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So after weeks of sayin we need to get a tan we decided to go out into the sun we got down to the beach and lay on our towels... 'i dont feel like im gettin a tan' said jungle Jane, aka Ash 'me niether i havent even put on sunscreen' said Diego aka Jack how STUPID are we, we mustve sat there for at least an hour not once listening to the voice inside us which said, 'mabye you shud put on some sunscreen, after all u are in the carribean!' but noooooooooo we are too smart the sun wont do us any damage twenty minutes later we looked down and realised we were red all over! howd tht happen? needless to say we learnt our lesson and have had to spend the whole day ... read more
GIANT Pineapple
cabinas Lika

We woke at 5, Nicole and I that is and we started to pack. It was super early but I knew it would be best to be organised and early than to be unorganised and late, haha go figure. By 6.30 we were downstairs calling a taxi, the taxi that never came. Talk about it. In my last blog I spoke about Hermosa as being super cool, chill, fun, pretty the list goes on. The one thing I didn't mention about Hermosa is how difficult it is to get somewhere. It's just like living at the farm and longing to go to a party in town and not being able to get there. Hermosa. Its only 10km from Jaco but the residences are another 3-5km down a dirt road. I didn't have a bike and so ... read more
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the beach out the front
puerto viejo

Last week whilst I was relaxing, believe it or not I started thinking about a few things that I've come to realise since travelling. Here are some of my thoughts, some deeper than others! Pura Vida! Costa Rica is expensive The sound of a knocker aka sprinkler reminds me of my childhood. Those days when we were so hot and the only thing to cool us off was to run around naked or swimsuit clad through the sprinklers on the lawn. Awww the memories... Stubbing your toe really hurts It feels great to smile and laugh for no reason in particular Since I've been travelling I smile and laugh a lot Travelling is good for ones soul Humans are people. People are humans. Humans are capable of great things. People are capable of kindness. It is ... read more
time never stands still
deep in thought?

(Day 894 on the road)Let's start a little off-topic: Travel guides, especially the most popular publications like Lonely Planet and Rough Guide, are notorious for glorifying sights and attractions. At times it seems that everything in any chosen country is “the most beautiful this” or “the largest that”. I have over time grown quite tired of these grand claims, and have always longed for a guidebook that tells you the way it is, without raising expectations too much through overhyped claims. But of course honesty conflicts with the interests of the publishers; after all, would you buy a guide book that basically said: Nothing to see here, don't go there, skip this, probably best to stay to visit a different country all together? Probably not. So how refreshing it was to be in the possession of ... read more
Sunset in Parismina
Beautiful flower close-up
Drummers at the independance day celebration

I've been in puerto viejo, CR for a while now. While in town one day, I met a guy who owns property up a small road across from a nice beach, playa Cocles. He's got a few very private 2br cabinas with fridges, laundry, etc. They are real nice and cheap. It's called talamanca jungle lodge and he just started taking in lodgers. He's an american from oklahoma named toby. Toby has been living in PV for 3 yrs and is super helpful about stuff to do, where to go, etc. Talamanca jungle lodge is awesome. It's a bit up the road (2km) but i've been able to manage on a bike. Toby goes to town every day and has been generous about giving me rides to the store too. The jungle here is spectacular. Total ... read more

Crossing Into Costa Rica To cross into Costa Rica we needed to take a boat from Bocas to Almirante on the mainland, then a short taxi to the bus-station (we were in fact taken to the wrong bus-station, but our bus passed it, fortunately), then a bus to the border town of Changuinola. It had been pouring with rain for most of the journey but was thankfully clear and sunny by the time we got to Changuinola. This border crossing was one of the more interesting we've experienced in Central America. Notwithstanding the problems at the immigration office, the actual crossing was quite fun. It involved walking across a dilapidated old bridge that crosses a big brown river, making sure to step over the big holes, and not into them and consequently into the river. The ... read more
Cycling at Puerto Viejo
Volcan Poas Viewing Platform
It's Down There Somewhere!

Its a great feeling waking up in the morning and just picking somewhere to head off to wondering what adventures await! This was the not so unpleasant predicament we found ourselves in when we left San Jose and hopped on a bus down to our selected destination of Puerto Viejo De Talamanca on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. As we had missed the white sandy beaches and chilled out feel of Roatan Island in Honduras (due to that damn volcano) we felt the need for a bit of beach time. The bus to Puerto Viejo usually takes about 4 hours but due to a mudslide wiping out a big chunk of road on the mountain pass we head to take a detour adding an extra hour and a half onto the journey. We got talking ... read more
Easily pleased

So I have now returned to San Jose after 9 days in Paradise! I don't think I have seen anywhere as beautiful as Punta Uva in my life! So I did go surfing and it felt so good! Gabe and Ben came along, reminded me a little of my first lesson! The waves were a little small but I managed to ride a few! We also took a day trip to Cahuita to snorkel in the National Park there and then walk back through the forest. I really like that little town, its a little touristy but really its just two main streets. I also went Scuba diving this week which was AMAZING! I had to take a refresher course because I hadn't gone diving since 2006 but that only took 15 minutes in the water. ... read more

So we are on spring break now! I am sitting in the computer room at a hostel in Puerto Viejo. We are staying in a house in Punta Uva which is RIGHT on the beach! (pictures to come!) I have a scuba refresher course coming up in about an hour and a half so Im just killing time here, enjoying the air conditioning because it is HOT. I went surfing yesterday for three or four hours which was AWESOME! Caught some waves but now Im sunburnt :/ Thought I would give my skin somewhat of a break and not sit out on a board for hours today....but I will be back out soon! We have basically been hanging out around here, we rented bikes to get around and there is also a bus that runs sorta ... read more

We've had a great week here in Puerto Viejo - both staying busy and doing nothing at all. Monday, we hit the beach at Playa Negra and played in the waves for a bit. We also found a nifty little book store tucked away in the jungle and were able to sell the books we'd finished and get some much needed new reading material. We even found time for some souvenir shopping. Wednesday, it was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take advantage of the great weather and head down to the small town of Manzanillo and the refuge there for some hiking. The town is small and sleepy, and there's only a couple of restaurants, and a small store. The beach is lined with palm trees, which are painted red, yellow and green ... read more
Manzanillo beach trail
Manzanillo beach trail

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