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July 16th 2010
Published: July 30th 2010
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I woke at 8:00am which was early but I could not get back to sleep because the room was to hot. I had breakfast and one by one my new friends started showing up. Everyone was going to do their own thing for the day but decided to meet up for supper then go out for some drinks somewhere. I hung around for a bit then Joe and I went to find some lunch. We found this slight cafeteria style place where I had chicken, potato's and salad. After we filled our belly's, Joe headed back to the hostel and I went onwards to the old square where I was to meet up with the tour guide for my Communism and Nuclear bunker tour. I had two hours before it started so I strolled around out the sites and found some neat things like a art statue of just solid keys.
I meet up with the group for my tour, it was 4 Aussie and me big group eh. The tour was a lot of talking and walking around which I did not mind but the guide had a think Czech accent and sometimes was hard to understand him. If you are ever in Prague and you are going or walking by the National Museum keep this in mind "During the 1968 Warsaw Pact intervention the main facade was severely damaged by strong Soviet machine-gun and automatic submachine-gun fire. The shots made numerous holes in sandstone pillars and plaster, destroyed stone statues and reliefs and also caused damage in some of the depositories. Despite the general facade repair made between 1970 - 1972 the damage still can be seen because the builders used lighter sandstone to repair the bullet holes."
This happened because the Soviet's thought the building was a government building or some place of importances and not knowing it was just a museum.
We then took a tram to where the bunker was. It is deep underground (of course) and is sometimes now used as a party place where bars are set up and bands can play. The tours part of the bunker was down winding hallways and through many huge heavy doors. We were shown pictures of the things we were told about during the tour. We tried on some uniforms and gas masks, had some beer and took pictures.
After the tour was over I slowly
made my way back to the hostel. I meet up with the guys and we headed out to this restaurant that Phil has been talking about for days, I could be wrong but it might be called Sklep and they are suppose to have the most amazing potato's EVER so says Phil. I ordered the duck which came with sauerkraut and these kind of stuffing patties, and Phil ordered a few sides of the AMAZING potato's for us to share. It was the best meal I have had thus far, it did beat out the Risotto and I really want to go back, and I can when I return to Prague.
The boys wanted to go to a club or pub so we hopped on a tram and made our way to the old square. We found this bar where we had a few drinks but like most places they have last call at midnight. So we headed out to find another one, some of the guys wanted to find the infamous 5 floor club. We did find it after about half an hour of searching and going in the wrong direction a few times. Joe, Barton and I didn't feel like going to the club, we wanted something more mellow like a pub. Barton dragged us into one of the first bars we found which happen to be fancy, all the girls where dressed to the nine. I had been walking all day and was sweaty gross and not feeling like being in such a place. I left and waited outside to see if I was heading back alone or if they would follow. They ended up following but Barton was really not happy about, but it's not like we made him come with us.
We started our long trek back to the hostel, when we were pretty close to it there was a club and Barton headed off into as we trekked on.
Once back at the comfort of the hostel we had a few beers, talked then called it a night. I was very happy to be in my bed.

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If you look close you can see babies crawling up the side

Can you see the bullet holes?

1st August 2010

Sounds like a long, fun filled day.. I'm glad to hear it..

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