxi to the bus stop, mini bus up to Changuinola, chicken bus to Guabito and finally a shuttle taxi to Puerto Viejo from Sixaola on the Costa Rican side after a short stroll across the beaten up border bridge. The crossing itself was easy enough. I’d heard that on entering Costa Rica immigrations officials might ask for an onward / return ticket leaving the country within 90 days. Without one they send you back across the bridge and make you buy a bus ... read more
Punta Uva
Playa Manzanillo
Parque Nacional Cahuita

We were accompanied by 9 Germans and 1 guy from Austria.... read more
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So yesterday we rented the most hilarious bikes, with baskets on the front, and cycled down to Playa Chiquita for a tour round the Jaguar centre. It was interesting, but the guide explained, there has only ever been one Jaguar there about 7 years ago. There were however plenty of other interesting animals. Check out the photos! This will most likely be our last post for three weeks, as we enter into isolation! ... read more
jack and his bike

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