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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 17th 2010

I woke up feeling like crap. I made it to breakfast to say goodbye to Joe and Barton, I ate then went straight back to bed. I woke and headed to the tattoo shop that was just down the street because last night I lost one of my lip ring balls, or I swallowed it which is very likely. The lady did not speak any English but she sized up my lip ring size and sold me the ball, I went back to the hostel to put it in and SHIT, it did not fit, so out again I went. She sat me down and tried a few sizes until she found the one that fit and thankfully she did not charge me for her screw up. I did find these amazing earrings in the shop ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 16th 2010

I woke at 8:00am which was early but I could not get back to sleep because the room was to hot. I had breakfast and one by one my new friends started showing up. Everyone was going to do their own thing for the day but decided to meet up for supper then go out for some drinks somewhere. I hung around for a bit then Joe and I went to find some lunch. We found this slight cafeteria style place where I had chicken, potato's and salad. After we filled our belly's, Joe headed back to the hostel and I went onwards to the old square where I was to meet up with the tour guide for my Communism and Nuclear bunker tour. I had two hours before it started so I strolled around out ... read more
Key tower

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 15th 2010

Today was my one month traveling anniversary I drank to that. I woke up to the rain splashing down on my face beautiful sky-lite has now betrayed me by not letting my sleep in . I was up and awake at 6:00am so I went online and saw Aaron was online YAH! and got to talk to him for a good while. It had stopped raining when I finally made it out of the hostel and headed to the bus station. On the way to the train station I realized I didn't have my rings on, I forgot them in the bathroom from when I had a shower the night before. I debated for awhile as to what I should do, should I miss this train and catch the next one or come back on a ... read more

July 15 There was no breakfast at this hostel which was kind of nice because then I could sleep in and not miss breakfast. My sleeping in went until 9:00am which is way better then 11-12 like back home. I had bought some bread, cheese and oranges to have for breakfast. After my tummy was full I headed out to the castle which does not look like a castle but I really really nice building. The tower on this one was only 137 stairs but there was so many people crammed in at the top that is was hard to enjoy the view when you are constantly getting pushed and bumped if you stay in one spot to long. The high lite to me in the castle was this really neat art show that was going ... read more

What a long train ride, happy that I did get to sleep a little bit before Arriving in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rupbulic. I arrived in Ceske Budejovice where I had a one hour wait before my next train. I was hungry but all I had was Euro's so I figured I needed to get some Crowns. I found out from a lady that 25 Kc equaled about 1 EUR, so it does seem that things are really expensive but here they are actually really cheap. There was a piercing store in the train station *EVIL* that I of course had to check out. I found these neat earrings that were painted a cool design, I have never seen anything like them before back home or anywhere. They were 300 Kc which comes to 12 EUR, which ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt July 11th 2010

I had to wake up before 8 today because that was when the lady was coming to make me breakfast. I felt a wee bit bad for her coming all the way to the hostel just to make ME breakfast. It consisted of buns, meat, cheese and coffee and very regular breakfast here in Europe so far. After breakfast I did some laundry in the sink and hung them out the window and on the other beds. I did some much needed sewing that I kept putting off. Around 11:00 I went to the train station to figure out how I was getting to Cesky Krumlov from there, since I can't find any place with Internet this was my last option. I was also meeting Cathy who was coming in on the 11:30 train. She was ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Bad Goisern July 10th 2010

I left early again so I had plenty of time during the day at my next destination. I found the hostel in Bad Goisern really easy but there was no one there when I arrived so I left my bag and went out to find food and check out the town. I know it's always the same, early morning train, find hostel then find food. I picked the first place I came across which was a small pizzeria where I ordered a garlic, mozzarella, bacon yummy goodness pizza. I walked around the TINY town and I now know where everything is even Cathy's hostel. I went back to my hostel and found the owner were there. They did not speak much English (The older lady spoke none and the young man spoke very little) but they ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 9th 2010

Cathy and I meet for breakfast where we planned out our day. We were first going to go to Hellbrum and the trick fountains then go and watch a marinette show of the sound of music. We catch the #25 tram to Hellbrum, I did not know exactly what we were going to see here but a guy Cathy meet on a train somewhere said it was a for sure thing to do when in Salzburg. We bought our tickets and waited for the tour began. Our first tour was through the trick fountains where at the beginning we all sat in this outside autotorium in from of this stone table with stone chairs all around it. The guide asked for volunteers to come and sit at the table which pretty all the kids that were ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 8th 2010

The Canadians were all heading out today so once again I was on my own. I had no idea what to do today and paragliding was alot more expensive in Salzburg. I decided to get my drink on before noon and headed to the local brewery Stiegl for a tour. The brewery was pretty empty so I pretty much had the place to mysef. There was this tall Beiramide of all the beers in Austria which is 350 different kinds. At the end of the tour I got to pick 3 different types of Stiegl to try. I picked Stiegl-Weizrngold Hefefein, Stiegl Pils and Paracelsuzickel. For lunch I found a popluar lunch spot in Salzburg which single pieces of sushi, it has been to long. I wanded around the shops again which turned out bad for ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 7th 2010

Onward to Salzburg to see what it has to offer. My hostel sucked, not because it was dirty or the staff were rude because it was very clean and the staff were nice, it's because you are herded in like cattle. There is 450 beds in this place and my room has 6 beds, 4 sets of bunk beds with a tiny walk way only big enough for one person to get through at a time. Everything and one is so cramped together that it is impossible to not wake up people when you go to bed later then them. It was cheap and the breakfast was awesome so I guess I can not complain to loudly. My first day I hiked up to the castle which I (not on purpose of course) took the long, ... read more

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