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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague April 3rd 2021

Friday 2nd April - Czech Traditions & Folklore For the Czech people, the Easter holiday signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the time of year most often associated with eggs, an ancient symbol of life and rebirth. It was believed that the miraculous power of the egg was brought out through coloring and decoration. The Days Before Easter Sunday The following is based on my experience of Easter in the Northern Moravia region. Children finish school on Ugly Wednesday (Škaredá středa), which is a good idea because they need to spend some serious time on making Easter what it should be. In the evening of Green Thursday (Zelený čtvrtek), every boy in the village equips himself with a wooden rattle (řehtačka), which is specially made for the purpose, the boys form a ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague February 2nd 2021

2nd February - Crossing Charles Bridge - Prague Charles IV. Monument has a sword in one hand and a foundation charter of the university in the other hand. The pedestal is adorned with images of four faculties, theology, medicine, law and philosophy. The Monument was revealed in 1849, because there were fights around it in 1848 and the statue had to be encased to be protected from damage. According to the royal astronomers, construction of the bridge commenced at the suitable, lucky time of 5:31am on July 9th 1357. In palindromic terms this time can be numerated as a sequence of ascending and descending odd numbers (135797531); these numbers are carved on the Old Town Bridge Tower. Although construction ended at the beginning of the 15th century, this famous bridge did not have the look or ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 23rd 2021

12th January We started our tour in Republic Square. The large 19th century Municipal House dominates the square, and is now home to a number of bustling shops, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries. We were heading for the Old Town, walking through The Powder Gate, an ancient Gothic tower, one of the original city gates, dating back to the 11th century, it was used for gunpowder storage in the 17th-century (hence the name). The Old Town was a labyrinth of cobbled streets and arched alley ways. As we wandered through them Nikola told so many quirky & interesting stories of the medieval history of Prague. We popped briefly into the Church of St.James, more stories from Nikola about a severed and now wrinkled hand hanging to the right above the entrance. Apparently the hand belonged to ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 4th 2020

Well, well, who’d have thought it? Time to board a plane again, at last. And it was a last minute idea. Lockdown seemed to be easing, at least it was, if not for long. We flew out on my birthday on cheap flights with Ryan Air. Actually, we had vouchers as our trip to Puglia earlier in July had been cancelled. So, it kinda felt like it was free. There’s a bit of a vacation debate going on at the moment. Some people take the view that holidaying is a risky venture given the pandemic. We decided back then that the only ‘risky’ part would be the on the airport and on the flight. As far as I could determine my research suggested that precautions in place would mean I would be as safe flying as ... read more
Piknik Restaurant
River at night
Odd bar top

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 11th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin ce n'est pas le printemps de Prague. (les moins jeunes comprendrons) Il fallait la placer celle-ci. 12*, ce matin, après les 35* d'hier après midi, le changement est brutal. Terminé, les chemisiers déboutonnées, aujourd'hui c'est les doudounes bien fermées, et le parapluie. Personnellement, j'ai bien supporté mon blouson de moto, jusqu'à midi. Hier au soir, cassé par la chaleur, et la bonne marche de l'après midi, je me suis contenté, d'une assiette de spaghetti au snack de l'hôtel, et dodo à 10h. La république Tchèque, ou Tchéquie, est un pays d'Europe centrale de 10,7 millions d'habitants. Le pays est né en 1969, avec la fédéralisation de la Tchécoslovaquie, et, est indépendante depuis le 1 janvier 1993 à l'occasion de scission avec la Slovaquie, et depuis 2004, fait partie de l'Union Européenne. ... read more
les belles façades de Prague
la maison qui dance
National Museum

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 10th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Confirmation errer le soir dans Salzbourg est tout aussi agréable que la journée, et encore plus à la fraîche. Et pour en profiter encore plus, un simple repas bien installé à une terrasse, et profiter du monde qui passe. Aujourd'hui le choix de route n'est pas cornélien, sur la carte, la même géographie, pour 3 options, sur Via Michelin. J'opte pour celle ou il y a le moins d'autoroute, qui est également celle qui passe par Linz où il n'y a pas grand chose de signalé. A la sortie de Salzbourg, je fais le plein, le 95 est à 1,004e, le g.o. 0,94e, ça change de la France, voir de la Suisse où avec le change c'est sensiblement le même qu'en France. 130km pour aller à Linz, je laisse derrière moi ces belles ... read more
le Danube à Linz
old town square
l'horloge astronomique

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 6th 2020

Like hopefully the rest of you, we are home, keeping a low profile. And with no travel plans in the foreseeable future, i have had a chance to start going thru 35+ yrs of travel pics and at least 20 journals of various trips, that were written the old fashion way, by hand! So, as I try to digitalize the journals, I thought i would post a couple of them to our blog. Most of these pics were printed 4x6s, and so i have taken pictures of the pics, not the best quality, but my scanner is worse :). I have also been making lots of my photo cards. Its very therapeutic and I keep finding lots of 'new' pics that i like. No idea what i might do with all of the cards, but... if ... read more
Some of Marcela and Ladi's family
A tram line in Praha
One of the first private business' - shining shoes

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 7th 2019

The date is October 5th, so it is my birthday. At breakfast in the Berlin Hotel restaurant the waiters serve me a huge piece of cake. Back on the train to land in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, with a temperature of 8 degrees C, and a city that was once home to the slave market. In the morning, it is down to old town. Walking, every time you look up, left or right, or turn a corner, there is something amazing to look at. The architecture is gorgeous, and eye candy for every person and photographer. Designed in the Gothic style is the Charles Bridge lined with 17th Century Baroque statues. There are many artists and musicians along the way. We stumble on the Ice Pub, and decide to give it a go. Gloves, and a poncho ... read more
The River Cruisers
Citadelle Laferriere
AHA! Praha!

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 12th 2019

Prague has not disappointed! Arriving into manic traffic was a bit overwhelming and did make me wonder what lay ahead. But settling into my hotel, central to the Old Town dispelled all those fears. Across the road was the River and behind that was The Old Town, Prague Palace, King Charles Bridge and the numerous narrow streets with centuries old buildings and architecture in the old town. This Palace is the largest in Europe and where the President has his office. The Cathedral is stunning as well. In Prague every corner seems to have a Cathedral that is stunningly beautiful or a glimpse of something that takes your breath away. Some areas are beginning to show modernity particularly large hotel chains and the business district downtown. Wenceslas Square though is all beige, traditional architecture and where ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 10th 2019

Today is a day of inter-country travel. From Krakow, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic. Starts with a 3 hour bus ride in a Business seat that has more leg room than a flight and a chance to put my feet up and enjoy the scenery. Even got a bit excited when my Business bag of goodies had something gluten free in it! Woohoo! A nice young polish guy was next me with a very twirly moustache. He kept to himself. The countryside was green and as pretty as Poland has been all along. Familiar farming and villages with their Church spires. I snoozed a bit as well. Bus toilets down the steps are a treat- I will say no more except that I survived! Crossing over the Czech border brought a little change. Still green with ... read more
Bohumín Station
Free book exchange Bohumín Station

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